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Fuck Disney.

Open file (6.78 MB 1930x3510 rose.png)
FAT ASIAN ROSE REMOVED FROM MOST DINSEY MERCH Stormtrooper 10/06/2019 (Sun) 12:23:23 No.60
Even the mouse realized the fat bitch slanteye is a horrible character
I kind of feel bad for the actress, since she's just a worker, and then you have folk such as yourself that makes the anti-Disneyfags look bad to the public, which isn't good.
>and then you have folk such as yourself that makes the anti-Disneyfags look bad to the public, which isn't good.
ok fence sitter
Open file (130.38 KB 400x384 ClipboardImage.png)
>I kind of feel bad for the actress, since she's just a worker
You have no actual idea how Hollyjew works do you--especially (((The Rat))). Be honest now.
Open file (646.58 KB 1280x1196 Disneyfag_.png)
Alderaanfags think they can hide because it's not the default flag anymore.
.0005 dollars have been deposited into your account. Thank your for your service in defending the Disney corporation.
I was amazed she was in it at all to begin with & only knew it from the one poster. Clearly she's done been Jar Jar'd by Jew Jew.
holy shit this is some real stalin threatment
like she never was there

wonder if the actor will react on it
Open file (2.97 MB 1694x794 replaced.png)
Even the poster expunged her.
MSM are already writing outraged articles that nobody is reading.

Imagine that, removing a terrible character created only for diversity casting and played by a chink so ugly it borders on subliminal racism.
she's not that ugly when done up properly. they intentionally uglified her for the movie to score woke points.
if you're wondering about their logic, SocJus objects to sexualizing women. this is especially the case for asian women, since white nerds such as myself are attracted to them. thus, they ruined roastie-ko's appearance out of feminism and spite.
>she's not that ugly when done up properly
>fat asian bust in face isn't ugly
>white nerds such as myself are attracted to them
go back
>my fellow whites
Go away Rian you disgusting baby-faced kike
>replace one fat ugly yellow monster with another fat ugly yellow monster
Also, why the fuck does C-3PO have a fucking bowcaster? Jesus fuck this might actually be the worst poster form the nutrilogy.
Nigger, I have yellow fever out the ass and that bitch gives me an inverted boner. She's ugly as shit fuck off.
Wow we get (((Disney))) shills even in as small of a place as this. The Mouse sees all
wtf, all I did was say she's not that ugly, and explain why she was uglified for TLJ. this seems like an over-reaction.
believe it or not, these depict the same actress, Kelly Marie Tran. do you still think she's a hideous gook goblin?
as an aside, she was not harassed, that was a fake news psyop by Disney. I think she saw a big opportunity for her career, and didn't realize what sort of toxic waste dump she was getting into.
that's supposed to be not that ugly?
She's kinda frumpy and has jaws like a Rottweiler but let's be realistic the worst of the Indochinese look like their ancestry is a little bit too close to Orang so she's isn#t at the bottom by far.
Be honest, you're an asian street meat rice farmer
she's frumpy like the other anon said, and her nose is wide. she's not peak asian by any means, but she's at least average if not slightly above.
I think you're so filled with hate for TLJ, and so turned off by the awful portrayal of Roastie-ko that you're not being objective.
She's objectively gross. She's like a bottled up cure to yellow fever, anon. I'm sorry you like her
>Just a worker
She is a vile feminist.
Stop parroting ecelb opinions this is straight from Geeks & Gamers & those two other related channels.
She is ugly because she is one of those brown asians vietnamese or whatever she looks like a down syndrome case tbh. Next you’ll be telling me to believe that man faced lesian kike G&G employs was assaulted.
The northern less slanted eyed type of Japs can be cute but I don't care for any other sort of asian.
Open file (236.75 KB 847x261 1.jpg)
2nd shirt replaced Chewy leaving
female (a nigress most likely) rocketeer, 2 baboons,the ugly marysue, and a jew trying very hard to pass himself off as a spic who just so happens to be bigger in scale to all the other garbage characters by sheer coincidence. Who would buy these?
Lol they replaced her on that poster with that dick monster. Both posters look like shit a kid made.
>do you still think she's a hideous gook goblin?
Yes. Get your eyes checked (((anon.)))
I wouldn't say I like her, I just think she's not a female orc. this is especially true by SE asian standards; Japanese girls are superior.

my opinions are my own, if they're similar to a youtube channel, that's simply convergence.
She's clearly in both
Be fair, that was the kind of shit portrayal in an utterly shit film that's bad enough to permanently mar anyone's career. It was like both her & Laura Dern were physical embodiments of the Rian autism that led to Luke's ruination.
that's true, and I think that explains alot.
>my opinions are my own
No they are not, but you are dumb enough to believe they are.
That asian is disgusting no matter how you dress it up.

What is this astroTurf-ing , no matter how much you shill for it one likes that fat ugly orcess.
>Yidsney trying to damage control to 10 people on an obscure Mongolian penis charmer enthusiast forum by making it about "muh sexist racism" again
I see you there rabbi.
Open file (45.16 KB 800x450 retards2.jpg)
Wait who's the muun here?
I'm definitely not a jew, but that's exactly what a cryptokike would say, innit?
Open file (447.15 KB 980x742 Kill_Watto.png)
Nice kafkatrap, Watto.
Open file (327.20 KB 1195x1195 rey.jpg)
As opposed to wanting to impresses a foreign & objectively false option on said mongolian board. Beautiful women > ugly "women".
Open file (234.14 KB 800x1186 rise of klaud.jpg)
They've replaced her with a shitty quipping alien slug. I don't know if it's better or worse.
Nothing disney corp does is any good.
>people falling for b8 like this
Its too accurate, it is precisely what a soy guzzling faggot would say.
Open file (334.57 KB 1000x1000 1573109745561.png)
Fresh (not my) OC from a weird ass 4/b/ thread.

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