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Best little programs in town Anonymous 10/11/2019 (Fri) 02:01:31 No.447
What are some programs that you use regularly yet never see hype surrounding them?

Here are some of mine:
arandr - intuitive gui version of the randr screen resolution configuration tool that just werks
redshift - saves my eyes regularly
torify - run anuthing through tor with very little effort
>the plethora of shells being introduced like gash, oil, etc.

arandr is almost good but for whatever reason you can't set the actual framerate and it defaults straight to 60. A bit annoying still useful if you're opening a video game fugging up your resolution
xkeysnail: You can use to configure shortcuts/remaps, easy to setup and works flawlessly.
Not just refresh, you can't set custom modes AT ALL, refresh OR resolution. That means if your driver or your monitor's EDID only lists crippled modes, you are screwed.

Furthermore, there are no other GUIs on *N*X that allow custom modes in the simple way that SwitchRes on Macs and PowerStrip or CRU on Windows.

Even if you're willing to fumble with CLI frontends like xrandr, all of the documentation is completely outdated and incomplete, e.g.:

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