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Fuck Disney.

Open file (730.48 KB 574x605 ClipboardImage.png)
Stormtrooper 10/30/2019 (Wed) 02:08:18 No.309
>promotional poster for your game that you want people to buy
<yeah just stick an oversized helmet onto a toothpick and call it an NPC, these people are dumb, they'll buy it right?
Open file (37.68 KB 1000x563 fuck you EA.jpg)
>that stronk female darth vader wannabe that don't need no jedi man
So original.
Open file (120.34 KB 1200x675 it's ma'am.jpg)
Why can't they make a proper Star Wars game?
Gee, I can't quite put my finger on it.
>that thing's fucking female
Even Gamorreans were more womanly than this
Why is there a filthy alien in an Imperial Uniform? It's getting it dirty. Also, I hate how dipshits don't get that sexual dimorphism is a thing.
Starting from left to right
>black "female" bug eye sidekick whos stunning and brave
>shitty penishead alien which looks like a 10 year old designed it
>a protagonist who looks like he has fetal alcohol syndrome and looks white so they can deflect all criticisms of being anti-white
>alright guys how do we separate this Purge trooper from regular stormtroopers
>I know lets give her a hentai blowjob face snout on her helmet, make her black and red so we can code them as EVIL
>ripoff clone trooper armor but swap the palette to make them evil
>that thing
Even the ugliest Orcs in fiction have some level of dimorphism, also why in fuck would the Empire take orders from an alien? Are they a white supremacist organization or do they need diversity too? Make your mind up Disney!
The black sidekick is actually your masterm..
>The black sidekick is actually your master
Am I the only one hoping Jedi Master L'Queefa spends the entire game berating the faggot protagonist for his huwite male jedi privilege? Also $10 says she has a purple lightsaber.
That repulsive bug eyed ape is you master? Let me guess they will shove into every cut scene & level they can despite the fact that the game is not supposed to be about Serena Williams.
>sexual dimorphism
They are pretending this does not exist to push their feminist agenda while more or less admitting that they are envious of men & covet our physical power. Also apart from the retardation this thing looks completely out of place like it was tacked on very late in development.
> white supremacist or diversity?
Their mental illness is full of contradictions that they can not face as it goes against nature and the world as it exists therefore you see this kind of retardation in their propaganda.
That's exactly the reason they did this. In b4 in they create a rainbow colored laser sword ... stick, which will by coincidence be the most powerful laser stick ever made. I actually expect this in one of their films.
>I actually expect this in one of their films.
$20 says when they do it'll be called something like 'The True Saber' and it'll be the original lightsaber made by a woman and the reason later lightsabers aren't as good is because they were made by evil men who where just taking credit for her work.
And then she'll look at the screen and wink at the audience while a wacky horn tune plays for a second.
The emaciated crack whore with clamydia is a jedi master? Who thought that was a good idea?
Open file (873.15 KB 639x481 Msb_glis14.gif)
The jews at disney corp.

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