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Open file (8.21 KB 320x284 veracrypt_1-1-24.jpg)
Anonymous 01/28/2020 (Tue) 19:03:17 No.1424
What do you use for encryption of your data?
I use plaintext so when an attacker tries to decrypt my files only garbage will come out :^)
>>1424 GnuPG
Whatever my phone offers and luks/dmcrypt everywhere else. And TLS for all data that flows to the big bad internet. >>1436 Not as safe as double ROT13. :^)
>>1454 This. Keep it simple.
Open file (33.22 KB 400x386 chitose.jpg)
Any reason to use LUKS1 over LUKS2?
>>2999 For your digits, grub added support for luks2 recently, distro grub may not support it yet. Searx next time.
>>1512 What is this, the 90s? I use 64ROT13
>>1435 Sadly that gives Bluescreens on Winblows, so I use Veracrypt in TrueCrypt-mode. Don't really have a choice.
>>3013 Which Windows are you using? My 64-bit Windows 7 has never encountered a bluescreen from TrueCrypt.
>>3014 Server 2019. It probably also happens on 10. It's because of a bug in TC that never got fixed. The bluescreen will say "reference by pointer" https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-performance-winpc/error-reference-by-pointer-in-windows-10-pro/407e1e4b-b2a3-4d27-a0a5-a7a851749d5a
Is there a reason why Veracrypt should be considered untrustworthy?
>>3027 Don't know why its not trustworthy. But if you are on microjew os, your data is compromised. On Linux, LUKS and dmcrypt are better anyways.

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