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Tor Services Anonymous 09/24/2019 (Tue) 02:40:45 No.237
Is there something like neocities or txti.es for Tor websites (and/or other darkwebs, like I2P, Freenet, Zeronet, but Tor in particular)? I'd like to start up my own simple site, but I don't have a permanent server.

Pardon if I'm asking something retarded here.
Not that I know of. The only services I can find are dead already.

Do you have a reason to use a darknet-specific web host? You can register, manage and visit a clearnet host like neocities from Tor.
You can visit a www site on the www and from tor, whereas you can visit a hidden service from tor and through onion.link. And in both cases the hoster has as much control over your site as they like.
The only real difference between a www site and a hidden service is that it gives the hoster a degree of anonymity. That and you get a totally hacker onion address with a hidden service.

My advice: find a free www host that you trust enough to not meddle with your data and to continue offering a free service, or get some cheapass computer like a raspberry and set up your own hidden service.
Anyone can and should make a Tour service for any reason if they want to, especially if it ends up being one of those late 90s GeoCities anime fansites. If it makes the FBI's job to coral us all into 'approved' channels, then all the better.
Tl:Dr, nice try FBI.
Muchas gracias anon.
How do you even telnet into that? It doesn't resolve.
You need to pipe it through a Tor protocol.
No, I did that and it throws up errors.

torsocks[3723]: socks5 libc connect: Connection refused (in socks5_connect() at socks5.c:202)
telnet: https://myanee7lkwzxkhupjxvu2sxtkuf57lkvr3wutf3vfvnhkxuei7h3xbad.onion/: Non-recoverable failure in name resolution
Change your port in your /etc/tor/torsocks.conf settings from 9050 to 9150.
or proxy by hand
netcat -X 5 -x localhost:9050 myanee7lkwzxkhupjxvu2sxtkuf57lkvr3wutf3vfvnhkxuei7h3xbad.onion 23
This is weird. I can torify wget the page, I can't torify telnet the page, but I COULD do it yesterday.
Welp, it's 404ing.
I set up a HS while the sadpanda happening was going on.
Tell me what kind of shit you want to publish and how big it is and I might consider.
I can't ensure you 100% uptime.
Nevermind, I was getting 404 because of the final ":".
I found http://dhosting4xxoydyaivckq7tsmtgi4wfs3flpeyitekkmqwu4v4r46syd.onion/ in the meantime. And made http://lwur3kl63omajev4tnwu52razltyvsfvlsaxtd35g2t23rgkd4oybvid.onion/ if anyone is interested, which was my goal here.

I do have something else I want to publish, but it'll take me a while to put together. A fansite for the videogame Political Tycoon. Now that I'm actually writing it down, I'm laughing at how ridiculous that is, but whatever.
Whole purpose of sites like geocities and other web hosting racket is that you can not simply set up an internet-accessible server without loads or crap bureaucratic nonsense with registering domain names and forwarding ports. On Tor everyone can start a hidden service on any computer that supports Tor and be instantly accesible within the network.
>>2052 >On Tor everyone can start a hidden service on any computer that supports Tor and be instantly accesible within the network. sounds compelling, what's the catch? if it was that easy/good surely it would be yuge by now.
>>2061 Well the instant you have encrypted traffic over non-standard ports you get flagged by glownigs. jews and mormons run NSA, for the most part.
>>2061 TOR is huge, plenty of thrid world normies use it to bypass regional blocks to facebook and twitter for example.
>>2062 lol, why would that matter? fuck the kikes.
>>2115 I agree with the sentiment, but it's important to have a proper threat profile. Hosting a server is always a pain compared to throwing a site on someone else's, plus the stigma of tor and the difficult web addresses (there needs to be some URL shortening to make them easier to deal with for normalfags or even just writing down on paper). I think Tor needs to grow before the whole internet becomes a walled garden (which it pretty much is), so I hope you continue with the project.

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