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Stormtrooper 06/01/2020 (Mon) 11:27:49 No.3078
>URRAH >he chokin' him! >that tusken boy need some water!
Open file (552.01 KB 500x724 kill sand.png)
>>3078 >the fucking tuskiggers are attacking Anchorhead again
>>3078 Fucking hell, I remember a time when one could go online and not have to do with petty, hypocritical, hysterical, normalfaggot news and events. But this is still lulzy.
Ofc those fucking faggots couldn't resist... https://twitter.com/starwars/status/1267224639706550273
>>3082 Reminder that nigger didn't die because he was chocked to death by the cop. He died because of "heart complications" because he was on drugs.
>>3083 lol reality and facts don't matter for a long time now, it's all about excuses to lynch whitey. The worst is whitey takes side against his own interests once again.
>>3082 "Ofc" isn't a word. And yeah, typical public relations stunt. I'm assuming you use twatter; just call them out and say they're horrible for trying to take advantage of a tragedy for marketing, and I'm sure dems and nigs will agree and chimp out on twatter.
Open file (448.75 KB 936x1407 Kneel for the mouse.png)
>>3078 Wouldn't a rodian be more fitting?
>>3129 Aren't Rodians Mexicans or Brazilians?
Open file (32.74 KB 474x474 descarga (20).jpeg)
>>3134 And sand people are sandniggers, no niggers per se. Twi'leks are the niggers of Star Wars, being the slaves and bitches of basically every thinking species. The only difference is that the woman are hotter than actual nigresses
>>3135 >Twi'leks are the niggers of Star Wars Wrong. Even if it's only a fuckhole, Twi'leks still serve some purpose in society.
>>3141 Some nigreses are fuckable, though most of those are mullatos with good white genetics for that or with surgery.
>>3151 Twi'leks are only like stereotypical niggers in the more superficial sense, ie former slaves, widespread, dindus, criminal-leaning, bucket crab mentality, etc, but the females are only like negresses in the slave and criminal sense, otherwise they're more attractive, generally are more useful and the majority of them are generally friendly or passive. The males though are exactly like the stereotypes 89% of the time.
Open file (565.88 KB 2061x2300 tyronus.jpg)
>>3152 Nikto are dumb as bricks and stupid sand people as well, and they're the most prolific henchmen of sleazy jewtalian hutts.
>>3151 >Some nigreses are fuckable You do realize that's like saying some dogs are fuckable, right?
>>3160 Well, if it's purty....
Open file (411.90 KB 936x1407 nerd autism.png)
>>3078 >Imperial Reclamation Service negotiating with the natives of Tatooine's wastes (Circa. 11 A.T.C.)
Open file (15.49 KB 236x355 neat.jpg)
>>3169 Absolutely based

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