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Custom Saber Thread Shiru 01/27/2021 (Wed) 01:29:32 No.4015
Do you have a custom lightsaber you'd like to show off? Do you prefer certain sites? Do you plan on getting certain sabers and/or parts? All discussion regarding custom lightsabers is welcome here!
I'd like to build Anakin's lightsaber one day. I like the design.
I bought a couple of the cheaper ones from Ultra Sabers and they feel pretty solid. Good for swinging around and pretending to slaughter Jedi, when I am stoned.
>>4015 I've only ever bought one from Ultrasabers. Personally the only lightsaber I would ever want is a replica of Dooku's
>>4024 My fellow duelist.
>>4027 Makashi and Ataru are my favorite fighting stles.
Open file (2.01 MB 1366x768 Saber1Apprentice.png)
Open file (910.29 KB 1366x768 Saber2Vanquish.png)
Open file (1.17 MB 1366x768 Saber3Phantasm.png)
Open file (723.17 KB 1366x768 Saber3PhantasmWHITE.png)
If I had the money, I would buy 3 different sabers. The first of which is the Ultrasabers Apprentice, my "padawan blade" so to speak. It is a standard yellow lightsaber. My second is the Saberforge Vanquish. I would practice Form II with this one. I don't know if I can mod it to make it sound like the crystal's cracked like Kylo Ren's blade, but if there is a soundchip for that, I will find and use it for this saber, that way it would look and sound like crackling lightning. The third blade is the Ultrasabers Phantasm. It would have 2 white blades. I'm not exactly sure how I would use this one chronological-wise, but I do know I would have a hell of a time practicing Form IV with it.
>>4032 You can build it here. http://www.saberparts.com/#!/configure Damn, these go for like $150 for hilt and about $200 for blade so they're not cheap, they've also got pretty good craftsmanship.
>oy vey goyim don't you just love spending hundreds of dollars on star wars branded toys? don't forget to go to see star wars X: i'm sure this time will be different in theaters this christmas
>>4049 Wouldnt it be cheaper to build your own out of trash?

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