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Fuck Disney.

Webm thread Stormtrooper 12/02/2019 (Mon) 08:28:03 No.571
Post them webms
Open file (1.24 MB 1280x720 Anakin vs Alex Jones.mp4)
Open file (5.29 MB 1920x1080 Kit Fisto Knows Best.mp4)
Open file (720.59 KB 480x360 FORCE_AWAKENS.mp4)
did you do that edit? it was unexpectedly emotional...
No. Its just a leftover from before 8chan went down.
Open file (853.74 KB 1280x720 soccer.mp4)
Anyone have the star wars anime webm?
Open file (3.89 MB 1280x720 ooo ah ah.webm)
Please tell me Oshii did more of this anon.
Open file (497.91 KB 727x547 Slutty the Hutt.png)
He did make a few more. Don't have them in webm though
Open file (3.53 MB 1280x720 1546575479156.webm)
Open file (10.43 MB 1280x720 glass floor.mp4)
>>2590 >remove atmosphere >screams audible なに?
>>2594 >shoot audible while fly through space audible That's just how things are in SW. At least in this case it might be a transmission.
>>2590 >That MOTS speedrun Impressive!
>>2594 They are being sucked out into space along with the air anon, so their screams are carrying through the air.
Open file (14.63 MB 900x376 boom.webm)
Open file (14.65 MB 1280x536 tree.webm)
>>2632 This is still infuriating. What a waste of a good actor. And decent Yoda effects. And a franchise.
What the fuck did Robi do to the captchas? 9/10 are literally unreadable.
>>2664 I like this meme t. spent the past few weekends playing through KOTOR II again
>>2664 >What the fuck did Robi do to the captchas? 9/10 are literally unreadable. If you can't read them, neither can spammers :^)
>>582 God I loved that show. I miss Peter Cullen's voice.
Open file (1.38 MB 980x420 Tilotny.webm)
Open file (1.62 MB 590x1278 baste voice actor.mp4)
Anyone got that "You Found Something" horror vid?
>>3029 Can you be more descriptive?
>>2664 >He is a Sith Lords.
Open file (2.87 MB 800x600 NotTheYounglings.webm)
Open file (9.45 MB 640x360 trany.webm)

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