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one anon chiming in, still here
To Gensokyo. -COVID19 survivor
Domain name is too long.
>>3065 The domain name here definitely sucks, but that's probably not the main reason tbh.
>>3066 I leave no trace on of me browsing this site on my computer. The length is a big problem. The main reason is there is really nothing to talk about anymore. It is all about actions now. I want to go back and shitpost allday.
>>3067 A little bit of this tbh, the literal URL is a response to some fat e-celeb
Are there any good /tech/s? I try to browse 8ch.moe and nanochan, but it seems that every place is almost dead or severely lacking in quality.
>>3069 Quality and activity of a board is proportional to the quality and activity of its users.
>>3070 I agree, but that is a rather obvious statement.
>>3071 At least it was made clear. When some things are not said, then people become uncertain of what to do. Obviousness at the very least shows the elephant in the room and gives people a starting point.
>>3072 The way to fix it is obvious. But I don't have enough resources. >inb4 you don't know
>>3073 How would you fix it? I know I'm part of the problem since I rarely start new threads. Perhaps I am that unimaginative, or perhaps I am just looking for like-minded people to spend time with, rather than having discussions about specific subjects. I guess looking for social interaction on imageboards is pretty dumb, but there aren't really other places left anymore.
>>3073 This sounds like a response to some bug reports I've seen here and there, and it made me laugh. Nice one.
>>3074 You are not dumb. I'd be elsewhere if "elsewhere" exists. >How would you fix it If only you knew... >inb4 bait I'll bite. >it <No good /tech/ >good A good board is the combination of culture(memes, wordfilters, ocs, posting style, general views) and quality(insights, knowledge, arguments, based ideas, actions). Examples are: >reddit: controlled, manchild culture, mostly no knowledge >4/g/: little culture(put him back), low quality(constant spam & ads) >8kun/tech/: riding on the past culture (botnet, being based), oldfags left, knowledge left >this: little culture, some knowledge >speed and users? Part of the idea. High quality speed == high knowledge/actions => culture generation. Speed is naturally gained through more users. Slow but high quality boards attract high quality posters. >why no culture & quality <users It used to take some intelligence to get on the Internet. This is the eternal summer. Most people are retards. They don't have the focus span nor the will to learn. They will not integrate into existing board culture. They make stupid(ignorant, not fun stupid) threads, where nothing comes out of it except an attraction for more poster like them. When they exists or even lurk, shills come along for various interests(corps/political). E-thots and e-celebs join as retards simp for them. There are simply too many of them. Quality and culture dilute. <mods Normal mods still think they should uphold the free speech high ground as the board is swarmed by shills and trash. Freedom is not free. Because of those bad actors and retard faggots, mod exists. Complete freedom with bad actors is wolfs in sheeps, with tons of wolfs. Oldfags don't post anymore because no one is upholding the culture by banning newfags (lurk moar) or guarding the quality by banning shills and fags. Less quality and culture input. <consequences It is no longer safe to post anywhere. Glowing crawlers are everywhere. Too out of the line? (((Feds))) just plant 0-day CP or a MS word manifesto pasta. DDOS protection kicks you off, and site is nuked. Oldfags fear for their life as they are redpilled. Using Tor instantly put you on a list. Doxing, banning and shills keep their power level hidden. Honestly, this site may be kill after this post. Boards die when their site is killed. >fix Best fix: >>2743 won't last long before (((they))) come for anyone without a chip. Bandaid fix: >Opennic new site >Based and redpilled mod zomg none >All newfags lurk or bant >All shills bant >All brainlet bant/warning >All "Femanon" without timestamped tits bant >Behead those who insult Stallman/Gentoo (without arguments) >Other custom rules for cultures (wordfilter, instant ban win/mac/dickord fags) >Constant redpilling >Gores to scare off normalfags >Tightly moderated with broad ads to other boards There can be no complete freedom until the board culture stabilizes with self defense mechanisms (lurk two years before posting, tits or gtfo). It'll take a few full time based and redpilled mods, maybe a year. Hidden real host is needed (in Tor?/with fwknop), with lots of backup frontend proxies. That takes money. I wish I live off NEETbux.
>>3076 Hopefully Robitt will finish up Final Frontier, and also get the ball rolling on Final Solution. These will go a long way towards at least improving the basic idea of a distributed imageboard platforming mechanism.
>>3076 Or just rm -rf '((()))'
Eh, after 8chan happenings I bunkered myself on nano and it was comfy up until somebody (i'm looking at you asukafag) decided to bump the old imported thread on 8kun/shill on 9chan (also endofunctor). Now I just bump around a few places, http and not, but nothing fills that sense of homelessness. >>3069 There's one I2P board that's decent, if you don't mind PPD jumping from 10 to 0.1 randomly.
I still feel like a nomad. I just want an active /tech/ board with high quality already. There was a chance to have a decent /tech/ board on some imageboard, but some shady person applied to become the BO of /tech/ first and got accepted. Lainchan sucks Nanochan sucks Julay is kill 8kun is kill Cuckchan sucks
>>3157 >Julay is kill You're on it, you poof >I just want an active /tech/ board There will never be any active boards anymore. Imageboards were dying even during 8chan days and 8chan itself was nearly dead by the day of the Pompeii. Get used to comfy slowposting.
>>3158 I would probably post on Julay /tech/ more if the site didn't feel shady (looking at Hanging_Flesh and the Гунтstream). Tor posting is awkward as I would have to reset my identity to post every time.
>>3159 Oh nevermind about the last part, maybe Tor posting gets horrible when posting on a large thread.
>>3157 >all these boards suck >surely im not the problem! ok
Did everyone leave the clearnet? I visit lains /tech/ and programming board even more now since it seemed everyone went up and left.
>>3171 I am still here. Anyone using tor is immediately put on a list.
>>3159 Not liking loli porn is considered shady these days?
Open file (6.88 MB 780x438 fuckingcia.webm)
>>3172 dumbass, we all already know we're on your list friend.
>>3172 Then so be it. I will still continue to use Tor and there is nothing the glowniggers can do about it. Fuck them all.
>>3161 How am I supposed to make those boards better then? I think its better to start from either an existing /tech/ that's dead or make a new /tech/. I wouldn't really try to revive Julay /tech/ as the moderation is shady nowadays and not much anons trust the Julay moderation anyways, plus there is no hidden service.
>>3176 Yeah getting rid of all the pedophiles and boards that would attract glow in the darks sure made this place shady.
Open file (208.21 KB 1112x1328 1343808878.jpg)
Not sure if >>3069 is still around but ill post zzzchan.xyz/tech/ crghlabr45r5pqkgnbgehywk5nxutdks5iss7tabyux5psikqqjirryd.onion/tech/
>>3185 >zzzchan worse than nothing
>>3172 So is everybody using 4chong. The difference is that with tor, spooks don't know what you're doing.
>>3185 also broken onion
>>3190 Work on my machine (tm)
I think I'm going to have to make Promised Chan. I guess. Nobody else will.
I'm embracing crossposting since there's not a whole lot you can do when you don't lurk and nobody bothers to leave recorded history of chans for you to read. http://nanochanqzaytwlydykbg5nxkgyjxk3zsrctxuoxdmbx5jbh2ydyprid.onion/ https://lainchan.org/ https://zzzchan.xyz/tech lainchan webring https://alogs.theГунтretort.com/tech/ https://8chan.moe/t/ https://8kun.top/tech/
Open file (64.39 KB 200x200 1606255197002.png)
>>3188 What's wrong with zzzchan? If its about cuckflare, just use the onion. >>3190 The onion works fine 99% of the time. It didn't work before a week ago though. >>3192 It would be a good thing to have a /tech/ focused imageboard that is pure at the beginning without cuckchan niggers. Be aware of drama shitstirrers and biznnel pedos that could destroy your site. >>3193 I've stopped crossposting lately and just stuck with zzz/tech/. I do lurk lainchan, nanochan, and 8moe /t/ sometimes, but they have issues. Lainchan and Nanochan are filled with low quality bullshit, less than 4/g/ but its still a big problem. 8moe /t/ feels dead. zzz/tech/ is pretty good so far in quality, but its slow. It doesn't feel dead unlike 8moe /t/.
I think I talk for most of us. Take is as you want, I don't care. Most people got other things to do. World is moving fast and you should too. Secure another job, just in case. Stack medicine for your family, if you need it, just in case. I'm not talking about prepper shit, just so you don't need to panic if something is not available for a month. Don't be stupid if your family counts on you. Move to a better place to live - east coast is a hot mess. They never took care of the homeless. I hope they are not going to just kill them. They might though. DL;DR: This internet stuff has drastically dropped in priority for most people. I still love you though.
>>3196 kek, the developers had some fun with that.
I'm getting pretty tired of imageboards. I'd prefer if people had their own blogs or websites and some way of connecting those sites, but people don't seem to be interested in personal sites anymore. Neocities sounds like an ok idea, but in practice it's just yet another modern site that requires google captcha and god knows what else.
>>3201 I'd make my own fun website if I could just pay someone to give me a server. Instead I have to fill a tax form with all my personal details and enable jewgle captcha first. Alternately I could host my website from my own computer, but I don't want some attentionwhore to pay chinese bot farms $5 to DDoS my home IP.
>>3202 Just host your website as a Tor hidden service. It's free to do so and you don't need to open your ports. I'm not sure if you can avoid DDoS attacks, but it may be the case anyways.
>>3203 This. Somehow in 2020 there's still this mentality of "Tor is only for cp and glowies", like this shit doesn't happen in clearnet. Today's clearnet is pozzed to all hell in terms of censorship and the effort required to host anything safely is stupid. Honestly anyone who gives somewhat of a fuck should host/provide a mirror over Tor.
>>3201 Neocities only requires captcha to sign up, but I agree it's frustrating. I do agree people need their own sites, but there is no way in hell I'm signing up on every site just so I can talk to someone. I'm not bored of anonymous imageboards, I actually prefer them over all other types of social media. I just think we need some kind of federated imageboards system. Then anybody can self-host an imageboard with ease, everybody can setup an imageboard alongside their website. I think it would be very nice. It would have the benefit of federation too. This would also make it easier to keep track of posts, bookmarks, watched threads, etc. without needing to compromise on the anonymity aspect (because of a shared protocol). >>3202 I agree with this, buying a domain requiring personal information is cucked, as is renting a vps. >>3203 Suggests a Tor hidden service, I haven't looked into this, but would this not mean your website is inaccessible to clearnet users? Which is not ideal imo. If I want to host a website to give to normies, I'd host it on clearnet and the tor frontend would come second. For non irl stuff, that's fine to only have the Tor one. I think Tor is a good concept, I haven't used much though. I think the speed is an issue (although I understand why). Secondly I don't entirely understand the anonymity aspect. Tor BROWSER suggests to not modify anything, keep it out of full screen, etc. I understand this, because you don't stand out. But then there's people who wrap their entire systems in the Tor network, or OS's that do it like Tails (I think it was tails? One of the distros does by default). How does this not massively make someone stand out? Your machine making connections from all different software and programs, how does wrapping your whole system through Tor not make you stand out? Would appreciate if someone could help me understand that.
>>3215 >I just think we need some kind of federated imageboards system. I agree. Robi had the idea of The Final Solution which seemed vaguely to expand the basic idea of the webring further. My idea is basically to use the Kademlia (DHT) system common in BitTorrent to route users to each other anonymously, each hosting their own .onion service, and sharing a common imageboard directory arrangement across the entire network with each. They could each pull down 'live' board's content, manage it as they like (ie, moderate it themselves), and then publish their own edited version of an amalgam of all /tech/-related boards say, and anyone who cared to could subscribe and pull that user's moderated version of a "mega-/tech/" down onto their own machine as well. Not only would this be a federated system, but also very close to being an automatic, persistent, and durable archiving system as well into the bargain. If Robi ever gets his ass back here, I'd be happy to work with him to get The Final Solution going, and also to offer my own idea's implementation as well.
>>3215 >Suggests a Tor hidden service, I haven't looked into this, but would this not mean your website is inaccessible to clearnet users? I only suggested running an onion site since it is a realistic way for a person with zero resources to run a website. The larger your audience, the more it's going to cost to run a service for them. If you need clearnet people to access an onion site, there are free web proxies that MITM an onion site to allow clearnet users to access it. With a quick search, I found this example: https://onion.pet/ . Onion sites are actually the biggest thing I like about tor. These days everyone uses huge monolithic services, but onion sites allow anyone to host a site from their own bedroom. At least in theory. In practice there are very few onion sites worth visiting. >Secondly I don't entirely understand the anonymity aspect. Tor BROWSER suggests to not modify anything, keep it out of full screen, etc. I understand this, because you don't stand out. But then there's people who wrap their entire systems in the Tor network, or OS's that do it like Tails (I think it was tails? One of the distros does by default). How does this not massively make someone stand out? I actually don't know how the tor client works exactly, but I would hope that every program that uses tor would get separate paths through the tor network. If a same path is used by different programs connecting to the same destination, then indeed that would be bad for anonymity. However, TorBrowser doesn't actually use the system's tor client, but it comes with its own tor client. As a result, this shouldn't be a problem, if we ignore timing attacks. The approach I take to anonymity is that I see it as a gradient rather than as a binary value. Even if I'm not getting good anonymity every time I go online, it's still better than never being anonymous. If your threat model is different, for example, if you're trying to build your own wikileaks, then I wouldn't trust Tor to be anonymous enough for that. The reality is that I'm running a bloated OS written in an unsafe language dating back to 1970s, on hardware that has NSA backdoors, running not so great implementations of bloated protocols and standards. I cannot really expect perfect privacy, security, or anonymity, while still using the internet. If I can just make the enemy's life more difficult, then I have succeeded.

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