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Fuck Disney.

Kotor Remake 11/20/2019 (Wed) 01:16:51 No.450
Anyone have the Apeiron code? I know they were supposed to destroy it but I'm sure someone didn't.
sent ;)
>hur dur hey guiz look we r making remake of [insert good game from popular franchise here] gib munny 2 help us finish it
>oh noes we got a C&D order from the IP owner sorry u no get game but we keep monni :)
I actually have no idea if the people making this were asking for money for it, but making it public that you're remaking a game is retarded. Just make the fucking thing, dump it on the internet and now the IP holder can never get rid of it.
I believe they were not asking for any gibs which makes their announcement even more retarded. Assuming they didn’t attach their names to the project (why would they?) can they not just keep making it and say “oh hey we’re another studio that took this over and totally not the same guys haha, we finished it here you go.”

Overall though just play the original, I don’t think they were adding anything and just redoing the graphics/animations. I tried to convince someone at my summer job to play KoTOR because he was a “big Star Wars fan” and said after looking it up that he thought the graphics would break his immersion and lessen the game. But he also likes soy wars so obviously he has shit opinions.
It's not the graphics that should be the issue but rather the bugs & lack of moddability..... yes I know they have many mods of Kotor but you can't really make new levels, mess with the models quickly, or create new features (as code). It was very limited in addition the games do not run well on new computers due obsolete code. In a new engine exporting models from 3dsMax to the game is quick & painless, mapping/level creation is not only possible but fairly straight forward as is coding particularly in Unreal 4. The better graphics & shades that come with a new engine are just a bonus.
>>467 Could you possibly send me the apeiron code as well?

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