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Old /tech/ thread Anonymous 10/12/2019 (Sat) 05:06:34 No.450
Finally got that mac mini hdd issue sorted, so might as well make this thread. Any recommendations for osx 10.4 software? Anything I had on there is pretty much gone now.
I was stuck with an old G4 PPC a decade back and a lot of people switched over to Ubuntu because of the lack of updates to software and to 10.4 in the PPC Mac world.

You already know about the TenFourFox browser that tries to keep an updated version of Firefox working on that platform, I'd take a look at what the people using and developing that have to recommend.
If I had a Mac like that I'd probably run OS 9 on it. Mac OS 7-9 had a charme nothing can compare to. I'm not sure if there is any browser that really supports current websites on OS 9. If someone knows a good browser I may try it out in an emulator, sadly I don't have a real oldworld Mac anymore.
That'd work if it wasn't for the borked PPC radeon drivers. Both I and that anon from the 8chan retro threads have had crash issues that only go away when switching to framebuffer/software mode.
Unfortunately OS 9 isn't really an option on that machine. It may be able to run things through the classic environment- but I have an iMac G3 for that.

As for browsers, classilla appears to be the best option that Mac OS 9 has.
>Old /tech/ thread
>OP unaware of entire board made for this

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