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Xfce Degeneration 01/04/2020 (Sat) 13:47:34 No.1245
It looks like Xfce is joining the header bar retardation movement. Soon it will become another one of these touch oriented GUIs, chanting "elagant usability" while making everything less intuitive just like Gnome. Version 4.14 already possess deep PulseAudio tendrils. Version 4.12 may had been the last sane release of the old fast mouse. https://wiki.xfce.org/releng/4.16/roadmap/general_ui/csd
Why aren't you using lxde?
>>1245 I hate GNOME shit so much. I wished Xfce used Qt 5 base instead of GTK 2 mixed with GTK 3 shit. Speaking of 4.14, I hate that there's no xfce4-alsamixer-plugin for xfce4-panel. Alsamixer also keeps changing my default sound card to my monitor (which doesn't even have fucking speakers to begin with), and resets it's volume to 100% every single time I reboot my computer. >>1246 LXDE is dead, why not use LXQt instead (even though it's unfinished yet)? Should I just learn dwm? Full desktop environments are bloat anyway.
>>1250 Dwm is good but patching it is pretty frustrating and I didn't find dwm status to be that great.
>>1246 >>1250 I tried out those DEs some time ago, but up until recently I had always been at home with my Xfce desktop. Given the current state of affairs, I'll probably migrate to a plain window manager.
>>1250 lxde > lxqt i hate this lxqt is better meme when it clearly isn't.
What the fuck, why can't these faggots just stick to improving what already works? Why the constant need to fix what isn't broken?
>>1260 When did I said LXQt is better? I just asked why would someone use LXDE instead of it, and even admitted that it's unfinished yet. Anyway, I found that there actually is xfce4-alsa-plugin, but you have to compile it from AUR. Continuing the DE dilemma, can anybody say if KDE 5 Plasma is any good? I've heard it still forces you to use Pulseaudio, as well as it not being too fast and not really that responsive on NVIDIA's proprietary drivers.
>>1261 They've just said they're going with scenario 2, so we're doomed when Xfce 4.16 releases.
God damn. Hopefully someone will fork it. Or maybe I'll just go full autist and learn to use i3
>>1254 >>1264 Xfce had a great equilibrium between an efficient DE and usability. More advanced users will have no problem switching to a tiling WM, but novices will either have to do a bigger leap or migrate to either LXDE or LXQT. Even those already using tiling WM will be affected if they use the Xfce stack. CSDs usually stick with the program regardless of the window manager's policy. >>1263 That release is gonna be out on the middle of this year.
Open file (8.66 KB 200x200 Simon.jpeg)
join i3 masterrace today
>>1304 I've actually barely used i3, but I love notion (I prefer static frames in my twm), but I agree that at the end of the day, it's much better to use a really simple window manager, and become familiar with the basic x apps or curses apps. >>1265 >novices will either have to do a bigger leap or migrate to either LXDE or LXQT The tragedy of this is, most novices won't make any leaps at all, because they won't appreciate what's going on until it's too late. They'll just kinda stick with whatever's easy. >use the xfce stack I've never understood doing something like this while using another window manager. I used to know people who would use fluxbox or whatever and then use the gnome stack at the same time. Mind boggling.
>>1260 but lxde is stuck on GTK 3
>>1265 >>1262 >>1260 >>1250 >>1246 Qt is a commercialized plataform, and as one, their focus is profit. Open source projects rarely have such abundance of resources to expend on a tolkit, thus making the future of said projects very uncertain. GTK devs may be retards, but at least the software is accessible. Check out the new deal from Qt: https://www.qt.io/blog/qt-offering-changes-2020
"Widgets" are for niggerlicious numales, the same kind that add "premium" sparkplugs to their cars then slap a million stickers on it. There are more redditors than us, so the market will go where they do. LXQT is disgusting bloat compared to LXDE. What a disappointment.
>>1451 QT5 now uses less ram than GTK3, hence you're wrong and gay
>>1455 GTK 3 is one of the reasons I stopped giving a shit about linux.
A new tolkit focused solely on window managers would be great.

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