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Anonymous 05/30/2020 (Sat) 15:27:45 No.2886
How long does it take for a noob like me who can barely code a christmas tree in java to become an 3l1+3 1337 hax0r?
>>2886 Assuming I practice hard like a Japanese hermit everyday of course.
Read from top to bottom and don't miss a single word: https://www.norvig.com/21-days.html
>>2886 >>2887 It always 10'000 hours exactly to gitgud at anything, OP. Better start some cawfe tbh. :^)
>>2888 Hitler-sama, pls. Great article, made me dig up Fred Brook's one which I posted. Thanks, Anon. >>>/robowaifu/3676
>>2886 >>2888 TL;DR don't rush it. there aren't any shortcuts. take as long as you need to. avoid books/whatever that (((claims))) to tech you to program in x amount of days.
is the whole learn to code thing a meme or will i actually be like the guy from watch_dogs if I start?
>Java I'm sorry, but your frontal cortex has taken severe and permanent damage. Please try again in your next life.
>>2913 If you have to ask.. >>2916 well in fairness to op, he was using it as a negative counterpoint anon.
>>2916 It's not like I have a choice, I'm in college.
Open file (319.78 KB 718x718 robowaifu_prop.png)
Open file (28.79 KB 500x431 big0321751043.jpg)
Open file (109.05 KB 1280x800 cortana.jpg)
>>2927 >It's not like I have a choice You always have a choice Anon. Your instructors are trying to mold you into the least common denominator, aka a Poo-in-Loo, to try to help you find employment at a terribly boring but income-paying job. This makes their numbers look good, and they would argue, helps you. It's entirely up to you whether you swallow what they're shoveling hook-line-and-sinker or not. If you want to do something you actually enjoy instead of something that will make you regret you ever saw a programming editor, then put down the fugging vidya controller and learn to code. Start with Bjarne's PPP2 then read K&R.
Open file (1.95 MB 3561x5616 10328.jpg)
>>2928 >instructors are trying to mold you into the least common denominator, aka a Poo-in-Loo, to try to help you find employment at a terribly boring but income-paying job. Untrue, academia has been bought by multi transcontinental oligarchs that the purpose of curriculae in universities has become an engine to lower effective wages of the market to produce cheap laborers, e.i. engineers and code monkeys, to do their bidding at a cheap price. They don't teach anymore, they haze. Java has been deprecated in the market thanks to Oracle being a greedy bitch, Kotlin or really don't play the Bankers' game. Value is relative, your time for a useless degree for controlled market is just slave labor.
>>2932 Ehh, it all depends on you. And actually, you're agreeing with my assertion Anon, not disagreeing with it. Be a good little goy and fall in line and you'll be begging Please sir, may I have some more? at their little 'food line'. Break out on your own (while still earning the sheepskin) and you can eventually write your own ticket if you have the talent. I've been doing shit I've really found interesting and have increased my pay significantly with each job change, simply because I'm doing stuff I actually like (namely, C++, animation, robotics, film, vidya, and general media work) instead of the shit they were shoveling back in school.
>>2933 >if you have the talent. Here's the question you're not answering, do you have a degree or proper certification, or a really good CV repository? Because companies aren't hiring interships. Unless you're friends with the boss, I don't think >>2927 will get proper internshipping. Are you ready to pay his mentorship?
>>2935 >Here's the question you're not answering, do you have a degree or proper certification, or a really good CV repository? Kek, you sound like I'm 'obligated' to give you a response. I believe I've already made it plain I do. >Because companies aren't hiring interships rather a blanket statement. you actually have solid understanding of what companies do and don't do then? >Are you ready to pay his mentorship? Kek, are you? You surely seem like some kind of manipulative type friend. Maybe a some type of commie? White men like me have succeeded through hard work and self-improvement, and then good presentation of our skills. No one is going to hand you shit, outside of family. He (along with all the rest of us) will have to work his ass off if he's to succeed in life. Otherwise, you're not really any better than just a nigger.
>>2936 You renounced my highlight of “talent”. What kind of “talent” did you possess that the Java college taker does not have, that got you hired in the first places. For a “white man”, I don't see you making hiring opportunities to drive the market into the Donald E. Knuth way. The way you phrased this response compared to >>2928 alludes you're still a slave monkey, and not playing in the real open market of computer sciences. Where's your venture capital (((white man)))?
>>2937 but he is right, you know..
Open file (167.07 KB 800x800 4.jpg)
I wanted to make a proper post instead of ADHD shit liek >>2938 >>2916 Java is still worth learning because there is a lot of code written in it (so there also jobs) Java is also better choice than C# simply because Java still has better ecosystem of free and open-sores tools and libraries when compared to C# and the JVM is actually good platform (there are other languages that use the JVM such as Kotlin and Clojure) Knowing Java and the JVM also opens up the opportunity to learn Android app development as well (well, C# has Xamarin but idk if it's any good) >>2935 >>2937 are you implying that knowing about algorithms is not worth it? or are you implying you shouldn't do something that you enjoy? I actually started hating programming because of college classes. I has been two years and now I am finally starting to get into programming again. >>2928 has the right idea. you should also remember to work on projects that you actually enjoy. otherwise you are likely going to burnout and drop out (which happened to me)
>>2939 Good points Anon. And yes, there are still plenty of Java-centric jobs out there.
>>2939 So that's what Chobitsu has, ADHD, and can't concentrate to liberate the proper way to teach programming for ten years while feeding young lads to join the proper market? >hating programming because of college classes We're not in complete disagreement, if your reading comprehension is limited. We are both saying colleges don't teach, however, I'm telling him "What are you remotely even doing about it than cite some good books?" He's not changing the landscape, making programming fun to learn, or going to libraries to tutor youth. He's telling you "diy, you should deal with this alone" like every sucker that enrolled to college because reasons. He's not telling you how much ass kissing he had to do to get his current 5 figure job.

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