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Artificial neurons developed Anonymous 12/06/2019 (Fri) 12:48:32 No.987
Scientists from the University of Bath report the creation of artificial neurons that reproduce the electrical properties of biological neurons onto semiconductor chips.


I'm hyped, imagine the possibilities, looks like i won't have to die from Alzheimer's disease after all, by the time i'll become senile these chips might be powerful enough for healthy people to use them to enhance themselves. Imagine having a second brain inside your brain, or better yet a cluster of these chips so that you don't lose a big chunk of consciousness if/when a chip brakes.
Yeah pretty cool until they find some mandatory way to force it into people's skulls for subversive purposes.

Look at the RFID cattle tracking shit, they're slowly trying to normalize it untill the final push for credit cards with trackers on people's skin.

>oy vey goy if you dont have a head implant or rfid you won't get X which is convenience
>oy vey goy you need this chip for work, every employee needs one now
>oy vey goy we disabled credit cards so you can only use this now
I think you're right anon. Also, that scenario sounds a lot like the Biblical prophecy of the one world government and not being able to buy or sell without a special mark to me tbh.
>slippery slope the biblical prophecy
Pretty much; been predicting this for years. It might be 50 years between convenience and requirement but it will happen once they get their mitts on the tech. Also funny how correct the Bible tends to be on a lot of other stuff like jews being evil.
Open file (413.56 KB 965x1200 wojakrev.png)
>foreseeable future
>In 2050 deux ex tier badthink monitoring will be installed in mandatory, from birth, neuron chips where Israeli tech companies/ZOG will zap your brain when bad goy wrongthink is autodetected and turns you into a vegetable

>the future you chose
That's right, but we will have to manufacture and implant our kids with the good "Jesus chips" so our kids can compete with the evil jews who have enhanced themselves with brain chips to jew even harder.

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