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Open file (40.79 KB 215x215 ClipboardImage.png)
Anonymous 07/14/2020 (Tue) 21:01:16 No.2997
Reminder that you niggers shouldn't trust lunduke.
>>2997 Reminder that jewtube is owned by (((google)))
Open file (1.21 MB 2000x7008 (((American))).jpg)
Reminder that (((Bryan Lunduke))) is a jew!
>>3016 Massive butthurt going on in that pic. Fuck Lunduke though
This guy is speedrunning life. He went from normal guy to Trumptard to libtard, all in less than 2 years.
>>2997 >$CURRENT_YEAR >Trusting a(n ex-) M$ employee.
>>3016 Those two graphs show no correlation with jews infiltrators and the founding of the country whatsoever. I know the fake-news pavlov technique being used is trying to conflate the two though. There very definitely was a point when globalist kikes began to have a very evil influence over the nation, but it certainly wasn't at it's inception. rather it was much closer to around 1880 or so, again your fake-news chart notwithstanding. Certainly by the time of the writing of The International Jew ~c.1920 they were a major malignancy after just 40 years or so.
Open file (92.21 KB 1920x1080 D5u-E-1UwAsGJ0b_large.jpg)
>>2997 Duck doesn't show it, so sauce/archive, not pictures for niggerlicious children, plz. That said - looking at his blog... he posted summary of his own poopcast in the style of "Lolz lolz OMG, now if you want details, go look at me listening to my own voice". Seems to be a moderately narcissistic snide faggot with delusion of being a sarcastic genius. Anyway, why should we care about this particular e-celeb any more than the rest? The general trend sure. But there's nothing new - disturbing, but very predictable. >>3253 This beast is called "weasel".
>>2997 Reminder that "buzzword" is (((buzzword)))
He has the same phenotype as Lennart Poettering. That's all you need to know.
I wish I had his personal branding. You won't find anything bad about him except on places like here
Except the internet circa 1996 was mostly anonymous and everybody was having fun
>>3016 >jewish pop. in US >hovering around 6 million no pls not again

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