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NoScripting Anonymous 11/04/2019 (Mon) 04:15:53 No.598
>Go to website.
>Have noscript installed.
>Page is completely fucking blank.
>Temporarily allow some scripts.
>Fucking text of the article actually appears.
>This isn't some MSM site either. https://www.instituteforenergyresearch.org

You don't need that much javascript to where you can't even see anything on the page without it. Dear lord.
Open file (45.59 KB 1192x437 12312555.png)
It doesn't even require scripts, the whole fucking page is just hidden with CSS.

I'm seeing this used more and more, you can usually tell they're doing this when the page has a scrollbar. The kikes are really pushing you to enable their bloated botnet scripts.
How can we fix the internet? It's all fucked up.
moving to personal, live archives instead of relying entirely on the cloud?
>search for something on the internet
>only relevant results are reddit
>open link because I really need the information
>click no
>only the first paragraph can be read without clicking the "view more" link
>click link
>opens app store anyway
>go back to back
>have to click link to see entire thread again
>manage to click no without the app store opening this time
>need to read comments because OP is continued there
>have to click a link to open all the comments

I don't know when they did this but Reddit is even worse cancer when you're phonefagging than it used to be. Normally, I'd search for a forum instead but all of them are dead or closed now because the communities moved to reddit.
I understand the problem all too well. Now that StackoverXir has decided that pronouns are more important than solutions, I can't get anything fucking done. Youtube results are also wild, searching from the website returns unfunny faggots and videos that are half introductory shilling and half not what you're looking for, from the Jewgle/Startpage results you can get anything from an Indian with bad accent that actually fixes the problem and evenly ratio'd videos from 2010 that you cannot know if they've got the right solution or not until the end of the video, I shit you not this one dude with exactly 30-30 likes/dislikes solved a problem I was having with some bootleg program better than top rated jewtubers.

Anyhow, the solution would be to learn to jewgle shit better (-reddit or -any_dumb_website_that_doesn't_help, using OR'd queries for similar results and quotations for the exact word you want), using adblockers to make custom rules to lock out these features manually and any time you find the solution to your problem go and archive that page on waybackmachine or archive.is to make sure that at least some bits of it still live on.
Was wondering if Query Boosting can happen on jewgle as well or if it's just some meme.
I appreciate the effort but I'm running script/ad blocking on everything (including my routers) and I'm well versed in using search engines. The problem is everything is so shit now there aren't any decent results for it to return.

I know your pain when it comes to youtube. No one takes the time to write anything down now so it's all in video format. Most of the videos are useless. It's either shilling for 10+ minutes and no decent how-to or it's some shitskin that can't even speak English. If it's really bad you'll get some faggot typing at 2WPM in notepad. All of these things could be avoided by simply making a thread on a forum like the good old days.
>only the first paragraph can be read without clicking the "view more" link
that can be fixed by using old.r*ddit.com instead of r*ddit.com
And if you're phonefagging: https://i.reddit.com/
I does look outdated as fuck, but functionality above appearance for me

// ==UserScript==
// @name Un-cancer reddit
// @version 1
// @grant none
// ==/UserScript==

document.querySelectorAll(".score").forEach(e => e.parentElement.removeChild(e));
document.querySelectorAll(".arrow").forEach(e => e.parentElement.removeChild(e));

var style = document.createElement("style");
style.innerText = ".usertext-body{margin-left:12px}";
Forgot to add, this removes all upboat/downboats/scores from i.reddit. It's a much better experience.
Holy shit.

I was giving them the benefit of the doubt, thinking it was some pajeet who copy-pasted something and had no fucking idea what the fuck they were doing. But no. They're actively trying to make their site unusable.

What I almost want is a way to search the 'unpopular' web. Like if I were to search Youtube I'd only get videos with <1k views or channels with <10k subs. Or if I were to search the web, the root domain better be nowhere fucking near the top 1% of Alexa.
Fuck it, I'm e-mailing them just to ask them point blank why they're doing this. Let's hope for an interesting response.
>unpopular web
You can still do that. Sort by view count then jump to the last page. Although knowing the nigger device web I'm sure they no longer have pages.
Don't you mean hypertext.
what are you trying to say here anon, we return to the 1970's?
No, I think that we should go back to a web that used applets installed on peoples devices like KDE's Konqueror to provide functionality.
>search the 'unpopular' web

>click menu bar "view"
>page style > no style

or turn off css in umatrix
Speaking of youtube is there a way to block all unwanted channels in smtube or browser? I know video blocker worked well in chrome but that was a long time ago.
>jewgle shit better (-reddit or -any_dumb_website_that_doesn't_help
I often dream of creating a search engine that absolutely removes those above, soy, (((news))), clickbait etc. from search results.
>No one takes the time to write anything down now so it's all in video format.
Even walkthroughs of flash games are in video.
>click here and there
>watch 15 mins of video to get solution
This is amazing.
This really is absolutely frustrating. I genuinely believe people are becoming illiterate.
I had the same thought after looking for something that was unfortunately in the news at the time and the results were just full of kike news outlets. Absolutely annoying.
Videos are superior in many cases because the video showing a thing being done makes up for the writer's absolute inability to explain anything properly. I find the vast majority of online guides to be complete shit because I have to start researching shit and experimenting myself anyway because the tutorial left out important pieces of information. A video tells you a lot of things even if the creator doesn't say any of it, you can see if you're doing the right thing in the right place and where to find the right place because the video shows every single interface and click and button press.

Online guides are good for shit you're already very familiar with, because the amount of information you're lacking is very small, you already know how to navigate and use everything except for that one key thing.
>many cases
a few cases. Otherwise you are right.
>>904 Don't forget monetization is a huge part of this. Why use some forum out of pure goodwill when you can be generating revenue? I'm already pretty sure of this. But C net emits quite a high level of light does it not?
>>600 It's all messed up. Only mesh-networks can keep us safe.
I for one am looking forward to us descending further into cyberpunk dystopia.
>>652 any response?
Open file (90.84 KB 500x649 soon.jpeg)

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