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Fuck Disney.

Open file (65.13 KB 512x258 abys.jpg)
IRL Ethnic Parallels Stormtrooper 07/05/2020 (Sun) 09:10:58 No.3136
>Coruscant=Americans >Twi'leks=Black South Africans or Abos >Korunnai=Central Africans >Ropagu=Chinese >Neimoidians=Thainese >Chiss=Hokkaido Japanese >Nagai=Honshu Japanese >Alderaanians=Canadians >Chandrilans=Swedes >Tusken Raiders=Arabs >Jawas/Kumumgah=Mizrahi Jews >Muuns=Ashkenazi Jews >Hutts=Sephardi Jews >Yahk-Tosh, Quockrans, and Orooturoo=Galician Jews >Toydarians=Lithuanian Jews >Rybets=Black Hebrew Israelites >Evocii=Canaanites >Rodians=Mexicans >Mandalorians/Taung=Maori >Gamorreans=Mongolians >Ryn=Romanians/Gypsies >Er'Kit=Italians Am I missing anything here?
Twi'lek: Niggers in general. Neimoidians: I see it more as the chinks given how they are considered the jews of the East. Hutts: Can also be oil richie rich arabs given his acts and Jaaba's palacetes. Jawas can also be gipsies junkers. Why are gamorreans mongolians? Wouldn't be better the Rakatas or the Vongd for that? Other than that yes, quite accurate.
>Vong = Huns/Mongol empire >Gungans = New World Natives >Naboo = British Colonists
>>3136 Coruscant are more angloid. Kenobi's accent is referred to as Coruscanti
>>3138 >Twi'lek: Niggers in general. They're also like Australian abos. Dumb as dirt, weird instruments, live in horrible barren hell hole planet filled with giant spiders and monsters, ugly as shit (at least the men are), skimpy clothing, etc
But who are the Irish?
Open file (259.96 KB 1023x679 Qui-Gon_MacGregor.jpg)
>>3146 Humans, ofc.
>>3147 No. General Humans are a mix of burgers and uk anglos. There might be a specific brand of humans on a certain planet with irish influence.
>>3153 >are a mix of burgers and uk anglos Hmm. Where I come from in Burgerland, there are literally millions of Scottish and Irish descendants. The majority of the rest of the Whites are Germanic. So, not sure what you really mean by 'burgers'?
Jawas are Gypsies - I mean, the whole idea of them being nomads that deal in scrap and often accquire merchandise by dubious means, as well as trying to fleece you for everything you've got is basically every stereotype of them you could think of. The only thing they're really lacking is something analogous to horses.
>>3158 >The only thing they're really lacking is something analogous to horses Their sand crawlers.
What are the togrutas though?
Open file (362.01 KB 1069x2000 flesh horn tentacle thot.jpg)
>>3161 Amerindians >tribal retards >spear chucking retards >probably ride all the settler cock they can >stupid fur and hide clothing
Open file (2.21 MB 576x360 6875467897890789.gif)
>>3136 This is a thread one might see on /pol/ before 2015. It is irrelevant and kind of stupid. That being said, >neimoidians >thai They dress like Medieval/Renaissance Italians with a Lucasian twist, not to mention their society reflects their merchant republics. Presumably, Lucas tried to warp an Italian accent to make them more alien, which came off as an "Asian" accent that a lot of pseud manchildren like to point out to suggest Lucas is a KKK-supporting, nigger-blasting racist because "muh OT rape".
>>3164 *This is a thread of a poorer variety that one might see on /pol/ before 2015.
>>3164 The different accents in Star Wars give it a lot of extra spirit and fun. Slav Grievous, jew Watto, gook neimoidians, it helped them all stand out in the universe. Jango's kiwi accent bled over into the EU and its games like with KOTOR Mandalorians having ozzie accents
>>3167 I agree, and changing them up makes things more alien. E.g. the architecture of Theed. I don't know why you're telling me this though.
>>3167 Wait, Grievous is slav?
>>3164 >neimoidians Neimoidians are also French as a lot of their artwork is based on that of France and they even have their own Napoleon.
Open file (321.58 KB 1280x720 remove hukoid.jpg)
>>3192 Sort of. It's in how he talks mostly, sometimes he avoids using articles, "a" and "the," which sounds a lot like the Russian immigrants in Portland. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p19HjxtLDcE And then there's the remove huk memes which make him a serb.
>>3136 M8, Coruscant is Planet London/Manchester. Stover even describes Obi-Wan's accent as "Coruscanti." Also screw you, Canada still has some crazy special forces active. >Twi'leks are Africans More like Mesoamericans, seeing as they readily adopted space-Spanish. And are actually pleasant to look at.
Open file (30.96 KB 474x315 Indígenas.jpeg)
Open file (42.95 KB 474x315 Costa Rica familia.jpeg)
>>3227 Native americans in general are ugly as heck. The attractive ones are either mixed raced or with surgeries.
>>3230 Maybe the Conquistadors took all the pretty ones back then? It certainly sounded like they did, what with the married harems.
>>3235 It was more the lack of white females coming to the colonies until the XIX century. That and the believe that the indians, at difference with niggers, could be capable of building an actual modern civilization with a little push (basically modernize without big problems like the japs did). They were wrong and couldn´t fixed it at time, so now Latin America is this brown mess instead of an hispanic USA before browning
>>3240 Anon, something tells me a passionate Spaniard isn't going to settle for ugly women.
>>3268 They would settle with anything with a cunt. They had experience near death situations against cannibal savages, multiple unknown diseases for them and a lot of dangerous flora and fauna. With almost no white woman in the entire continent (and the ones coming already married with some settler), they had no chance but being a wizard or fuck the natives
>>3295 You an Anglo?
>>3295 No, I'm a spaniard, but that doesn't mean I have to be a chink-tier chauvinist to not know my country's mistakes. Thinking that breeding with native americans wouldn't dumb down their descendants is one of them and the main motive that all the way from Mexico to Argentina is a shithole instead of a prosperous country
>>3136 It's called niggers.
>>3305 Spanifag please no bully! t. taco >>3240 >basically modernize without big problems like the japs did the natives should have killed all the foreigners and catholics like the nips did. At least the british have the balls to kill 90% of the natives, to bad they let the jews sell them nigger slaves, let the chinks move in and didnt kill the 10% left of the natives. The spanish only had the balls to fuck natives and build a colony, later to shit it all up when they didnt gave the same rights to criollos because they were white spaniards born in Nueva España. I always wondered if a mestizo born in Spain would have more rights than a criollo.
>>3308 >should have killed You do realize that they were only too happy to let the Spaniardats help them against the Aztecs and other enemies, right? And that Kukulkan/Quetzalcoatl may have actually been a Nordic priest blown off course? What's more, the Japs did no such thing either. Just heavily restricted contact.
>>3315 >the Japs did no such thing either >The first Europeans to Japan came from Portugal and landed on Kyushu in western Japan in 1542, bringing both gunpowder and Christianity along with them. >However in 1587, in an era of European conquest and colonization, including in the Philippines near Japan, Toyotomi Hideyoshi issued an edict banning missionaries from the country due to the religion's political ambitions, intolerant behavior towards Shinto and Buddhism, and connections to the sale of Japanese people as slaves overseas >In 1597, Hideyoshi proclaimed a more serious banning edict and executed 26 Christians in Nagasaki as a warning >the succeeding Tokugawa Shogunate further hardened the country's anti-Christian stance, accusing the religion of obstructing the authorities, antisocial behavior and intolerance towards the established religions. After a rebellion on the Shimabara Peninsula that involved many Christians in the late 1630s, thousands of rebels were executed and a full ban on Christianity became strictly enforced. Only small pockets of Christians, known as the "Hidden Christians", continued practicing their religion in secret. I may have exaggerated on the "killing all foreigners", but the nips knew that christianity was a tool used to conquer countries, that is why they pushed that shit out of their land. >And that Kukulkan/Quetzalcoatl may have actually been a Nordic priest Got a link of that? I want to read the story.
>>3315 >Kukulkan/Quetzalcoatl may have actually been a Nordic priest blown off course? All the representations of him either paint as having more feathers than skin or merely a handsome injun (nose, lips, forehead proportions of a native). We are talking about Kukulkan the General, the big Quetza guy is another story, the Q title was used several times in several ages. >>3308 >the natives should have killed all the foreigners and catholics like the nips did. Nips did so because catholics didn't see through the slave serf mentality of the Shogunate, Japan was basically modernized either by blackmail or royal mandate in war terms (WWII). Many natives backed off from killing spaniards because a good chunk of them had oral traditions specifically mentioning black-cladded men of the cross who would bring prosperity. Almost all the Cahitan sedentary pueblos had such prophecy and ironically their demise was due to in-fighting with other injuns in charge of politics (Mexican state under Santana's "ethnic" council/Juarez mixteca-masonic mandate) or their lands being sold to the anglos who would then kill them in the Indian Wars. Peruvians felt at ease when the conquerors pulled their helmets off, they already had fresh memories of white leaders before. They had tons of in-fightning due to the sickness they brought in but after all Peru was not as struck with genocide like all their neighbors. Usually the places with prophecies of whites and who treated them with reverence had it easy in terms of genocide, the problem was other factors like eternal anglos (jews), injun envy (nomads angry their sedentary counterparts adapted much better) pests and lack of a big plan to control the eugenics. The normal everyday white denizens of the US usually did treat injuns decently, after all they traded frequently and at times, at least the perverted french, married with them for "power" (land, trade-offs, stolen gunstock) and more than once german migrants build bridges and other stuff by contract in their land, the problem was the britbong descendants and their jew elites either going all out killing them for land or because they were rebellious manual labor. Same can be said about Europeans, while injuns lost plenty of their top specimens (male warriors, beauty females) yuros did too with the "trata de blancas" and both world wars, and then the globohomo migrations. Everyone has it bad once in a while.
>>3317 >tool used for conquest Other way around, anon. Kings often saw it as their duty to spread the faith. Besides, there's plenty to object to in shinto or buddhist Japanese practice. Though seeing as many Japanese Christians to this day see the faith as including classic local obligations to their social superiors, I question how many rebellions happened as a result of them directly. >muh slavery Right. Because some corrupt clergy represent an entire religion. This stuff come from some Guns, Germs, and Steel-tier book or something? >story Here: > Due to the lack of written records, a veil is drawn across the face of pre-Columbian America. Although the commonly held belief among academics is that there was little or no contact between the Americas and the rest of the world, some scholars do maintain otherwise. The history of the Americas is quite as and even more interesting from this point of view. In the article “Mexico”, in the Catholic Encyclopedia, (X, p. 252), there is a fascinating account of pre-Columbian Mexican religion. Some of their traditions closely parallel various stories from Genesis, and represent their particular remnants of the original revelation given the first men. But other elements have a later origin: In the history of the nations of ancient Mexico the coming of Quetzalcoatl marks a distinct era. >He was said to have come from the province of Panuco, a white man, of great stature, broad brow, large eyes, long black hair, rounded beard, and dressed in a tunic covered with black and red crosses. Chaste, intelligent, a lover of peace, versed in the arts and sciences, he preached by his example and doctrine a new religion which inculcated fasting and penance, love and reverence for the Divinity, practice of virtue, and hatred of vice. >He went on to predict the coming of white men at a particular time and place (which “just happened” to be those where came Cortez) who would overthrow their old gods. He was driven out, and went to Yucatan with the same message; among the Mayans he was called Kukulcan. From his time in both areas dates the native veneration of the Cross, and in various places there were practiced rites he had introduced, suggestive of our baptism, confession, and communion. The Mayans who practiced the latter called the bread Toyolliatlacual : “food of our souls.” > The author of the article supposes that Quetzalcoatl was a 10th or 11th Century Norse priest, driven off course perhaps from the Northern voyages. Others suggest that he was some disciple of the Irish St. Brendan the Navigator, or even the Saint himself.
>>3320 >genocide Out of curiosity, have you ever heard of something called the Black Legend?
>>3194 >they even have their own Napoleon. Tell me more
>>3317 Hideyoshi was an autistic faggot and got beat up by korean dirt farmers
>>3317 I would argue that american gunboats were more prominent as a tool of conquest than a religion that asked the japs if it was really ideal to betray one another and kill civilians over the silliest shit as much as they did.
>>3368 >>3361 With this in mind, the recent spate of "muh poor PAYGUN natives" is rather odd. Especially here.
>>3424 Lmao paygay rats will try and infest any ship they come across, they're an autistic plague of mouth breathers and mulattos. The overlap between pagans and mental disabilities is almost as staggering as the overlap between trannies and other faggots and other forms of mental illness
>>3161 >>3162 I guess they are Inca while the Tusken are North-American injuns with all the raiding in settlers and the like.
Gamorreans are just pig people. You can't compare then to mongols or whatever. When one ever heard about the Great Gamorrean Khanate? Gamorreans are just dumb pig people who are used as muscle Also FUCK VS WHORE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4Y30hapbUM
Are Zeltrons Swedes or Californians?
>>3757 Neither want to have a good time and wants you to have one too. Swedes consider hiring a hooker a crime, Zeltrons would consider that ridiculous. Swedes would be the people of Admiral Gender Studies, that Galateia or whatever NU-SW planet.
>>3432 You worship a dead Jewish pacifist. Shut up about pagans, christcuck.
>>4095 If Christians are pacifists, that means your butt magic ancestors lost to, and got conquered by, pacifists. So what does that make you, fag?
Twi'leks aren't niggers, they're thai.
>>4101 How? Just curiosity to know the simillarities.
>>3136 The Gran of Malastare are the americans or russians.
>>4106 >be pagay >make ooga-booga might-makes-right post >get called a nigger for it <haha, dumb Christcuck, doesn't he know that might-makes-right doesn't work Congratulations, you dim-witted queer, you somehow managed to hit the point square on the head in your own post while also missing it completely. Holy shit anon maybe you should do the cum-gargling rituals after you hit reply instead of before, you might be more coherent.

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