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Open file (101.88 KB 600x510 ergeheh.png)
quantum supremacy Anonymous 10/23/2019 (Wed) 17:57:41 No.525
How long until this /tech/ starts showing up in PC's?
I wonder if humanity now has the hardware for the singularity.
Open file (54.45 KB 360x383 pls__rember.png)
more importantly how long until it's available to power our comfy little robowaifus?
Google/Alphabet needs serious antitrust action taken against them. If that fails, we need to go full Nasim.
>we need to go full Nasim.
What does that mean?
The youtube shooter.
A completely baste Iranian refugee who committed a "mass shooting" on YouTube because apparently YouTube was censoring her vegan videos. Despite looking batshit insane, she has this cute, pre-islamic take over of Iran aesthetic to her.
I don't ever encourage you make comments like that but I know it was a joke.probably
Never. It takes a whole building to cool that thing down. Quantum computers will never be consumer-grade. Get ready for the next nuclear weapon.
posting rares
>Get ready for the next nuclear weapon.
So it'll be used once and then loom over everyone as a threat no one is willing to really use because they don't want to be the guy that ends the world?
Thanks for sharing.

>looking batshit insane
Vegans are batshit insane.
Open file (13.60 MB 1280x720 Nasimcore.mp4)
>because youtube was censoring her videos
She is the most misunderstood shooter. In reality she has the greatest manifesto.

"It's funny that youtube does not even restrict Nicki Minaj's booties, Miley Cyrus' twerks, sexuality focused clips but my sport videos."
She has a 90s aesthetic for a 30s ideology lol.
Can you post that manifesto?

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