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Fuck Disney.

Open file (180.03 KB 360x450 wook.png)
Stormtrooper 04/01/2021 (Thu) 00:38:18 No.4312
So is that project to create a mouse turd free, Old EU only alternative to Wookipedia dead? And if so, why?
>>4312 Last I saw (which was, admittedly, years ago) was that someone had successfully scraped an older, pre-sequels version of Wookiepedia, but it was pretty much text-only. No idea where it went from there, or whether it's still up.
>>4313 What a shame.
reminder that trannies now own and run Wookiepedia alongside disney
>>4312 Wookieepedia has gone to Hell in a handbasket. I mean its been like that since Disney tookover, but it somehow got worse. Some of us still have the data of all the Wookieepedia content from before 2012 to start a new wookieepedia. We started by making one over on Mirahaze but they didn't have the storage capacity to handle all the data from the archive. So we tried starting our own site but that went nowhere fast because we didn't know how to start a wikimedia site and the guy who was gonna help us bailed.
>>4325 >reminder that trannies now own and run Wookiepedia Really?
>>4331 I didn't expect much, but this is still a depressing read. The only people posting in opposition are offering up nothing more than half-hearted concerns regarding SEO. Not one user taking a proper stand against the transtrender insanity.
>>4327 >Some of us still have the data of all the Wookieepedia content from before 2012 to start a new wookieepedia If possible, that data should be uploaded somewhere to prevent it from being permanently lost. Even if the Baobab Archives project isn't picked up again in the future, that data is too precious to be lost.
>>4327 I can learn to set up a wikimedia site if someone from here is going to set up a server account for the purpose you mentioned Anon.
>>4333 >that data is too precious to be lost. Digits confirm. I would suggest someone create an archive in parts and then dump the entire thing up to archive.org (NOT archive.today, but the Wayback Machine).
>>4325 It will always disgust me how many of big fansites decided to sell out, bend over backwards, and kneel before the Mouse. >>4336 As far as the way back machine goes they do have the site archived in it's former state, but you run into the usual problems with Wayback Machine; Search and anything based of the site running a search doesn't work, broken images, etc. Not exactly the most comfy browsing experience. The idea of setting up a proper wook replacement was to fix that. https://web.archive.org/web/20121027060112/http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page
>>4333 >If possible, that data should be uploaded somewhere to prevent it from being permanently lost. How heavy is it?
>>4338 >the idea of setting up a proper wook replacement was to fix that. No arguments. The first and foremost issue was to get an archive onto the best, most reliable general public archival system out there (Wayback). Now that's accomplished the task at hand is the next step forward with the project. Thus my offer to set up a Wikimedia for it, if someone else will wrangle the server + bills for it.
>>4339 >>4340 >>4338 >>4336 If you guys want to talk with the ones making the alternative wiki and who have the archives of old wookieepedia, there's a discord we could invite you to if you want. This is where they want to set up the wiki but having their own wikimedia site would be more helpful http://swholonet.shoutwiki.com/
>>4342 Well, thank you Stormtrooper. I don't really care to use Discord, but I see my skills don't seem to be needed regardless. It appears there's already a functioning wiki? Unless the plan is to rip & replace looks like you guys are already running. BTW, looks like the /sw/ link at the bottom of the front page still points to 8ch.net
>>4344 Looking at the public logs for that wiki, it's been nothing but bots posting spam messages for at least the past 2 years. An admin account was trying to delete these until around April 2020 when he appears to have given up. The wiki itself also appears to be incomplete as it's missing a lot of pages. I'm thrilled to see that the wiki still exists (I thought it was gone) but it's obviously in need of attention.
>>4357 Well, someone must know how to gain Admin access to it, right Anon? That's obviously the first step for someone here who cares enough autistically, to take over the reigns of the thing. Then the content could begin to be straightened out incrementally thereafter.
>>4363 The admins are already active and are all working from a private chat with other anons to set up a revival. They're also trying to see if they can go independent from shoutwiki. If you're interested, make an account over at shoutwiki, talk to one of the admins there and ask them if they can invite you to their chat
>>4364 Thanks but I already have a ton on my plate at the moment. I simply wanted to see /sw/ succeed at this, and have a couple of technical skills I figured might help out. As these aren't needed, I doubt there's a lot I can bring to the table for you otherwise, Stormtroopers. The Empire Did Nothing Wrong, The Mouse can burn
Open file (61.26 KB 931x524 an acquantance.png)
Open file (487.56 KB 935x1030 a friend.png)
Speaking of wookieepedia and DisWars...
>>4372 I dare to ask, what the fuck is a boyhood?
>>4375 The part in life in which we are boys?
I'm glad this is not forgotten. as long as there are redundant, comprehensive archives, baobab can move forward whenever wiki hosting is figured out.
>>4384 >WookieeProject: Pride is a WookieeProject dedicated to improving our in-universe articles about Canon and Legends characters who are LGBTQIA+, and out-of-universe articles about LGBTQIA+ Star Wars contributors, such as artists and actors. >Wookieepedians who wish to participate do not have to identify as LGBTQIA+; outing yourself is not required to participate. However, we do request that you already support and have knowledge regarding LGBTQIA+ rights and representation. This is for the safety and comfort of those involved, and because it is the basis of this project. We encourage those who are comfortable doing so to state your pronouns, both to prevent misgendering and to help foster an environment where others feel safe to share. >The official song of this WookieeProject is "Ewok Celebration" (Yub Nub!). Feel free to watch and dance along. the absolute state more than ever, we need an un-pozzed Wookiepedia.
>>4385 >more than ever, we need an un-pozzed Wookiepedia. More than ever. BTW, it's only going to get worse from here out.
>>4385 What the fuck?
>>4389 >celebrate the love! >except in china we can't show that shit in china
>>4385 >>4389 What unholy cringe. >>4385 >>4386 >more than ever, we need an un-pozzed Wookiepedia. This is the closest thing we got http://swholonet.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Main_Page

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