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Buying, selling, exchanging funds Anonymous 10/24/2019 (Thu) 05:45:26 No.534
What are some truly anonymous ways of transferring funds? Crypto currency generally all seems like a massive scam and not even truly anonymous. Is the closest you can get the postal service? The problem with that is you can't receive funds anonymously that way, only send them. I don't think I can reasonably come up with a method of being paid for services anonymously. Even if you open up a PO box in a fake name or something the glow niggers now have a physical location they can monitor for you. Anyone have ideas on how to overcome this?
Maybe when Taler (https://www.taler.net/en/) is at a better stage than it is right now you could try it.
Meanwhile I suggest advertising it (if you think the project is worthwile) so that it receives more support and faster development.
Whatever the correct solution turns out to be for you anon, I'd lay odds it will involve blockchain in one form or fashion.
There's always the classic gold smuggling route. Back in the days of e-gold you could transfer wealth anonymously with no problems, all it took was sending in an international money order with a piece of paper with your account number. No ID required to send or receive, not sure how the receiving part worked as I never tried that.

The authorities in the US shut that down but it was a long drawn out legal struggle that redefined what a 'money transmitter' was, the site was around since 1996 and usable up to 2009.

It's still a very popular method but it's done in person by criminal syndicates nowadays. The golden days of your average joe being able to send tens of thousands of dollars around the world anonymously in a few hours are long gone.
>your average joe being able to send tens of thousands of dollars
I should have said send and receive. As the OP points out the problem is cashing out.
Mule setup, have someone you can trust to hold and spend funds for you. Problem is you're going to lose a lot from exchanges and paying cuts.
2 of 2 multi sig wallet can help with that but once the funds are transfered into physical cash, trust is needed.

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