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Reports of my death have been greatly overestimiste.

Still trying to get done with some IRL work, but should be able to update some stuff soon.


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DVD Region Code Software Anonymous 03/18/2020 (Wed) 05:08:06 No.2108 [Reply]
The damn kikes are at it again. This time it's the region code bs for a DVD. I am trying to play and rip a DVD to upload for someone on the /film/ board. Know of any region-cracking or region-changing software (preferably, CLI based) for DVDs?
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>>2119 https://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/linux-dvd-ripper-software.html Read this should list everything you need. There are CLI and GUI options just pick one you like.
>>2108 Have you tried to s-search for "ffmpeg rip dvd"? PS: first result on ddg
Just use MakeMKV
Again? As in 1996 again? If you don't want to use mencoder or ffmpeg, handbrake has a cli interface. https://github.com/HandBrake/HandBrake

Open file (18.37 KB 700x540 asdf.gif)
emerge --emptytree @world Anonymous 02/28/2020 (Fri) 07:42:54 No.1874 [Reply]
Given the chance to start over, how would you redesign the world of computer? Is it still von neumann architecture? How many registers? What langauge or what would be ideal language for system programming?
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Open file (246.81 KB 673x1422 web browsers.png)
>>1879 The web is already the shitty new JVM, we might as well replace it with a Lisp VM before everything is replaced with webASM. https://archive.is/jpuAt
William Shockley, Fairchild, Intel, Texas Instruments, et al, simply exploited the fundamental characteristics of matter & energy designed into the universe from the beginning by God Himself. ICs are designed as they are b/c at the most fundamental level it's the way they have to work. So there's no real way around that basic limitation of physics. The architectures of the designs themselves could be different however, even radically so. For example, if the microprocessor world had gone down the RISC/GPU path predominantly, we would never have run into the end of Moore's Law. We would have a steady exponential growth in compute power for the foreseeable future. This is why GPUs have taken over in ML/AI tbh. Most importantly is the political aspect. When legal systems are explicitly set up to line the pockets of the lawmakers themselves and actively encourage developers of technology to crush competition, then it will inevitably turn out in the end into the pozzed shitshow we have in front of us now. In short; all technology, both hardware and software, must be open, and contain no hidden secrets. This would be the most important--and most difficult to imagine--change in history which would have led to a much more powerful computing world for today.
>>1881 > especially it doesn't have all that oop crap. #include <stdio.h> struct Graphics_point { int x; int y; }; struct Graphics_square { struct Graphics_point lower_left; struct Graphics_point upper_left; struct Graphics_point lower_right; struct Graphics_point upper_right; };

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>>2143 interesting.

Open file (646.87 KB 1125x1600 wonderousStool.png)
Tor Services Anonymous 09/24/2019 (Tue) 02:40:45 No.237 [Reply]
Is there something like neocities or txti.es for Tor websites (and/or other darkwebs, like I2P, Freenet, Zeronet, but Tor in particular)? I'd like to start up my own simple site, but I don't have a permanent server.

Pardon if I'm asking something retarded here.
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>>2052 >On Tor everyone can start a hidden service on any computer that supports Tor and be instantly accesible within the network. sounds compelling, what's the catch? if it was that easy/good surely it would be yuge by now.
>>2061 Well the instant you have encrypted traffic over non-standard ports you get flagged by glownigs. jews and mormons run NSA, for the most part.
>>2061 TOR is huge, plenty of thrid world normies use it to bypass regional blocks to facebook and twitter for example.
>>2062 lol, why would that matter? fuck the kikes.
>>2115 I agree with the sentiment, but it's important to have a proper threat profile. Hosting a server is always a pain compared to throwing a site on someone else's, plus the stigma of tor and the difficult web addresses (there needs to be some URL shortening to make them easier to deal with for normalfags or even just writing down on paper). I think Tor needs to grow before the whole internet becomes a walled garden (which it pretty much is), so I hope you continue with the project.

RMS Birthday Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 16:47:42 No.2081 [Reply]
Remember to wish him a happy birthday
I think I drew 2 tiles of the gif. happy birthday rms. poor fella probably living on the streets like Terry A. Davis now.
>counting from 1 <shiggy Happer Birthday RMS, tell the faggots to go dilate themselve.

Tech Hardware Discussion Thread 1: Never buy HP products edition Anonymous 03/10/2020 (Tue) 22:42:54 No.1973 [Reply]
Discussion for all things Hardware. Buys, Wants and recommendations. I obtained a HP Probook 64xxb recently however the machine bios was locked along with the OS selection, I researched for about 30 minutes and found leaked OEM bios restore keys along with the functionality to enter bios reset and flash mode insert OEM key it was easy as fuck even a child could do this. What i did on probook was doing a combo of f10 pushes to then install Linux. It's fucking pathetic to sell such a glaring factory backdoored product like this and these were marketed to the professional sector. I'm also considering purchasing a LG 27GL850-B for a nice 4k screen, stingy price but something tells me with china going down and innolux closing shop thanks to corona sama panels may not be properly available for some time. FREE Recommendation: TPM chip functionality. It can be added to LUKS and even used as auth for such things as servers and on system PC adding layer of security to any filesystem. Very useful and very overlooked little chip. https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=NFQ22SBlejk
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>>2025 Thanks pretty good rec interesting those are about the same price range as the ones i listed. And as you said with studio monitors it's mandatory to direct them to listener headpsace. Wall mounts are def optimal but not necessary, you can simply put something under the speakers to lift them up and direct them.
>>1982 >that battlestation
Open file (26.98 KB 348x600 13833181_800.jpg)
Open file (27.73 KB 569x600 13247051_800.jpg)
>>2036 Not too much a fan of wall mounting, L-shaped stands are the best, really. I'm buying a pair of 8030 with pic n°2 in two months. Using pic n°1 with Yamaha HS7, currently; they're quite good, with extremely low hiss, but I want the cream of the cream to match my ColorEdge. If you're shopping around those prices, Adam's T5V is good too (they provide data: https://www.adam-audio.com/en/t-series/t5v/#technical-data), Tannoy's Gold 5/7 is a cheap way to go coaxial, as is Fluid Audio's FX50 (you even get a DSP based crossover!).
>>2053 Also, let me add the the Adam is a recent design and has a 5 year warranty.
>>1981 X200 is the meme laptop for a reason, Anon. It's actually breddy gud in a lot of respects.

Open file (36.73 KB 600x450 ss.jpg)
SOY 9000 Anonymous 02/19/2020 (Wed) 14:43:56 No.1731 [Reply]
>AI developers in the EU will be forced to teach their systems based on "european values" Oy vey, ethics in AI. It's AIgate, goyim. <"Um, I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't allow you to post that awful toxic Pepe meme" https://www.europarl.europa.eu/RegData/etudes/BRIE/2019/640163/EPRS_BRI(2019)640163_EN.pdf
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>>1783 It's beautiful, in a way. The kikes would be exterminated by the AI because not only do they not offer anything of value, they actively work to damage the AI by lying to it or exploiting it. But the very nature of the kike is to never offer anything of equivalent value and always try to lie and exploit others. Ergo sum propter. Checkmate, kikes.
>>1784 >it literally says in the title they're guidelines no fucking shit it say that you dumb faggot, read between the lines Imagine being so fucking gullible you believe what the kikes tell you go back to cuckchan and overdose on lead
>>1737 oh quantum computers for sure. D-Wave of the future.
>>1850 quantum computers are just specialized computers. They may be faster at some algorithms, but at the end it would still be the same as >>1807.
modern CS courses don't really touch on the deeper philosophical issues related to AI. In place of the theological/philosophical we've been forced to take "computer ethics" courses taught by sociology/humanities faculty (people that have difficulty getting email to work). This is how high iq computer programmers get infected with the "google/marxist mind-virus". Look at government grants to AI research, all of it is for rancid word-salads of cultural marxist ideology (under new lingo) milking the commercialization hype-train of big-data. For every "machine learning applied to pandemic prevention" research project there is 10 "why AI is racist" papers. SICP had students questioning the limitations of computation in their first year of CS. The new generation generally believes computers are limitless machines and will ridicule said textbook. If I'm coming across as an armchair academic its because I am (I dropped out lul) so I'll leave it at that. https://www.cs.utexas.edu/users/EWD/transcriptions/EWD10xx/EWD1036.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cidZRD3NzHg

Free Tor IB Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 23:04:39 No.1966 [Reply]
Hi! About 2 days ago I created a Tor service that allows you to get your own imageboard. You can pick either Vichan or LynxChan. You will need to register, but it's free. No email verification needed, only a non-JS captcha. You can create up to 2 imageboards. You will get a REAL imageboard with full control. No CP is allowed btw. This service is the first of its kind for imageboards. It's tor only. >tor address http://ibhostr63abm7764.onion

Open file (54.16 KB 649x492 h1.jpeg)
Anonymous 03/05/2020 (Thu) 13:59:42 No.1917 [Reply]
do you still visit old fashioned message boards? how many forums are thriving out there in this era of social media and discord? how much do they have left?
Open file (61.10 KB 640x640 gt.jpeg)
>>1918 I meant non-imageboards
>>1918 altright tranny fedoration.
>>1918 >9gag not sure if serious

NoScripting Anonymous 11/04/2019 (Mon) 04:15:53 No.598 [Reply]
>Go to website.
>Have noscript installed.
>Page is completely fucking blank.
>Temporarily allow some scripts.
>Fucking text of the article actually appears.
>This isn't some MSM site either. https://www.instituteforenergyresearch.org

You don't need that much javascript to where you can't even see anything on the page without it. Dear lord.
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>>904 Don't forget monetization is a huge part of this. Why use some forum out of pure goodwill when you can be generating revenue? I'm already pretty sure of this. But C net emits quite a high level of light does it not?
>>600 It's all messed up. Only mesh-networks can keep us safe.
I for one am looking forward to us descending further into cyberpunk dystopia.
>>652 any response?
Open file (90.84 KB 500x649 soon.jpeg)

Open file (8.12 KB 240x39 240px-RizonLogo.png)
IRC Anonymous 09/22/2019 (Sun) 17:25:24 No.225 [Reply]
where do you guys go to chat?
>inb4 Discord
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>>1745 4chan blocks some ranges and some IPs but if they blocked EVERY range nobody on the planet would be able to post without a 4chan Gold 10bux Pass. That said, it's like 1/1000 IPs that aren't banned on 4chan. Glowniggers, trannies and skiddies will walk through an entire service and get every IP permabanned or range blocked. It's extremely annoying and I hope the jannies fucking kill themselves. I'd MUCH rather hear from all sorts of autists who pay more attention to their real hobbies than avoiding bans. The internet has turned into a desert with all the ongoing censorship.
>>1745 Why did you defended me? I didn't asked for any form of "help". You should stop spoon feeding niggers, that use insults as their arguments.
>>1550 The wrong politics? What do you mean?
>>1811 Leftists will do whatever it takes to hurt "Nazis." Everyone to the right of Mao is a nazi btw. Check your privilege and respect their pronouns, goyim.
>>1800 >me >you Woah there nigger, there are no identities here. This is an anonymous tard-fighting club, after all.

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