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/tech/ support Anonymous 05/12/2020 (Tue) 14:07:38 No.2826
Old thread is bumplocked. Lets have another "Questions That Don't Deserve their own thread" thread.
Unanswered questions from the end of the last thread: >>2730 >>2744 >>2799 >>2800
>>2832 The 6502/6510 is a very good, simple instruction set. It's much easier to pick up than modern processors. BTW, you don't have to find a C64 Anon, the chip is still being manufactured today. eater.net/6502
>>2833 Very cool anon, thanks.
>>2730 There's the nyaa.iss.one mirror which allows tor after filling out a captcha.
I have a script that uses the output of zpool status | grep ONLINE | wc -l. When I run the script from a shell it works just fine, but running it from a cron job always returns 0. Why is it different when running via cron? forgive the cross-posting
>>2848 be sure to first set the working directory within the script
How can I create youtube account without using my phone number? Do you have any disposable youtube account list? Fuck google.
>>2851 Don't use jewtube. If you must, head to the darknet marketplace.
>>2851 The phone number jew is the jewiest jew on the interwebs. Anything that can thwart it is highly coveted. I heard about a trick where Twilio numbers might work. Twilio is a service that offers VOIP phone numbers which can work with SMS shit, and I believe they still offer free trials. Only snag is they themselves require a phone to sign up. But supposedly their filtering of free SMS services isn't as refined as Twatter or Jewgle. The trick is a couple years old so it may no longer work, but I'm curious whether or not it does. Let us know, anon.
>>2853 Totally this. It used to be easy and cheap to get a burner that last forever. Everyone is asking for id now. >>2851 Have you tried international burner sims?
Why is invidious and all of its instances so fucking slow now?
>>2853 I found a site that forwards verification SMSs at .50 per verification. Real numbers, never had a problem. The only issue is that it shifts your trail to cryptocurrencies (unless you get free trials, which you can). Also, don't use youtube. The left, center and right wing can all agree on that so long as they aren't sheep.
>>2868 Can you please share the name of this service you are referring to?
>>2856 They're all blocked for me know. Did Jewgle take it down?
>>2870 I noticed a potentially-wrongthink-filled list has magically stopped working overnight. Robots, androids, automata (Vokabre's videos) https://www.invidio.us/playlist?list=PLAtoHywa4Q2Nc_-r5g1bHlHdcnGJ3oM-4 Haven't had time to investigate it yet, but it no longer seems to work just in the last 12 hours.
Is there a good alternative to Invidious that works through TOR as well?
The onion router is not spelled like that, instead it's written like Tor and not “TOR.” Yes, it is important. Pay more attention reading their official website from time to time.
>>2872 Check the list of instances, buy why bother? Tor's slow as shit. ||I hate captcha so fucking much, is there really no way around this?||
>>2873 >>2874 Will do thanks.
Is there an easy way to switch my RSS feeds to a different instance? It looks like the config files for Feedreader use a db not text files I can sed.
Does anyone here have any experience making their own custom installation distros? Apparently there are some tools out there that can allow you to customize a live CD/USB to your liking. How difficult would it be to take a live .iso for say, Void Linux, tweak it so that it comes with certain software pre-installed & other modifications to get rid of any pozz like Network Manager, make that a new live .iso that could install the distro? What software would be best for pulling that off? Would this end up causing serious problems across different hardware?
>>2879 >What software would be best for pulling that off? Linux from Scratch? http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/lfs/faq.html
>>2879 >How difficult would it be to take a live .iso for say, Void Linux, tweak it so that it comes with certain software pre-installed & other modifications to get rid of any pozz like Network Manager, make that a new live .iso that could install the distro? It would be pretty easy. All those programs do is turn your current install into a live cd/usb. To do what you're saying, you would just install void, tweak the software how you want, then use one of those programs to make your live usb. There shouldn't be any hardware compatibility problems that weren't already there. Most precompiled distros ship with a very generic kernel, and unless you compile a custom kernel yourself, that's the kernel your live distro will use.
>>2884 sounds pretty simple.
Is there a pdf/epub viewer for Linux that doesn't suck ass?
>>2891 >Is there a pdf/epub viewer for Linux that doesn't suck ass? ehh, okular + calibre + gedit + jucipp fill all my reading/writing needs quite nicely. you don't sound like the kind of individual suited to finding satisfaction with anything so for you: no.
>>2891 For me, it's zathura. >vim keys >recolor >can operate without a mouse STFW and RTFM, faggot.
>>2885 It really is. >>2891 I like mupdf
Is there a way to stream audio from a server to multiple clients while keeping them all in sync? Everything I've tried so far has all of them slightly off.
>>2897 I think you'd have to write an algorithm that accepts a 'start time' sequencing command from the server and then begins playback at that exact instant. you'd want to buffer up plenty of stream data beforehand ofc, and make sure all the clients are both using a reliable time server and probably want to handshake with them to confirm they're all ready & buffered up before sending the start timing. Good luck.
Does RADV support Vulkan 1.2 on AMD Hawaii GPUs? It only exposes Vulkan 1.1 on my machine.
I want a simple page to search for files with tracker (the thing used in gnome). So far I have: :::::::::::::: index.html :::::::::::::: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <style> body { margin:4em auto; text-align:center; } input { width: 50%; } .res { width: 6em; } </style> </head> <body> <form action="se.php" method="post"> <input type="search" placeholder='Tracker search' autofocus> <input type="reset" class="res"> </form> </body> </html> :::::::::::::: se.php :::::::::::::: <?php $output = shell_exec('tracker search'); echo "<pre>$output</pre>"; ?> It works as expected if shell_exec('ls'); or if I do: $ php se.php Usage: tracker search [OPTION…] EXPRESSION Help Options: -h, --help Show help options But returns a blank page from the html. What do?
Wild guess, try absolute path.
I need a new phone. What's something that requires minimal effort to install TWRP/LineageOS? I really hate fucking around with smartphones and just want to call/text and use a handfull of apps. I'm on Verizon, so a Librem won't work. I'm not against a flip phone if anyone has any recommendations on those.
>>2908 >I'm on Verizon, so a Librem won't work. newfag here. why doesn't that work anon? just curious.
>>2903 As which user is your web server running? Can it even find tracker if you execute "which tracker"? And if you need more debug info, use something like exec("/bin/sh tracker search", $lines, $status); var_dump($status, $lines);
>>2909 From my minimal reading, Verizon uses CDMA and Librem only supports GSM
>>2908 It looks like the Pinephone supports Verizon. There doesn't seem to be a port of LineageOS, is UBPorts any good?
Does anybody know if there is a GNU readline-like library that can be used for a graphical program like a video game?
>>2949 >readline Maybe try something like blessed-contrib Anon? https://github.com/yaronn/blessed-contrib
Author of >>2267 here. After around 2 and a half months I finally discovered what appears to be the solution to the problem; it was to switch from SNA to UXA acceleration. Intel graphics are ultra gay.
Anyone know a free (or very cheap) source of long-lasting residential proxies? I've been using ones from proxyscrape.com, but too many of them are dead / hit captchas when I try them, or soon after. Speed and privacy are nice but not required for this one.
Its been years that I kept up with any /tech/ stuff and now I am looking into buying an old laptop to play around with some older stuff. I remember darkly that some year ago it came out that certain Intel CPUs of a certain generation a flaw/were compromised and mashines with them shouldn't be brought. Which Intel CPUs are effected and what is the problem? Which old Intel CPUs are safe to buy?
>>3052 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel_Management_Engine "The Intel Management Engine (ME), also known as the Intel Manageability Engine,[1][2] is an autonomous subsystem that has been incorporated in virtually all of Intel's processor chipsets since 2008." This is all I know.

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