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Open file (50.36 KB 843x1023 LOLISOKA 02.jpg)
Open file (120.17 KB 268x500 LOLISOKA.jpg)
PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT Stormtrooper 11/05/2019 (Tue) 23:21:02 No.355
Do you shitpost on 4chan? Do you go to reddit/twatter/fagbook/other normalfag sites?
Of course you fucking don't, none of us are big enough faggots to go to those and admit it here, this dead bunker is more than sufficient for our SW shitposting needs.

But I AM a total faggot & have been hanging out on 4/tv/ lately because most alts are hilariously faggot ridden shitholes run by ACF trannies & 4chan is ironically far less faggoty than that bullshit.

Anyway, the point. I've noticed something. LOT of fucking SW threads. Not even TROS threads, just every type of general SW thread you can think of, some even calling Yidsney out for bullshit, most of which the OP sits around & constantly bumps with some numbered images from some shitposting folder.

Being the totally lifeless faggot that I am hanging around 4/tv/ & such, I hang out in a lot of these threads. In one of them, I made a shitpost about Loli Ahsoka & how hot she was, and a funny fucking thing happened: the fucking OP bumping IMMEDIATELY STOPPED and the thread got real quiet before dying to archive.

It got me thinking. These threads are all a last ditch effort from Yidsney marketers to help out TROS's box office by getting us to fucking talk about ANYTHING SW related, in the hopes some of us would lose resolve & go give them ticket money. And pointing out & talking about how sexy their canon loli padawan character is was probably the sole subject that wouldn't help TROS's box office at all, without also "hurting" their image in their minds.

I mean we can call them out on their bullshit all day & if it leaches into the normiesphere they've got a thousand ways to deflect it back on misogynist racist incel trolls, like they have been for years.

But if the normiesphere starts jumping on the sexualization of a minor age character they didn't see as a problem, who actually kind of fit into their overall stronk womerns narrative...

Save your boards. Save your threads.
Post Lolisokas & make the shills flee. It works.
Open file (55.51 KB 739x933 LOLISOKA 05.jpg)
The important point, the crucial one I forgot to add: it wasn't just one thread. I've hit dozens of these OP bumped shill threads with Lolisoka, and in every fucking one that same shit happened. It wasn't just a fluke. This is a method that seems to be the sole thing that consistently works atm to get the paid Yidsney shills to fuck off.
Open file (95.76 KB 991x1000 lewd elves 2.jpg)
Open file (225.16 KB 333x720 lewd_lewd.png)
Open file (46.07 KB 680x537 2b 224 lewd.jpg)
/v/ had a similar incident where they discovered that posting /xeno/ porn of the monsters of the game Evolve suddenly stopped much of the shilling and threads over it.
It seems naughty thoughts spooks them. Don't be naughty.
I can't say that's a terrible plan- but the only issue is getting off the ground. Assuming you haven't already, get everyone on board that you can.
Now I wonder if that's because loli would hurt their brand or because the (((shills))) are too busy fapping to kiddie porn to continue shilling. Honestly it's probably a little of both.
>It seems naughty thoughts spooks them
I honestly wonder if the Yidsney ones aren't or at least (at first) weren't just flabbergasted & had no idea how to respond or react. They have to be some 3rd world 'independent contractors' essentially, probably have to provide links/screenshots of their shit to even get paid.
Probably a pretty cushy gig for a 3rd worlder needing a second window to shit out of & having one of their shill threads turning into a problem for Yidsney would bring an axe down onto them.

Totally wasn't an intent of mine to try & rally a /pol/ tier mass psyop, just to kill their shilling on the board I'm currently on most of the time. I've stated the intent of it a couple times, mainly when asked what my boggle was with the lolisokas; but nobody else has taken up the banner thus far, maybe because they feel like I've "got it covered".
It's turned out to not be a guaranteed thread killer 100% of the time since I made this thread, it is 4chan after all, but it still kills the OP bumping. Fewer SW threads overall since I started it too.
>maybe because they feel like I've "got it covered"
It also might be partially how fucking incredibly easy it is to get banned from 4 these days. I mean by far /tv/ has banned me more than every other site & board combined with their dumb ass "no off-topic replies" bullshit, but they've added "discussion of things violating US law" as a global 1 violation & been handing out motherfucking month long bans for it.

and yet it is STILL vastly less faggoty than the ACF tranny bullshit.
Open file (1.96 MB 1920x1080 pantsu.png)
>mainly when asked what my boggle was with the lolisokas; but nobody else has taken up the banner thus far
To play the devil's advocate, maybe ordinary posters are getting fed up with what they see as some random fag spamming his waifu in every thread.
Eh, it was once, maybe twice per thread, but point taken.
Banned now & none of my VPNs work to bypass atm, so moot.
Also thanks for that cap, added to the Lolisuka collection for when my ban expires.
I am a 4chan regular myself and usually use 8ch and other sites for when I'm banned. Though currently im in pretty shit conditions, the VPN service I usually use now puts 90% of their IPs under a paywall and the one IP that I could still use is now blocked by 4chan. Now all I have is a single proxy from some random extension I got from the chrome web store. But with that one I can't even use the reply window. I have to scroll up anytime I wanna make a reply And I got a one day ban from that one, so that's nice.
>>355 >loli Ashoka Are you talking about that one flashback?
Disney faggots love Ahsoka you filthy mouse fucker.
>>2511 Ashoka's first movie and couple seasons of Clone Wars is what some would call loli, but it's just mislabeling jailbait.
>>2567 She's 14 and Togruta age slightly slower than human. Calling her a loli is stretching it though. >>362 Surely there's more pantsu shots of her out there.
Why are you fuckers so obsessed with an ugly orange stick figure?
>>2570 Asschoker porn
>>2570 Because TCW was at its peak while zoomers were going through puberty.
>>2570 I never got it either. She is a really unappealing design.
With the Jedi content on sending children into battle it makes me wonder why the CIS never invented some sort of ara paddle bot to counter them?
Open file (422.46 KB 512x645 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2576 >>2570 I don't think she's hot then again, I have shit taste and don't find twi'leks attractive either but I do think her race has a nice design. It's like you mixed some tribal with sea creatures or corals.
>>2569 I agree loli never was a good label, she should just be jailbait ashoka
Did Ashoka ever take a bath?
>>2569 >wookies can live for up to 400 years Wait, what the fuck? How can they live that long with the trandoshans being constantly at war with them?
>>2592 That's how long they can live, hell Chewie was like 160 during ANH
>>362 Kind of surprised she would wear panties over her leggings.
>>2592 They can live that long but that doesn't mean all of them do. Just like humans can live 80+ years but those that live on a wartorn planet will probably live much shorter.

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