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Fuck Disney.

Open file (1.38 MB 276x232 1588176386364.gif)
Stormtrooper 05/16/2020 (Sat) 18:18:21 No.3060
This board has been inactive for a few days, is everything alright anons?
I thought the board was gone for good because I was slept through the big drama.
We thought the board died and spent the last few days looking for a new home
Why wasn't I told about this move?
Only pathetic boomer and millenial scum cares about Soy Wars.
>>3312 Ain't it great that we don't talk about it so much, necro-kun?
>>3312 Is there anything worse than being a zoomer? Maybe being a nigger.
Open file (17.48 KB 540x337 198765.jpg)
>just discovered /sw/ >it's dead
>>4474 >it's dead So is the franchise, so it fits.
>>4474 There is no Death. There is only the Force.
Open file (1.01 MB 614x614 1619110918403.png)
>>4474 It lives in your heart.
>>4484 God have some respect for these Hot Toys figures Hayden, they're not toys!
Open file (291.75 KB 490x385 PPG Actually.png)
>>4485 Destroy all the boxes! Fuck mint collectibles!
>>4484 He looks somewhat too thin for my tastes but i can still be gay for Hayden...
Everything is fine, and you? Here, have this soothing view of Coruscant. Coruscant sunsets are surely lovely.
Open file (351.70 KB 625x453 Comfy Palpy.png)
>>4568 >ywn be as comfy as Palpy
Open file (403.50 KB 970x545 PALPATINE chair.png)
>>4569 Those chairs of his can be really comfy.

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