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Richard Stallman To Continue As Head Of The GNU Project Anonymous 09/27/2019 (Fri) 14:11:57 No.305
>While Richard Stallman resigned as president of the Free Software Foundation last week, he just announced he'll be continuing as head of the GNU Project.
>RMS just wrote in a brief mailing list post: On September 16 I resigned as president of the Free Software Foundation, but the GNU Project and the FSF are not the same. I am still the head of the GNU Project (the Chief GNUisance), and I intend to continue as such.
>He hadn't elaborated any further on his GNU plans moving forward besides that he intends on remaining at the front of the GNU Project. But perhaps with more time on his hands now with having resigned from the FSF and MIT, maybe we'll be seeing more code contributions from Stallman to the likes of GNU Hurd.

that's great news OP, but how about an archive link?
That's at least something and probably his most important project anyway. But will he do more good than the FSF without him will do bad?
>stallman writing code
come the fuck on
He just can't shut up can he? He'd still be the head of the GNU project if he hadn't made that announcement in the OP so soon after he was kicked out of the FSF.

>It was just two days ago that Richard Stallman said he would continue as head of the GNU project after last week having resigned as head of the Free Software Foundation (as well as his post at MIT), but this afternoon he reportedly has stepped down from his GNU leadership role.

>There had been calls for him to also step down from the GNU Project and it looks like that pressure may have caused him to change course. Posted to his personal web-site, Stallman.org, is "I hereby step down as head of the GNU Project, effective immediately."

>It appears to be authentic, but earlier in the day there were also reports of Stallman.org being partially vandalized. In keeping an eye on Stallman.org this afternoon, this message of his resignation as head of the GNU Project does remain.
Open file (124.74 KB 584x1048 t1.png)
Open file (158.20 KB 565x450 stallman.jpg)
didnt they do enough? goddamn it
That note has been taken off his political notes page, either it was vandalism or he changed his mind.
The worst part is Stallman would probably agree with her as she brought up the magic words 'climate change'.
There is really no decency or honor left. People are really all acting like immature little kids these days.
>The worst part is Stallman would probably agree with her as she brought up the magic words 'climate change'.
Yeah, I probably disagree with Stallman on almost everything. But they are taking it too far. It's really all just a big enactment to finally remove Stallman that had much control over the free software meta and despite him being quite insane himself always protected it from becoming too SJW influenced.
I will never contribute to their goddamn projects. I'll either do my own shit or just keep working for a company. Everyone needs to think hard if they really want to develop software for free for such an ungrateful community that will stab them in the back. Making a project open source has so many advantages but if you can't trust the people you're working with anymore, then there will be nothing left of it other than a race for gaining the most control in a given project.
Giving away your code marks you as an exploitable pleb.
the cringe is tangible in factory of course. my guess is they are clueless as well.

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