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IRC Anonymous 09/22/2019 (Sun) 17:25:24 No.225
where do you guys go to chat?
>inb4 Discord
IRC, matrix, whatever people are willing to use.
any channel recommendations?
#kemono on nanachi.paw.ru is one I know anons frequent. Otherwise, just look at the channel lists and find something that interests you. Same goes for matrix.

As for discord, I think there's some site dedicated to advertising those.
moslty just rizon
Used to use IRC but I haven't for a while and now I don't know any good channels anymore. I don't really want to use something else like web based chats or discord.
Also the usual mobile shit like Whatsapp for real life friends, but I pretty much only check my phone once a day.
IRC over Tor and I2P is best at this point, due to CIAniggers on the clearweb.

If you install I2P, there's a built in and pre-configured IRC network, you just connect your IRC client to localhost:6668 once I2P is running.

We need to establish a /k/ presence there.
>IRC over Tor
Are there IRC servers that allow incoming connections from TOR anon?
Yes, most of them ya dingus
for freenode: https://freenode.net/kb/answer/chat
Need some channels to frequent because other than #8chan most of the channels I know of are dead. And I will never use discord so there's that. Any recommendations?
Thanks. Doesn't look stupid simple, but I'll probably muddle my way through it.
I'm ashamed that I usually use imageboards, matrix, irc, and pleroma for most of my online communication.
Atleast those aren't the only places you get to have conversations with others. The only place I get to talk to people is on IRC and a couple of obscure imageboards. Other than that, I talk to myself.
The only thing ive used irc for is h-games. From what you guys are saying, irc can work off a browser and not need software to connect. Is there anything bad with software like hexen? Can you still maximize security with them or is it better to use I2p
What are you on about? Who actually talks to outside people? Seems silly to talk to people outside, they aren't organised into subjects like imageboards are
Anon that's kinda pathetic. Have you tried making any friends, or keeping in touch with family?
A lot of people have somebody to talk to usually. Even on imageboards. Whether you consider those normalfags or not, there are plenty of people posting about there irl acquaintances.

I tried reconnecting with a childhood friend a little while back, but it really is hard for me to talk to normalfags in general, because half the crap they talk about is mundane. Family is extremely toxic, why do you think I turned into such an incompetent sperg? All it is is drama, drama, drama with them.
Whats there to talk about?
Oh yah the internet place i visited a lot got shut down because it took the blame of some terror attack, but its ok the community is trying to scrape itself back together.
I dont do anything interesting, nothing I consider worth talking about. Sure you can listen to what others have to say, but then they always ask you how your life is. My mom is a woman who sins like a woman, wageing is waging, I haven't played any vidya you can discuss about in person, as i just numb my brain out on mineman, and when i do go outside, its to walk by myself and waste the day away. I dont even know anything about philosophy or politics besides what ive learned from memes
Not everyone considers life worth talking about, maybe subconsciously the normals feel that way too, which is why they talk about brands and famous people and popular stuff, things society gives them, instead of things they've built themselves.
Well, what kind of things would you like to build yourself anon? That seems to be something you respect at least.
theres no need for a techfeels thread when theres an r9k up on the webring. i dont even really know much about architecture. i just look at a place and wonder if i should try to build a thing there. i got into watching masonry videos recently, its nice thinking that you could be playing with sand as a job
i may be too stupid to figure this out myself and i dont want to lose my friends. whats the best way to communicate over irc and how do i set it up?
do you guys visit the endchan /tech/? i saw it in the tech channel on rizon
dude you're autistic, just install an IRC client and use it, that's the best way to communicate over IRC. it's dead simple.

>install hexchat>browse through list of servers and connect>join a channel that seems interesting

Yes. I only heard about this site today, so here I am. I moved to endchan because of getting shut down before and it was the best option, I only have one thread there that's really important to me
does irc log conversations? i remember a long time ago people talking about mod irc arhcives for one reason or another. so far when i close and repoen hexchat, everythings gone. i assume its just a client side thing, whenever you log into a channel it starts off blank, but if one wanted to log or archive irc conversations, how do they do it? i dont have a reason to do so, just curious
>>1111 checked. I believe the server/channel can log conversations. Either way, remember it's not private, anyone can go and see messages. I'm pretty sure people just have scripts running that monitor activity.
>>1111 Anyone connected to the channel can log what goes on in it and most people do. The advantage of IRC is you can directly connect to another user to keep the server from snooping on you, you can share files between users and find anything you want in the warez channels, and you can use any client you want without worrying about being banned. You're using it everywhere already. Most chat systems on the web are just IRC on the backend
>>1541 >>1111 >but if one wanted to log or archive irc conversations, how do they do it? i dont have a reason to do so, just curious Forgot to answer this part: Most clients have this feature by default and you just have to turn it on. It just dumps everything to .txt files.
>>1111 They log chats and IPs, and if you piss off the antifa jew admins, they'll leak your IP. VPNs and Tor need to be taught in school.
>>1544 >VPNs and Tor need to be taught in school. VPNs are pointless. Do you really think if you do something illegal through them someone will go to jail for you? You pay just to get fucked. There's only two VPN service providers worth caring about, and it's either Mullvad or Riseup. While teaching kids about Tor is one of the most niggerlicious things you possibly can do. You could do that, but why? They will just abuse Tor to shitpost till they'll get their posts removed, and possibly also force administration of the site to ban Tor for everyone else.
>>1545 >There's only two VPN service providers worth caring about, and it's either Mullvad or Riseup. Enjoy being ratted out when you have the wrong politics.
>>1545 >don't bother using a VPN! nigger, have you ever heard of a threat profile? Even the most pleb VPNs are proof against pedos and scriptkiddies.
>>1545 >>1550 Don't mind me, just here to shill cryptostorm. Plus, it's not like a VPN is useless. If you aren't AT LEAST using a VPN it's "nigger what are you doing". It's not like we're all doing anything illegal either, it's important to make things harder for dragnet surveillance at every level. > They will just abuse Tor to shitpost till they'll get their posts removed, and possibly also force administration of the site to ban Tor for everyone else. If everyone uses tor, people who don't allow tor won't get any traffic.
>>1545 >ban Tor for everyone else lmao, like how do you ban a massive list of proxies? lmfao like just use a different exist node. lol... seriously tor users are the most braindead retards to not understand HOW they manage to get banned when the very nature of a proxy allows for ban evasion
>>1687 Go ahead and post something on 4chan then. Or archive something through this web archiver: archivecaslytosk.onion
>>1691 >wahhhh he say bad thing bout my favorite honeypot waaaaaaaah
>>1691 What are you gonna cry now? Piss your pants? Maybe shit and cum.
>>1694 >>1695 His point was that 4chan successfully blocks proxies. You children are fucking illiterate.
>>1745 Stop using publicly indexed exit nodes you fucking retard.
>>1745 4chan blocks some ranges and some IPs but if they blocked EVERY range nobody on the planet would be able to post without a 4chan Gold 10bux Pass. That said, it's like 1/1000 IPs that aren't banned on 4chan. Glowniggers, trannies and skiddies will walk through an entire service and get every IP permabanned or range blocked. It's extremely annoying and I hope the jannies fucking kill themselves. I'd MUCH rather hear from all sorts of autists who pay more attention to their real hobbies than avoiding bans. The internet has turned into a desert with all the ongoing censorship.
>>1745 Why did you defended me? I didn't asked for any form of "help". You should stop spoon feeding niggers, that use insults as their arguments.
>>1550 The wrong politics? What do you mean?
>>1811 Leftists will do whatever it takes to hurt "Nazis." Everyone to the right of Mao is a nazi btw. Check your privilege and respect their pronouns, goyim.
>>1800 >me >you Woah there nigger, there are no identities here. This is an anonymous tard-fighting club, after all.

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