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Reports of my death have been greatly overestimiste.

Still trying to get done with some IRL work, but should be able to update some stuff soon.


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/hsg/ Anonymous 09/13/2019 (Fri) 13:13:12 No.103
Post your servers, what you're working on, or what you plan on buying
or post anything, don't let this board get any more dead then it is
vbox ubuntu LTS inside wangblows 8.1
what happened to these threads on /g/?
im broke i have no server
Same thing that happened with the rest of /g/ fags came and ruined it
Bumping. Got a NUC running with automated PostgreSQL servers i dump my data to.
>>2067 High purposes, anon... High Purposes
I recently got a Raspberry Pi to host a web app for a non-profit I volunteer for, and got another for me to mess around with at home. No clue what to do with mine, any ideas? I'd like to do some kind of security/proxy stuff with it.
>>2559 check out freedombone, though be aware it's more or less pozzed. it will at least give some good ideas for a unified approach to these little machines.
>>103 i'm thinking about switching devuan from debian. What do you think about devuan anon, is it worth?
>>2566 So far it's been as stable as debian, and every debian package I've thrown at it works just fine. If you want to avoid System Dicks then it's a good choice.
>>103 Can't say I have much use for a server, unless I were to do something cool like running a search engine where 100GB is indispensable, or some kind of data mining. Technology is gay and awful though so I'm actually thinking I should get a rockpro and that'll be most of what I need. A quiet, tablet-shaped thing I can mount to an arm over my bed, no jewgle, HDMI out when the 7" screen isn't enough, and USB in so I can type properly. When I need to build something or do some other heavyweight process, I can just SSH into a big, stupid botnet desktop i'll keep in the basement, where it can be as hot and loud as it wants. Total price should be about $500.
>>2711 > Can't say I have much use for a server > I can just SSH into a big, stupid botnet desktop i'll keep in the basement, where it can be as hot and loud as it wants. Do you know what a server is?
>>2718 Yeah, technically it would be a build/encode server since it's running headless just to field these requests that are melting my laptop. It's hard for me to call it a "server" since it'll just be a refurbished i7 desktop firewalled from the internet.
>>103 2006-8 era desktop with new HDDs, FreeBSD and ZFS pools as a backup server, though I'm still a noob with it ;)
>>2567 Keep in mind that if you do use it you're going to want to turn caching WAAAAAAAAAY the fuck down unless you're hosting a sever that needs to retrieve files quickly (like an ftp server). I don't know if this is unique to devuan or not (unlikely) but the caching is extremely aggressive. In 3 days I was already switching over to swap even though 90% of my 32GB of memory was only in cache and not being used at all. Since I turned it down my rig is slower but it is MUCH more stable. If you're moving from ASCII to Beowulf, keep in mind a metric asston of shit changed for virtually every program and there is a lot of new stuff you're going to have to get used to.
>>3022 I haven't encountered any problems like this with ASCII but I also have like 300GB of RAM
>>3037 I never had a problem on ASCII either. Seems to be beowulf specific. Someone really needs to audit their code because systemctl is a thing in beowulf now and, while I haven't looked into it, that gives me much cause for concern.
I take back everything good I said about Devuan
currently working on adding <article> and <nav> tags on my website to make it easier for screenreaders >>2561 how is freedombone pozzed? I get the maker is, but I don't see how that extends to the server itself. Epicyon is very based for not requiring a database and most programs have a high emphasis on not requiring javascript
>>3060 >pozaf leftist creates a tech thing <tech thing not pozaf!11 >what could possibly go wrong, historically speaking? guilt by association? just a thought. libshit have certainly corrupted tech far and wide at this point, destroying project after project. they're sort of like a virus or locusts. The consume something till it's utterly gone, and wipe their mouths, saying "I have done nothing wrong!"
A pi 3 B with a touchscreen, it just stays under my monitors, i like him staying there. I will find a use for him eventually. I sometimes ssh into it and download my shit from there then scp my files to my main pc. I use rasbian with it but i might chance it to something more... techy like openbsd or gentoo.
What are your (creative) solution for dynamic ip?
>>3081 Create an overlay network where the current address is bound to a public key, so that when the physical address changes all it takes is to change the associated value and since the overlay address is a crypto key I can encrypt data for free, too. Not my idea, but it's cool.
>>103 i dont have anything cool to say except devuan, nice also >don't let this board get more dead then it already is than*
>>3082 What is the resolver?
>>3084 As long as some kind of table can be built, resolving the overlay address to get the physical address is easy, just store it as a value in the table with the overlay as a key. It's pretty much what also happens with routers and IP addresses. With an overlay network the already existing protocols can't really be used, but it can be worked around by using a dht or something like that.

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