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Open file (22.00 KB 640x225 Sirius.svg.png)
Cops locate person through Sirius satellite radio Anonymous 01/25/2020 (Sat) 18:10:35 No.1395
>VALLEY CENTER, Calif. (KGTV) — Using a satellite radio "ping" signal, local deputies were able to track down an attempted murder suspect at a North County casino early Saturday. >Just before 2:30 a.m. Saturday, Valley Center Sheriff's deputies were alerted to the suspect, identified as 54-year-old Steven Salas, who was wanted for attempted murder, criminal threats, and felony domestic violence. >Using information about Salas' vehicle provided by Imperial County deputies, local authorities were able to track down Salas by sending a "ping" to his Sirius satellite radio. His vehicle was then located at Harrah's Rincon Casino in Valley Center. >When deputies say they tried to make contact with Salas, he fled the casino and led deputies on a pursuit. >A spike strip was successfully deployed and Salas ended up driving back toward the casino before pulling into a nearby gas station, where he was arrested, deputies say. >No one was injured during the pursuit. >Salas has been booked into San Diego County jail on several felony charges. https://www.10news.com/news/local-news/north-county-news/deputies-ping-satellite-radio-to-track-down-attempted-murder-suspect
how would i know where to go without gps?
>>1395 What would any of us use satellite radio for anyways? It's not HAM-tier. Also, on Wikipedia, it appears that Sirius already provided a vehicle tracking service in 2013 for paying customers. It seems that satellite radio transceivers don't offer a lot of privacy.
>>1396 Using GPS is anonymous. You are just picking up radio waves being sent by satellites.
>>1396 MAPS
I thought this was subscription based. Does this affect all onboard vehicle radios/gps? Is there a better alternative? Gps information is free/open source isnt it? At least to a certain resolution. Is there an open source gps that just fetches map data/doesnt allow this to happen?
>>1404 Add a firewall to your gps that deny ping
I used to be that you could get free satellite radio if you played the long game. You just put your radio in some sort of faraday cage, then call and cancel your service. To save bandwidth, they would only send the kill signal for your radio for a year or so. If you kept your radio hidden long enough that they finally stopped broadcasting the kill signal, you could get out your radio and have service for free after that.
Isn't that more or less the trick for free stelitte TV ?
>>1395 >Steven Salas >Salas Coincidence?
>>1416 No, free Sattv requires having the proper keys to decrypt the content. I haven't kept up with it in many years but last I checked they'd gotten pretty good at dealing with pirates. Might be different for services other than Dish/Directv. >>1400 Depends on the GPS service. Most call home through other methods like the cell phone network or WiFi. >>1404 If your car has built in Sat Radio or something like OnStar it can be pinged remotely at any time. Services like OnStar can listen to everything being said in the car at any time. They can do the same thing with all modern cars that have built in microphones for hands free cell phone usage. Basically, anything made after the early 2000s is botnet by design. In fact, since the ECU is so tightly integrated in modern cars they can even be disabled remotely. This is often used when cars are stolen that have OnStar like services and they want to located and recover them.
>>1437 >connect onstar service to ecu inba way that can control and kill it. Very smelly, at least they cant kill your breaks right?

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