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Fuck Disney.

Open file (144.46 KB 1013x744 Filoni.jpg)
Gina Carano got fired from the Mandalorian and Disney+ and Filoni are fucking gay Stormtrooper 02/11/2021 (Thu) 14:47:04 No.4072
Open file (119.07 KB 591x673 lu.png)
Uh, Disney is abandoning the sequels any day now.
Good bye, thunder thighs.
>>4073 >B-But Favreau and Filoni are fighting for her as we speak! >Neither do anything to show any public support! >B-But Kennedy has no more control over Lucasfilm! Favreau and Filoni are the new heads! >Kennedy does whatever she wants and even spearheads Kenobi and some other shit shows When will Doomcuck and his idiots just stop it with this crap and just admit that they've been lying all this time and that Disney is beyond saving?
>>4077 Most of the fagdom menace are either fanboys to into Star Wars no matter what that they will eat any mediocre crap by The Mouse no matter how tough they act. The rest, e-celebs, are outright shills that try to sell any chance of "redemption" by Yidnsey.
Open file (279.87 KB 596x559 1608332546538.png)
Open file (446.54 KB 1536x2048 Filoni on TLJ.jpeg)
Open file (356.72 KB 568x562 KK.png)
>>4081 What are you? Some kind of sexist?
>>4082 What's wrong with being sexy?
>>4083 >he thinks womxn are nothing but their bodies >he thinks womxn are just fuck objects Ewwww disgusting! What is wrong with you? I am turned on by a lady's personality, her EXPERIENCES. If I were to go home and think about them, which I WOULDN'T because I respect the Hell out of them, I'd be like: "Oh my God she's a diatenics major! She's gonna go so far!" I wouldn't think about their bodies, you're fucked up man
Oh no! Now "she" doesn't get to work with all the yidnsey pedophiles to make a mediocre at best show! How are there people that held out hope for SW this long? I loved this shit too, but the second yidsney bought it everyone should have known what would happen.
Better than that Better than Star Wars Watch this https://youtu.be/93yhVbtec2I
Gina is a shit actress, looked bloated on screen and the show was garbage so who cares?
>>4133 >bloated You need glasses, mate?
Open file (762.55 KB 640x360 muh male gaze!.webm)
>>4072 >Filoni are fucking gay You can say that again.
>>4139 I don't like Filoni, but not wanting to shove sex down the audience's throat 24/7 doesn't mean you're a faggot.
>>4143 >doesn't mean you're a faggot. .t faggot
>>4146 No, he is right. And it's not like TCW didn't sexualize its characters either, the key difference here is that nobody but massive autists and the very showrunners ever once found them visually appealing to begin with. Do you know why 90% of Ahsoka's fanart is borderline off-model? Because TCW "Antz" art style makes her and everyone else unbearable to look at.
>>4143 >2021 >still thinking yidsney will let straight white men work for them

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