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Fuck Disney.

Open file (5.16 MB 1500x2470 2ndIceberg.png)
I bid you dark greetings! How far down are you? Stormtrooper 12/05/2019 (Thu) 22:36:06 No.601
Iceberg for Star Wars.
I'm mostly Knight Tier, though I recall one or two of the Master Tier stuff
Also, you forgot Republic command- both the game and the books
The Atari arcade game shouldn't be so low. It was a bonus in Rogue Squadron 3.

>Holonet News
>Super Star Wars
>Guide to Warfare Notes
>read all the Living Force modules years after RPGA no longer exist
>The Atari arcade game shouldn't be so low. It was a bonus in Rogue Squadron 3.

The chart is talking about the arcade cabinet. I very much doubth you got an entire cabinet with rouge squadron 3.
Open file (37.31 KB 192x192 wtf siniteen.png)
What if I know everything in Bedlam-tier, only half of Celestial and only 4 things in Grand Master? What does that make me?

>Implying you have read lightsider and escape from dagu by breaking into lucasfilm

By all means send the pdfs.
Somewhere between Knight & Master.
There's book series missing as well, or they're being listed under an umbrella I'm not recognizing. LOTF & FOTJ are the big ones. No Dark Nest either far as I can see.
Not like the list isn't supposed to be 'comprehensive' when the films are listed too.
Sword of the Jedi should be there as well, afaik there was a good bit of work done before Yidsney scrapped that series with the EU.
Open file (1.97 MB 734x1022 ClipboardImage.png)
Anything on this page that wasn't later adapted into a non-/sw/ work would likely qualify as well:
https: //starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Canceled_novels
Nearly a full master with a little grand master
I went into this expecting it to be more like pic related, so I'm kinda sad now.
What about Super Bombad Racing?
Too extreme for any of us plebs.
I could've sworn that he was the only Jedi Knight that was a member of the High Council. I remember reading it in one of the Star Wars Compendiums.
I know he was the only one allowed to fuck and marry.
It's possible he was a knight when he first entered the council, but everybody addressed him as a master in what I've read. Perhaps he got promoted?
Sitting comfortably at Knight tier

Dark Forces is a solid Doom clone and I enjoy it.
I thought it was Kit Fisto who was allowed to not be celibate?
Kit Fisto couldn't fuck. Mundi could because his species was dying. Dude had a full harem back home.
I must be ascended, given that Star Wars: Demolition is absent and I played that a ton.
Same as this.
>>757 I remember reading a comic dealing with him going back to his home world to stop some corruption from outsiders. I think this story came out around the time of the Phantom Menace. Pretty good story.
>>730 >I could've sworn that he was the only Jedi Knight that was a member of the High Council. What? How can they do this? This is outrageous. It's unfair. How can he be in the council, and not be a master?!
Open file (471.75 KB 968x1078 RCO009_1477974527.jpg)
>>2362 It is "Prelude to Rebellion", and Ki is indeed alpha as fuck. With him I would also recommand OUTLANDER, for it's beautiful art.
>>2370 >that fucking dance
Open file (785.59 KB 610x960 dancing-mundi.gif)
>>2370 >>2371 A gift.
>>2376 >When you spend your entire time fucking bitches and dancing autistically
>>2376 The ancient cerean mating dance in it's full glory. No wonder he was seen as such a virile male.
>>698 Star Plebs are plebs. What else is new?
Open file (62.06 KB 680x640 mundi life.jpg)
>>2376 Honestly, is there any reason not to love Master Mundi?
>>730 >you are on this council but we do not grant you the rank of master >Anakin spergs out >Mundi glances around at other members uncomfortably
>>2390 >fought against Ceran nationalists trying to prevent the globalization and destruction of their culture Other than that no.
Fuck you now I need to find some based Mundi merchandise on ebay.
Open file (95.31 KB 431x551 1443919426266.png)
>>601 This is very messy and needs some work, though that goes for most icebergs. For example, how many per tier determine whether one is at that level? Many will have consumed bits and pieces all over the place. I took a few moments trying to look for some game titles as a result of the the lack of contrast between the green color and the blue sky, but anyway. Also, please do not use the word "nerd" in such a way, as using it in that context is something a normalfaggot would say. "Fan" is better. Otherwise, I haven't heard of a couple of these, thanks.
>>611 You holding out on us, dubsman?
>>2451 You could always use several different scoring categories and take an aggregate of them. You can go by just whichever tier the highest thing you have is in, how many tiers you've completed a certain percentage of, how many tiers you've maxed out, or taking an average of the tiers you register on if you skip a tier. I don't use maxed out completion because I wouldn't even make it past Initiate that way due to not having bothered to watch Soylo or Jyn Erso's Pro Plagiarist 2k16. My preferred method of scoring these is that whichever tier you can build to consecutively is where you are. So if you have everything up to Knight tier, skip everything on Master and then have the Dark Empire sourcebook, you're a Knight. This method would put me at Grand Master because of the Dark Empire endnotes. Somebody on the old board made another version of this that had the Dark Empire endnotes and sourcebook at Celestial level, but they got moved in this version. I have several suggestions for things that should be on the chart but aren't, such as Rebellion and Force Commander at Master tier and Republic Commando at Padawan tier (how the kark did you leave out Republic Commando?). Maybe that's good for getting bumped up a tier. Do that and put the Dark Empire endnotes back and I finally have enough power to beat up those trolling bedlam spirits and go back in time and fix the timeline so Jar Jar Abrams never fucks up the franchise, among other things.
>>2390 Needs dancing wookies
>>2475 I do have a few other things from Grand Master tier like the Jedi Prince series, so I wouldn't drop back to Master if the Dark Empire endnotes were brought back up, but the further up you go the thinner your completion probably is. >>604 already said RepCom as well, but with no suggested tier placement. I don't know if there's anybody out there who legit makes it to bedlam spirit level. Does anybody have the first version of this?
Open file (1.43 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
>>601 I'm down to Master from Super Star Wars. Also, where would Rogue Squadron go on that list? Those games were great.
>>2495 I'd put Rogue Squadron at Knight level. Though with the "suggest a missing thing and gain a rank" bonus, you can be a Grand Master. The missing thing should be at least Knight level to qualify though. Also the idea of giving bonuses for things like this is amazingly autistic.
>>2488 (czech) >>2496 >bedlam spirits Speaking of those, do Cult and Supernatural Encounters count at their level, or lower?

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