JewTube Rational Skeptics Thread #9 - The Final Edition Anonymous 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:06:12 No.2 [Reply] [Last]

Alternate names include
Jewtube™ Rationalist™ Skeptic™ Thread™ #∞
Internet Bloodsports Megathread

We've had about a gajillion "Jewtube Skeptic Thread #9" threads at this point that all appear and disappear at the speed of light and nobody really gives a shit about delicately archiving the posts in them or anything, and they're beginning to clutter up the board pretty bad, so this is a compromise everyone can be happy with for the time being.

Discuss all things "Internet Bloodsports" that don't necessitate their own thread here. Krautgate, skeptic drama, all the shit that fall under that umbrella.

Get your raincoats on, kids! Because we're about to see some guts go flying! This thread will be cycled.

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Open file (41.23 KB 494x498 Carl Benjamin-2020.JPG)
>>83946 Pedochu doesn't even have his own thread, hes a subtopic on koipedos thread due to his ability to continue to defend the leaf pedo even though the ni/gg/ers have moved on already and /japan/ is dead. >>83947 <y-your the real butthurt one Classic pedochu. >>83948 I'M ALWAYS AHEAD OF THE CURB MUNTI heil the individual
>>83949 His talking points seem to have shifted to "Toad McKinley is a pedo who got raided by the FBI", "this site is a fed honeypot bickers a warrant canary that nobody gives a shit about anyway wasn't renewed", and "/cow/ is the real lolcow" though that last one has been a talking point of ni/gg/ers since forever so it's not original.
>>83950 I keep an eye on him all the time, butthurt torfag has always been like this, same talking points, same defense of pedos to own the /cattle/, same hatred of the Toad McKinley he once loved so dearly.
>>83950 >>83951 I've never said any of those things and I'm obviously not even using tor as I have an ID but by all means keep throwing shit at the wall to see if anything sticks in lieu of actually having something of substance to say
>>83952 >now feigning stupidity It's okay pedochu, you'll get em next time.

Robot waifu desires Robowaifu Technician 09/18/2019 (Wed) 11:30:37 No.408 [Reply]
What level of robot would you clang robowaifuists? (Thread for providing references and desires to those actively developing robot waifus that can be used sexually.)
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>>451 Aegis-shaped toasters the best tbh.
I'm really not into /clang/, but I once had one a nice picture of a Robogirl, which I think I've lost, which was really great. Maybe one of you has a pic db where you can find her. She was very humanoid looking, it was a CGI rendered picture, not a drawing, her outer shell was pink but she had darker soft parts around the hips and on other places, like printed rubber parts.
Open file (25.95 KB 976x396 VRS.png)
I'm fine with 8. Besides, we're closing in on some of that Elon Musk Neural link tech so I think we'll be able to jump into VR worlds and really feel things soon (relatively) than later. Also to keep from clogging up the embassy thread. >>5178 I'm not too concerned with deep conversations with an A.I.. I'm more concerned about how good it is at using environmental data as well as user input to augment its responses. That user data being; A user's facial expressions, their tone of voice, and their particular sentence structure and word use. Of course, getting an A.I. to recognize those variables and act on them appropriately is the real trick. I don't need it to understand exactly what I'm saying as long as it can get get the gist of what I'm saying. You could maybe even have preset responses for the user to choose from in a similar fashion to a Visual Novel but it'd be more intuitive if she could understand your natural voice and spontaneous speech. I'd call it Variable Response System or VRS. It could have a number of internal flags for the specific responses to be triggered. They don't have to deep or insightful as long as they have the illusion of matching the feelings of the user empathy wise. For instance, a simple conversation starter might be "How was your day?" If you provide a jovial response with a warm expression that the bot can recognize it will respond in kind. For a system like this, you wouldn't necessarily need any Vocaloid or text to speech nonsense if you're just wanting to have it show emotions. You could have a simple avatar that was capable of showing a range of emotions. For the "voice" you could have different tones that express certain feelings of speech with faster high pitched beeps to show happiness and excitement or slower lower-pitched beeps to show boredom or a melancholy kind of emotion. The most intuitive option I think will probably be the simpler one. Unless you're needing deep conversations for discussions of philosophy or niche subjects there's no need to craft an overly complex dialogue tree or conversational A.I.. Not that it has to be bare-bones either but I think I'd prefer a dumb bot that can pass for smart instead of a smart bot that trips over it's own mental shoelaces and ends up sounding dumb or going on an inorganic and wayward rant that's more off-putting than insightful. tl;dr- I want a digital assistant with some personality that is warm towards me. Even if her expressions are all mechanically controlled with numbers that's good enough to fool my monkey brain if she's behind a cute avatar.
>>5206 Sorry, I don't think I can help you there. Sounds nice though, good luck finding it Anon. >>5212 >8 >"An AI is fine too."
Open file (9.88 KB 292x219 Smars.jpeg)
>>5212 AI and Chatbots still might be the right place for you to look where to get started: >>22 Or pick any Arduino or other electronics projects we have threads for this as well: >>95 Building a ground dwelling mobile robot could be the right start for you. Just one example: might also get you started with 3d printing. Every topic has it's leaning curve, though. Ask me, I'm trying everything at once

Open file (419.50 KB 900x445 Zac zac.png)
Referendum sul taglio dei parlamentari Lupo Lucio 08/21/2020 (Fri) 14:18:31 ID: 7df13d No.9932 [Reply] [Last]
Vengano, vengano lecastivali e leccastivalesse della casta a difendere la casta dei porci dalla riduzione del loro numero nel paese con i politici più cari al mondo e i risultati peggiori.
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Open file (73.64 KB 728x960 1562927047869.jpg)
>>10902 Io ormai sono 100% pagliacciopillato in quanto cosciente che non c'è soluzione politica. Non penso che voterò mai più.
>>10927 >non sfrutta il suo potere di voto per darlo a partiti miseri quali quello Dei Giusti o dei Giovani Poeti Aitanti
>>10927 Dove abiti, Lupo doomer disfattista? neropillato? ?
Open file (302.03 KB 2048x1816 1565443424785.jpg)
>>10929 Sud Italia, una delle zone peggiori tra l'altro per condizioni da simil-terzo mondo. Tutta una serie di circostanze mi hanno impedito/impediscono/impediranno di lasciare mai questo posto. I lupi del sud riccastri o i nordici che ancora hanno un minimo di civilizzazione attorno a sè probabilmente sono ancora convinti che ci sia scampo, ma mi dispiace per voi. È finita, la terzomondizzazione di questo paese nonchè dell'Europa è stata decisa a piani troppo alti per poter essere fermata, tanto meno con la farsa pseudodemocratica delle lolvotazioni. Presto le mie condizioni terroniche saranno anche il vostro stile di vita. Mi piacerebbe credere che non sarà così, ma lo sarà. >>10928 Se permetti anzichè sprecare il mio giorno libero per una tale perdita di tempo, mi chiavo la mia fidanzata.
>>10931 >decisa a piani troppo alti per poter essere fermata esatto. da quando negli ultimi anni ho approfondito l'ABC dei false flag e della propaganda, mi sono reso conto che un sacco di eventi storici che crediamo avvenuti in un certo modo, sono inventati, riscritti, esagerati, nascosti, e quant'altro, più un sacco di altre cose che non sappiamo per niente, perché avvengono dietro le quinte. il presente è identico. è tutta una commedia e lolvotare serve a un bel nulla. ringrazio internet, che almeno ha preso in contropiede i piani alti e mi ha permesso di capire come gira il mondo.

Open file (191.82 KB 657x639 1597153092440.jpg)
Un filone di memi anticomunisti. Lupo Lucio 08/11/2020 (Tue) 13:55:27 ID: fcbd54 No.9510 [Reply]
A grande richiesta.
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E come fai a non voler tagliare parlamentari responsabili di simili eccellenze eccellentissime?
>>10867 Non li voglio tagliare perché il rischio di avere altre eccellenze ancora più eccellenti di quelle attualmente eccellenti, sarà maggiore.
>>10867 considerando che pare molti abbiano risolto segando e adattando i normali banchi doppi... ma la cosa brutta di questi gommunisti liberisti è che riescono comunque a far pappare le ditte "giuste".
>>10945 >gommunisti liberisti Visto che ci siamo: da quando il liberismo è diventato di sinistra? Sta subendo la stessa sorte del "liberal" statunitense?
>>10947 Il liberismo c'è da entrambe le parti. A destra sarebbe quello economico (il mercato libero), a sinistra sarebbe quello sociale (frogi, no border). Non lo scrivo per farti la lezione, ma perché quando si dice "liberale" in realtà non è sempre chiaro a quale liberismo ci si riferisce. Tra l'altro si mescola facilmente con "libertario".

/ndbp/ - Notizie dal Bel Paese Lupo Lucio 09/29/2019 (Sun) 08:08:28 ID: 9cb257 No.396 [Reply] [Last]
Apro questo filone con lo scopo di riportare cose che leggiamo qua e là, come si usava fare sul Pieno.
Nota ai neofiti: la prassi per affiggere collegamenti è questa:
>sito . com/notiziona-da-sti-quarzi (staccare i punti tramite spazi o tramite i caratteri speciali quali gli spoilè)
>versione (andare sul sito ed incollarci il collegamento)
>Un pezzetto ilare preso dall'articolo
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>>10897 >il reato qual è? Il solito: lesa maestà negra, curioso tu non ti sia ancora abituato all'attuale razzismo inverso e alla monumentale ipocrisia di questo paese che tollera ogni porcheria purché non lasci traccia sull'internet dove potrebbe essere visto.
>>10899 >Il 23enne dovrà ora rispondere dell'accusa di istigazione a delinquere aggravata dall'odio razziale, un reato che può essere punito con una pena fino ad 8 anni di carcere >such libertà di parola
>>10913 >such libertà di parola Veramente sarebbe proprio una lamentele del fatto che il governo favorisca il reato di immigrazione clandestina ma vabbé.
>>10895 ne avrà usate solo 6
>>10921 Intendevo che il tipo rischia 8 anni di carcere per aver espresso una sua opinione, sbagliata o giusta che sia. Non ci vedo neanche l'istigazione sinceramente visto che il fatto è già avvenuto ed il tipo non ha detto "uccidete x".

Open file (11.32 KB 474x266 png.jpg)
Lupo Lucio 09/10/2020 (Thu) 19:42:44 No.10655 [Reply]
>sei favorevole ai vaccini però contrario all'obbligo? BEEP* BEEP* BOOP* ANTIVAX!!! >riconosci l'esistenza del virus ma sei contrario all'obbligo delle mascherine? BEEP* BEEP* BOOP* NEGAZIONISTA!!! >non hai problemi con le persone regolarmente immigrate ma sei contrario all'immigrazione selvaggia irregolare? BEEP* BEEP* BOOP* RAZZISTA!!! BEEP* BEEP* BOOP* GIRARE CASSETTA SU LATO B!
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Open file (415.74 KB 1000x500 hate.png)
>>10893 Esattto, a questo qualcuno potrebbe candidarsi, esclamare "Rispediamo sti negri demmerda a calci in culo in Africa! a morte li froci!" e ottenere consensi. La gente ne ha talmente le palle piene di sta merda che giustamente della "dialettica" o dell' "estro alla D'Annunzio" come diceva >>10892 se ne fottono altamente. Poi non è che da quel punto di vista i sinistronzi siano meglio, oltre scimmiottare le puttanate usate dalle loro controparti Ammerigane: " ommiddio!! ODIO! Instigazione all'odio!!!" "coso-fobia!" "fekke niusse!" non sanno fare altro, e si rendono decisamente più odiosi di quanto non lo siano già.
>>10933 >Poi non è che da quel punto di vista i sinistronzi siano meglio, oltre scimmiottare le puttanate usate dalle loro controparti Ammerigane: " ommiddio!! ODIO! Instigazione all'odio!!!" "coso-fobia!" "fekke niusse!" non sanno fare altro, e si rendono decisamente più odiosi di quanto non lo siano già. Eccetto che "l'hate speech" in Ameriga è costituzionalmente protetto, mentre in Italia in no.
>>10934 Infatti da noi ci si aspetta che prima o poi qualcuno risponda alle solite accuse di "fassismo!111111!!" con "sai che c'è di nuovo? hai ragione, ora sono fascista", e si riprenda il discorso interrotto a Salò ma questa volta senza gli americani a salvare i compagnucci partigiani.
>>10890 io personalmente non mi fido di chi si definisce fascista perchè, a seconda del periodo, ottieni un fascismo diverso, e non solo sui dettagli. non è neanche una questione di brutte pr legate al nome, è solo che è qualcosa che non ha senso, fatta per signori degli spigoli.

Open file (47.77 KB 630x630 1597848643553.jpg)
MURRIGA 2020 Lupo Lucio 08/19/2020 (Wed) 15:54:32 ID: 02628d No.9821 [Reply] [Last]
Un filino di elezioni murrigane
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>>10924 >anche al di là Più che una somiglianza o una coincidenza mi pare che seguano proprio lo stesso copione sia qui che oltreoceano, ultimamente abbiamo inventato un russiagate in salsa salviniana per non farci mancare niente ma le somiglianze non si fermerebbero qui: pare che a Roma siano stati preparati direttamente documenti per far pressioni su Trump, in questo caso si spiegherebbe l'attenzione del governo attuale per modificare leggi che consentano ai capi dei vari servizi di prolungare i mandati.
>>10925 >Immagine Rido di gusto.
>>10930 >pare che a Roma siano stati preparati direttamente documenti per far pressioni su Trump Nigergate. Risi. Siamo troppo avanti come Nazione. >in questo caso si spiegherebbe l'attenzione del governo attuale per modificare leggi che consentano ai capi dei vari servizi di prolungare i mandati Ovvero? Potresti spiegarti meglio?
>>10936 il governo Conte ha usato la scusa del virus per infilare la proroga dei capi dei servizi, è passato qualche giorno fa con la fiducia con discrete polemiche, nell'occasione si erano sentiti pure nomi risalenti allo scandalo delle intercettazioni Telecom.
>>10918 io lo devo dire...onestamente pensavo che stessero giocando a weekend col morto con la sua carcassa da almeno un anno...

Open file (14.70 KB 474x258 th-9.jpg)
Lupo Lucio 09/15/2020 (Tue) 15:06:33 No.10783 [Reply]
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>>10786 ma importare ebrei askenaziti ha come diretta conseguenza una maggior importazione di negri. pensavo che a questo punto lo sapessi.
>>10826 Esiste per caso una versione con qualità migliore?
>>10889 Attualmente c'è n'è una in due parti se cerchi "IQ test bismark" su youtube, sicuramente migliore ma tutte quelle che ho visto, comprese quelle abbattute dalla moderazione, avevano sempre un leggero audio originale in sottofondo.
>>10891 che io ricordi, si possono trovare i lavori di walt bismark sul sito di murdoch murdoch... non ci vado da tanto però...spero sia ancora lì.

Open file (400.94 KB 1237x644 Screenshot_2020-08-29.png)
Stormtrooper 08/28/2020 (Fri) 21:53:41 No.3463 [Reply]
>Daisy Ridley struggled to find work after Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker But how can this be?
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Open file (300.53 KB 1024x261 shittiedr.jpg)
>>3512 If it is tell him to make better content rather than peddling lies he thinks people want to hear. It's over, Star Wars post disney purchase is dead & there is no going back as realistically it would take a second depression to ruin disney or a civil war to remove the people that actually control culture from the media & other institutions. >>3509 They test things in secret for years before rolling it out publicly.Hidden trannies as a psyop is highly probable in CY+5.
>>3513 Tell him yourself.
>>3506 I wouldn't be surprised if she's a hermaphrodite tbh.
Truth be told I think she got a job only because of casting couches. Because I saw her performance in that shitty remake of Murder on the Orient Express and it was bad.
>>3591 >I think she got a job only because of casting couches No shit.

Open file (659.63 KB 5723x5377 Itarana.png)
Centro di Prima Accoglienza per Diochannari Lupo Lucio 11/23/2019 (Sat) 12:19:42 ID: eca52f No.989 [Reply] [Last]
Lupi a raccolta, (((di là))) Aronne & quello lì stanno rialzando la testa. È il caso di mettersi di nuovo un po' d'impegno con ilarità per fargli capire come ci si comporta.
Edited last time by Plafoniera on 12/08/2019 (Sun) 22:20:11.
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Open file (99.52 KB 200x382 36oq5t.png)
Open file (215.87 KB 1325x298 visitatori random.png)
>visitatori random Oh Gesù. Questi pensano pure che la gente legga i loro giornaletti di partito.
>>10828 Problema che hanno in tanti, io per primo. Chi vuole fare l'agit prop deve farlo su Facebook. Lasciamo diochan ai diochannari, non cambierà nulla.
Open file (525.79 KB 628x625 BIDELLO.png)
>>10828 >dovervi leggere Sembrerebbe l'affissione di un bidello, che evidentemente si sente investito del sacro compito da Giustiziere Sociale di non lasciare proliferare la tremenda libertà di espressione che causerebbe l'arrivo dell'arcinemico Pepefag™. L'assoluto stato dei sinistroidi. Addio Diochan, mi è dispiaciuto lasciarti tempo fa, ma ho fatto benissimo.
Il consueto souvenir imbarazzante per dileggiare il nostro affissore di frasi sconnesse preferite.

Open file (191.29 KB 720x719 vong wish.jpg)
Star Wars memes & images Stormtrooper 10/19/2019 (Sat) 18:13:01 No.152 [Reply] [Last]
What the title says. Post any and all SW memes and images you have in this thread.
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Open file (19.56 MB 14144x9191 npjicr60mxm51.jpg)
>>3561 Now this is pure autisum.
>>3561 /sw/ is cool again.

/robowaifu/ Embassy Thread Chobitsu Board owner 05/08/2020 (Fri) 22:48:24 No.2823 [Reply] [Last]
This is the /robowaifu/ embassy thread. It's a place where Anons from all other communities can congregate and talk with us about their groups & interests, and also network with each other and with us. ITT we're all united together under the common banner of building robowaifus as we so desire. Welcome. Since this is the ambassadorial thread of /robowaifu/, we're curious what other communities who know of us are up to. So w/o doxxing yourselves, if this is your first time posting ITT please tell us about your home communities if you wouldn't mind please Anons. What do you like about them, etc? What brought you to /robowaifu/ today? The point here is to create a connection and find common-ground for outreach with each other's communities. Also, if you have any questions or concerns for us please feel free to share them here as well.
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 05/23/2020 (Sat) 23:13:16.
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>>5211 AI and Chatbots >>22

Open file (457.29 KB 1600x1067 yummy_sepplesberries.jpg)
Open file (15.07 KB 306x344 ISO_C++_Logo.png)
Haute Sepplesberry Cuisine TBH Robowaifu Technician 09/04/2020 (Fri) 20:10:50 No.4969 [Reply]
Good morning /robowaifu/. For today's cooking-lesson class, we'll be baking up some delicious Sepplesberry Pies. First we prepare some crispy and light Pi crusts and get them just right, then we'll load them up with tons and tonnes of succulent and Juci Sepplesberrys. We'll also mix in lots of other tasty goodness then pop them into the oven and after a couple hours, voilà! delightful Sepplesberry Pies. >tl;dr ITT we mek C++ dev boxes from RaspberryPi computers >C++ development main thread >>4895 Embedded processors and integrated systems programming naturally go hand-in-hand for /robowaifu/. The RaspberryPi and C++ are natural baseline choices for each of these categories. At this point in time they are both popular concerns with large communities behind them, and each bring objective benefits for us as robowaifu technicians. For the Pis they are quite powerful relatively speaking, and inexpensive as well. For C++ it has great performance and other characteristics when used correctly, with generic abstraction mechanisms second to none. In an attempt to dovetail the two areas we're going to be going through setting up Raspberry Pis as little computers for learning the C++ programming language on. This should help every anon on /robowaifu/ that follows along to be on the same basic page for both embedded and programming. Once we're finished each of you will have your own little development exploration box you can literally carry around in your pocket. It will be self-contained, independent, and won't interfere with your other computing/vidya platforms. It will offer you a convenient way to begin controlling embedded hardware directly on the same machine that you write software for it on. This is a pretty compelling scenario IMO, and should serve us all as a good base from which we can branch out and grow from there. Working with other hardware and software will flow naturally from this project, and will give each of us a common experience from which we can build together and keep moving forward. So let's get started /robowaifu/.
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>>5165 As mentioned, we'll use dd to write the downloaded image out to the MicroSD disk. I'm going to combine unzip and write in one Bash statement, so in my specific case, the command is: unzip -p | sudo dd of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=4M conv=fsync > #1 In a few minutes the image should be written out to the device. > #2 Checking again with GParted, we see you now have a fat32 /boot partition, and an ext4 /root partition. > #3 Because of a setting with the bootloader (in regards to the next step), let's go ahead and move root/ to the end of the drive space. This will take several minutes to finish. > #4 There is an unallocated block of 668MB, so we may as well go ahead and create a swap file there. > #5
Open file (1.20 MB 2560x1600 20200915_031829.jpg)
Open file (798.42 KB 2560x1600 20200915_044816.jpg)
>>5166 Turn swapon. > #1 Unmount the partitions, and eject the MicroSD card from your main box, then insert it into the RPi hardware drive slot (from the bottom side of the board). > #2 Connect the Ethernet cable, HDMI video cable, mouse+keyboard dongle, and then power it up. Once it boots up, click the Cancel button on the initial 'Welcome to Raspberry Pi' dialog that first pops up. We'll deal with updates a little later. > #3
>>5167 Alright that's it for today class. If you've followed along successfully, congrats. You've begun a journey into embedded computing. :^) We'll continue on with the RPi preliminaries soon. As always, if you get stuck or have any questions just ask ITT. Cheers
Open file (71.94 KB 407x481 Workspace 1_069.png)
Open file (53.34 KB 627x469 Workspace 1_070.png)
Open file (133.35 KB 1366x768 Workspace 1_044.png)
Alright, there are a couple of things to get set up on the main box as well so we can work with our SepplesberryPi w/o having to use either a monitor, keyboard, or mouse connected to it. We'll connect it directly to our main box with an Ethernet cable for it's networking. IIRC, I think W*ndows calls this Internet Connection Sharing, but ofc we'll be using Linux instead. So, I use the WiFi for my main box's Internet access. This leaves the Ethernet wired port available. And it's this port we'll set up for the RPi to get out to the network with. You configure the settings on your main box to bridge the two connections (and this will also provide DHCP settings for any incoming clients connecting through the Ethernet port). For the RPi, you don't have to do anything special, it just werks. BTW, YMMV. This setup is workable for my specific situation. You may want to connect yours straight into your router, or across the WiFi, etc. Just make sure you can figure out what it's IP address is afterwards b/c you'll need it for the other step. Then, we'll use VNC to control our RPi remotely. The RPi has the VNC server software already installed, but we'll need to install the viewer software on our main box. Once everything's set up, you'll no longer need to use those other peripherals to work on your RPi dev box. Go ahead and plug the two boxes together with the Ethernet cable in between. On your main machine, choose 'Advanced Network Configuration'. > #1 Select the Ethernet connection, then click the little gear for 'Edit the selected connection'. > #2 Choose IPv4 Settings > Method > Shared to other computers then save.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>5214 On the RPi, we see scrot is already installed by default, and that we have only 408 MB free on the drive. We'll free some space up before we're done. Let's go ahead and set up VNC then we'll no longer need the physical keyboard+mouse, nor the HDMI monitor attached to our RPi hardware. Select [RPi Menu] > Preferences > Raspberry Pi Configuration > #1 Enable SSH & VNC. > #2 Now check your IP address under the VNC Server applet, you'll need this address for the viewer on your main box. > #3

Open file (573.50 KB 1183x192 y6.png)
Stormtrooper 07/29/2020 (Wed) 21:27:57 No.3198 [Reply] [Last]
>Waaah, Yidsney is abandoning the sequels, they totally care about the lore and the fans. Trust me. Cringe.
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>>3584 Doomcuck hates the show but he didn't even watch it.
>>3585 >Doomcuck hates the show He, and the rest of the Fagdom Menace loves it and shills for it.
>>3587 He's only talking about The Mandalorian for the YT algorithm and based on stuff happening outside of the show. He's Quarterpounder tier. Doomcuck is the only one who hate the show.
>>3588 who gives a flying fuck what he actually thinks about that garbage. The point is he shills it.

Open file (502.09 KB 1109x676 self.png)
Lupo Lucio 11/08/2019 (Fri) 14:29:46 ID: ca8cb9 No.792 [Reply]
Descrivete i tipi di musica che ascoltate, e se frequentate discoteche dite che tipi di discoteche sono e che musica e persone ci stanno dentro
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>>2386 >New Order Gusti patrizi. Giudica questo.
>>7159 Bellissima Damaged Goods, entertainment! è un album eccellente. Ti consiglio di ascoltare Clics Modernos, Piano Bar e Parte De La Religión di Charly Garcia (anche se i testi sono spagnoli)
>>792 Generalmente adesso ascolto soltanto generi e sotto-generi del metal(black metal negli ultimi anni), non disprezzo la musica classica. Mai andato in discoteca negli ultimi 12 anni, e non ci sono stato abbastanza per farmi un'idea generale della fauna. È ora di resuscitare questo filone per farne la radio di /ita. Punti bonus per gruppi sconosciuti.
>>10881 E ben vengano i punti bonus Dell'ultima volevo mettere l'intero album, ma purtroppo non funziona il link invidious.

Robowaifu Design Software Robowaifu Technician 09/18/2019 (Wed) 11:41:06 No.414 [Reply]
In this thread we discuss various CAD software for the purpose of making access easier for others to get started. I'm using Fusion360. Other good options are Blender and FreeCAD. Fusion360 is the easiest to use imho and is free unless your business makes over 100,000 dollars.

Post software, tutorials, tips and tricks you've learned, etc. Let's make designing waifus easier for each other!
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>>4795 Hope you keep us updated Anon. >do these work OK on a SBC like that?
Open file (1.37 MB 500x250 migi.gif)
>>4802 I'm using Meshlab for repairs and filters, Wings3D for some extrusions and creating new simple meshmodels, though in the future I might use Solvespace for that, Prusa Slicer for cutting mesh models and adding parts for support (I don't mean the regular auto- generated supports, but manually added ones). I tried Blender briefly, though it's really slow with a complex mesh model on a Raspi3. I didn't even try to use Make Humans yet. Misfit Models 3d works well for some things, it can open dxf files but not stl, while Wings3D doesn't accept dxf but stl, and Solvespace takes only dxf or its own file format. Meshlab is very responsive and has a lot of filters, but the file I repaired with it still had errors in Prusa Slicer and caused a faulty print, while it didn't make it easier to cut it. Cutting whole models into parts in Prusa Slicer causes severe errors (deformations) in that model most of times, which then need to be repaired manually, taking hours (for a beginner)... By now I'm completely opposed to the workflow of mixing CAD designed exact parts with mesh models, like the developer of Sophie does, but also the developer of InMoov seems to have done. This kind of mixing needs to be kept to a minimum for good design.
Open file (53.69 KB 683x535 Fusion-Upgrade.png)
Open file (577.29 KB 2400x1600 Stallman.jpeg)
Before I forget it again: Congratulations to your progress in learning Fusion360, especially the more advanced options. Autodesk thanks you a lot for enjoying their product. Autodesk is so happy for everyone, they just announced that Fusion360 won't have so many options in the free version anymore. Now you can support them with a regular monthly payment or once a year, and therefore contribute to the further development of their product, and so help them to create even better and more expensive options. You can even get some bonuses here and there, maybe. So you won't need to spend to much. Hmmm.. Okay?
>>5194 kek. Yeah Autodesk is rather mercenary in their general behavior. I've been dealing with them for years, no surprise tbh.
>>5194 Don't forget to export your files in every format they allow right now, you might need these files later. Not sure if dxf works everywhere, and how well. Every progamm has its own format, and it seems to be difficult to write code for import.

Hand Development Robowaifu Technician 07/28/2020 (Tue) 04:43:19 No.4577 [Reply]
Since we have no thread for hands, I'm now opening one. Aside the AI, it might be the most difficult thing to archive. For now, we could at least collect and discuss some ideas about it. There's Will Cogleys channel: - he's on his way to build a motor driven biomimetic hand. It's for humans eventually, so not much space for sensors right now, which can't be wired to humans anyways. He knows a lot about hands and we might be able to learn from it, and build something (even much smaller) for our waifus. Redesign: More: Finger prototype: CMC joint: I think the thread about sensoric skin >>242 is closely related to this topic, because it will be difficult to build a hand which also has good sensory input. We'll have to come up with some very small GelSight-like sensors. F3 hand (pneumatic) Festo hand (pneumatic) Thread >>417 is about Prosthetics, especially Open Prosthetics. This can be relevant to some degree. However, the constraints are different. We might have more space in the forearms, but we want marvelous sensors in the hands and have to connect them to the body.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

33 posts and 9 images omitted.
>>5045 > Cost estimate No, or I haven't seen it yet. Costs might not be the problem, if it's already finished. But for development it might be relevant, especially considering possible additional shipping costs and the delay.
>>5043 >Also, with some little changes it might not be necessary, and resin printers might be good enough, or even FDM and standard parts which we can buy. Sounds interesting. Have anything specific in mind, Anon?
>>5047 No, or I don't remember something specific, but we can print small with FDM:
>>5048 >0.15mm wow i didn't know there were even nozzles that small, looks almost like resin printing. looks like it takes some mods needed to make it work.

Open file (14.94 KB 300x168 waifu.jpg)
filone divertente Lupo Lucio 09/08/2020 (Tue) 03:34:21 ID: 58dc7f No.10583 [Reply]
Volevo affiggere questo video (un sempliciotto che dona ad una virtual youtuber e viene respintno), però non merita un filone a se, quindi ribattezzo questo in "filone leggero". (perdonate, ho tentato di caricare il video direttamente ma non me lo fa fare perchè ho una connessione del cazzo — se qualcuno lo fa per me gliene sarei grato)
6 posts and 3 images omitted.
>>10647 Scusa, prima invidio funzionava bene e serviva ad evitare che i biscottini di youtube ti controllassero, adesso è rotto e sto cercando una soluzione.
>>10647 Io lo scarico con youtube-dl e poi li ricarico qui, ma quello in PQ non me lo faceva caricare (perché ho la connessione lenta e si impalla).
>>10583 Vediamo se riesco a caricare il video ora che ho una connessione meglio.
>>10852 Lo stato assoluto.
>>10917 La cosa divertente è che talvolta questi streamer si dimenticano di lanciare l'avatar ed esce fuori che sono dei ciccioni pelati.

Regole della Sezione / Meta-Filone Plafoniera##x43S/q 09/03/2019 (Tue) 21:27:22 ID: d36200 No.33 [Reply] [Last]
ANNUNCIAZIONE, ANNUNCIAZIONE LEGGETE >>9144 PER MAGGIOR INFORMAZIONI Questa sezione è da considerarsi la versione PRINCIPALE di /ita/ del Pienocanale/8kun. I nostri fossati / bunker sono " " (principale) e "http://rita.null/ " (secondario, RICHIEDE CAMBIO DI DNS AD OPENNIC), verso i quali ipoteticamente ci sposterremo durante attacchi informatici di cracker russi o interferenze di altro tipo. Questo filone in particolare verrà adoperato come "Meta Thread" che dir si voglia, per discutere di eventuali problemi con questo sito o con la moderazione. REGOLE 1) Rispettate le regole globali (niente materiale pedopornografico, immagini altamente violente, informazioni private su persone e non pubblicamente reperibili) 2) Si parla UN ITALIANO, quindi se possibile evitate inglesismi e cercate neologismi dove possibile 3) Si può affiggere Materiale Sconcio solo se Oscurato 4) Le Loli sono da considerarsi accettabili, sempre se Oscurate e nel loro Filone apposito (ci atteniamo alle regole dettate dall'amministrazione del sito, c'è però un'altra sezione dove potrete affiggere in libertà) NOTA: a causa di eventi nefasti, non abbiamo ancora notizie sulla effettiva libertà in questo contesto. 5) Non fatemi lavurà troppo, comportatevi da persone civili tranne quando ci vuole un bel vaffa ESEMPI >a) "Il moderatore è uno stronzo"✔ Ma sarebbe meglio: "Il moderatore è un villico, volgare, scurrile, per giunta baccalaiolo, perchè non fa X, Y e Z" >b) "no, (TU) sei uno stronzo" ✔

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Edited last time by Plafoniera on 07/28/2020 (Tue) 20:26:34.
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>>10903 >Se vuoi farne un punto di libertà di parola fai un sito a parte che non ti porta giù tutte le altre sezioni. Ma infatti era una tesi sostenuta da un sacco di gente anche durante le prime fasi anti-loli di 8kun rimaste inascoltate. E adesso Acidman sta facendo esattamente quello, sito principale in clearnet per tutti e sitarello sconcio su TOR per i loliconnisseurs.

AI + Brain/Computer Interface news & commentary Robowaifu Technician 09/15/2019 (Sun) 10:35:53 No.253 [Reply]
DARPA Wants Brain Implants That Record From 1 Million Neurons
16 posts and 4 images omitted.
>>5184 Sounds to me like fantasizing what could be one day, because it's easier than trying to build stuff with what we have and can access right now. Why not watch some Isaac Arthur videos and speculate about future sky palaces on Venus, where we can life with our waifus and form a new civilization... I'm speaking out of experience: Dreaming is very nice, but getting things done is more important.
Open file (806.47 KB 918x710 aerith_face.png)
>>5185 I agree that practical advances are important. That's why I'm building one, after all. But just look at the quality of 3D animation nowadays. Holy fuckin' shit how far it's come! It's already better than reality if you ask me! For example, Aerith or Tifa from the recent FF7 remake? Combine a 3d animated model of this quality with even half-decent A.I. and that's waifu for laifu material right there!
>>5199 I guess what I'm thinking of would be a souped-up version of that PS4 VR game 'Summer Lesson', but maybe more Augmented Reality with IoT integrated so she appears to be cooking or cleaning when in fact it's the appliances running IRL and the animations are synced over the top of that. Sure, you'd still have to provide the correct ingredients for cooking in barcoded containers and go to pre-designated interaction points in your room/house but I think that would still be pretty awesome. Especially if you could take her outside with you on your mobile phone, too.
>>5200 >the appliances running IRL and the animations are synced over the top of that. I'm not too sure if the Visual Waifu got all the old archives synced across or not, but iirc this notion was discussed a bit there. Could be related, so might be of some interest. >>240
>>5185 >Dreaming is very nice, but getting things done is more important. I think we're all trying to create 'practical' things here Anon, even if they're virtual. Otherwise, we'd all be hanging out on /clang/ wherever that might be today, rip.

Visual Waifus Robowaifu Technician 09/15/2019 (Sun) 06:40:42 No.240 [Reply] [Last]
Thoughts on waifus which remain 2D but have their own dedicated hardware. This is more on the artistry side though ai is still involved. An example of an actual waifu product being the Gatebox.

My favorite example is Ritsu, she's a cute ai from assassination classroom who's body is a giant screen on wheels.
133 posts and 71 images omitted.
>>4232 I like the sound of those ideas Anon. Can you expand them with some specific details for us?
It's chinese software but the movements - the mocap and the cloth physics are so fluid: Seems to be in beta as its just prerendered sequences, no contextual interactivity yet.
>>4235 AIML or other chat systems store sentences and logic when to use them. Those are called by some software (runtime?). One could write software which would create responses on it's own, using other software like NLP, GPT, ... There would be more time to analyze the grammar and logic, compared to doing that only when needed. Humans also think about what they would say in certain situations ahead of time, have inner monologues, etc
>>4829 I think the idea of 'pre-rendering' responses (so to speak) might have some strong merit. Particularly if we could isolate common channels most robowaifus would go down in everyday scenarios, then there might be some efficiencies in runtime performance to be gained there.
>>4028 >best Gravity Falls episode kek

Open file (259.32 KB 675x1114 this kills the mouse.png)
THE VERMIN IS DYING Stormtrooper 09/16/2020 (Wed) 17:08:46 No.3574 [Reply] 91% YOY, from $5.4 billion to $460 million
>thinking pedophile kikes will allow one of their biggest propaganda makers to fail
>>3575 The internet and Netflix is proving more worthwhile in that area anyway. Only way Yidsney can survive this trainwreck now is if the retarded cunts in Congress decide to bail them out... However because of the whole China controversy, it could go either way.
>>3576 > IF the retarded cunts in Congress decide to bail them out... However because of the whole China controversy, it could go either way. Do you really expect congress to do the right thing? Disney will not only be bailed out by tax payers they will get nice bonuses, absorb more media, get more government favors and continue to make low grade propaganda until this society collapses.

Open file (2.43 MB 1600x900 ITAvsCK.png)
Open file (2.64 MB 1600x900 AvsAMU.png)
Open file (2.47 MB 1600x900 VvsCO.png)
Open file (2.14 MB 1600x900 TRKvsSW.png)
Infinity Cup Lupo Lucio 11/10/2019 (Sun) 02:41:12 ID: d9f9bc No.811 [Reply] [Last]



As that one anon that's been working on the Infinity Cup for all this time, I feel like the boards that were set to participate deserve a bit better than radio silence. For those that aren't caught up or need a quick rundown:
>The Infinity Cup is a virtual soccer(football[divegrass]) tournament, with its roots dating back to the earliest days of 8chan
>It takes place in Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), a virtual soccer franchise from Konami
>I took on the responsibility of organizing the 5th iteration of the Cup back at the beginning of this year
>Over months, I learned how to mod PES to put in each board's respective team and run simulated games between them
>Using pre-existing guides (many not in English) I also learned how to mod the game from an aesthetic and quality of life standpoint, including crowds, referees, stadiums, balls, and even rudimentary player models
>24 boards agreed to participate, and the Cup was scheduled to begin August 9th
>On August 4th/5th, we received word that 8chan was losing its host, the site went down relatively shortly after
>With no site and no functioning central hub, the Cup was postponed.
>I disappear for about a month
>I return in October
>We still don't have a site, but we do have a webring.
>You are here.
The whole point of this is to see if anyone still cares at this point. There was hype for the Cup. Yes, some boards cared much more than others but there 24 willing boards and we had the resources to run the Cup. I put in probably far more work on my own than any sane person should have, so I don't want this all to go to waste. That being said though, if we set a date, gather the required parties, and begin streaming the Cup and 6 people show up, I'd rather just not do it at all. I'm going around posting this on every participant board that's here on the webring and I'll try to get this up on 8kun somehow. In the meantime just post in here so I can get a sense of interest from you.

Wiki page for the Cup:
Edited last time by Plafoniera on 12/06/2019 (Fri) 18:34:37.
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>>10679 Sì ok, ma ammetti che le ultime sono state decise a tavolino, senza discussione?
>>10680 Nell'edizione di quest'anno sì, ma solo la formazione in campo è cambiata senza sentire dal grande capo prima.
Open file (97.51 KB 318x512 ita_logo_silver.png)
>>10678 >>10680 Ciao, caro, sono il tizio che gestisce la squadra, scusa per non essermi fatto vivo prima ma volevo analizzare per bene tutti i filmati relativi alla gestione delle nostre ultime tre partite. Le decisioni le faccio io in proprio semplicemente perchè mi sembra sempre ci sia scarso interesse finchè non arrivano le partitelle, quindi ogni tanto davo un cenno di vita al filone e nessuno mi rispondeva. Comunque sia, mi farebbe molto piacere se discutessimo tutti assieme della strategia giusta, io col PES ci ho giocato fino al PES15, quindi col 17 con le tattiche un po' cambiate non mi sono trovato adeguatamente nelle ultime competizioni. Nel frattempo, per coerenza con il resto del torneo, ho rifatto il logo ritoccando le stellette con una bella farfalla argentata, simbolo del nostro unico trofeo nel Palmares (una coppa del nonno d'argento nella prima ed unica 8chan Cup). Sto inoltre lavorando al nostro terzo kit, che vorrei usare come quello in trasferta principale, non perchè non mi piaccia quello leghista ma semplicemente perchè è più ilare.
>>10898 >nessuno mi rispondeva Mi sono fatto resistenza più volte per non imbrattare il filone. La tattica di fare passaggi alla Barcellona è un disastro e forse sarebbe meglio qualcosa con palla lunga e pure tiri da fuori ma non so quanto potete mettere mano nella versione di PES usata.
>>10898 Grande Mister Zeppola! Io credo in lei, ci guidi verso la vittoria!

Work on my Elfdroid Sophie Robowaifu Enthusiast 08/18/2020 (Tue) 22:49:13 No.4787 [Reply]
Design and 3D printing is under currently underway to turn Sophie from an articulated doll into a proper robowaifu. I will post updates to design files on her Google Drive folder when I have confirmed that everything actually works smoothly. So far I've just got her eyes moving left and right, her lower jaw can open and close, and I am working on giving her neck two degrees of freedom.
27 posts and 7 images omitted.
>>5175 Thank you. > Long printing time I only print sized down models yet, and even then sometimes with a bit higher layer hight. I'm trying to redesign some of the models to make them easier to print. I'm glad you do what you're doing, but I wish more people would look into it and work on the same files. Or work on other ones and come up with a good workflow. Are we the only ones with a printer here? I seem to be the only other one printing your files.
>>5179 Glad to hear you are also having a go. TBH when I upload parts to Thingiverse or MyMiniFactory, they usually end up being used as some kind of articulated GoPro camera mount or borrowed for some drama project completely unrelated to Robowaifus. But then, people who click on the links to the STLs will still see where they originated, thus increasing exposure of people to the idea of the 3D printed robowaifu.
Open file (807.93 KB 2354x2110 IMG_20200917_193931~2.jpg)
>>5175 >0.15 mm layer hight Why?!? In all you pics you were putting something on her face anyways. Post-processing might be the better way anyways: >>5137
>>5186 In Cura 0.15mm layer height is classed as "normal". Also, I really dislike the ridges that come with coarse settings. I found that they tend to show through the paint, especially in certain lighting situations. I still have cleaning up to do (particularly her forehead seam, which I'm not happy with yet) but I wanted to work out more electronics and do the meat and potatoes of getting my servos working first. The first set of servos I had were for a Tinkerkit Braccio arm, and Arduino seems to have programmed them so that they are only compatible with the Braccio Shield, not interchangeable with other devices. This meant that they would always jerk violently to a "safety position" whenever I powered them on, so as you can imagine programming was a nightmare. Sophie's head used to fall apart very frequently. To overcome this unexpected flaw, I purchased some generic servos, an Elegoo MEGA2560 and a Pololu Maestro servo control board. Now I am back in business.
>>5197 Not that anon, but that sounds great! Thanks for the updates.

Nastassia Ponomarenko (Shadow Government Operative) Leaked. CIA 05/15/2020 (Fri) 16:21:37 ID: fdba34 No.54618 [Reply] [Last]
Main Julay Shutdown.
64 posts and 67 images omitted.
Open file (42.46 KB 419x481 666.jpg)
>>81897 Based PIII
Open file (15.20 KB 300x225 pepe cool.jpg)
>>81667 Source me up, who is the brunette slut?
>>82463 Britney Nastassia
This thread has provided the Agency(55) @ CIA with satisfactory results. Farewell.

Open file (21.14 KB 325x499 serveimage.jpg)
Anonymous 09/30/2019 (Mon) 02:48:11 No.496 [Reply]
What happened to Wil Wheaton? Why did he become such a colossal faggot?
13 posts and 9 images omitted.
Daily reminder that will is older than Alex Jones
Trekmovie interviewed him recently and the guy desperately wants to guest star in Kurtzman Trek.
>>801 Just when you think he can't be any more of a piece of shit...
>>802 Being the host of an after show where he gets to interview and suck Akiva Goldsman's cock after each episode of STD and Picard wasn't enough.
>>803 Always more. He's a classic attention whore.

Mark Mann - #2 Anonymous 04/21/2020 (Tue) 08:14:22 ID: 2009db No.45039 [Reply] [Last]
Mark Mann Facts: + Mark has over 500gb of CP on his hard drive + Mark autistically watches loli child pornography all day + Mark is an ethnic jew. + Mark loves cake + Mark weighs almost 300lbs. + Mark would intentionally leave CP up on 8/v/ for days at a time + Mark has posted many videos/pictures of his anus and naked body online for homosexual attention + Mark would use his global administration on 8ch/8kun to moderate/ban people from /pol/ or other boards for whatever he felt like completely ignoring the rules. + Mark wants to become a security guard at an elementary school so that he has access to children that he can abuse. + Mark runs a CP ring on discord where he requires your real name, face, address, and phone number so that he can blackmail you or turn you over to the feds. + Mark bans anyone who speaks against him or criticises him in the slightest + Mark recieved $2k a month from Jim for doing various "errands" between 2015-2020 + Mark regularly wipes "All Posts by IP" which turns every thread on the board into swiss cheese + Mark attempted to monetize and sell Gondolas + Mark spams cyclical threads using a VPN in order to "push" conversations he doesn't like out of the thread. + Mark forced all of /v/ back onto the federal 8kun honeypot so that he could keep getting paid to be a janitor.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

207 posts and 87 images omitted.
Open file (28.29 KB 424x94 q7ts7cpl.jpg)
mark is a pedophile and a liar >>/dolphin/verify/rjn8bey5 You can verify 0.98498329695619% (very based estimate) the dolphin verification key at
>>83599 >yeah okay whatever ni/gg/er no one here wants lolikike shit. Thats why all thats left of this site is half a dozen users that all feel the same way about not being able to handle people liking things you don't like. The same thing happened to 8chan and thats why any imageboard that hopes to be successful can't be run based on your delicate sensibilities.
Open file (2.47 MB 389x333 092s6won.jpg)
>>83610 SEETHING PEDOPHILE JOHN BARNHILL >>/dolphin/verify/uu4ngrf9 You can verify 0.7852383184968929% (very based estimate) the dolphin verification key at Dolphin of the post: YAao, Y8888b, ,oA8888888b, ,aaad8888888888888888bo, ,d888888888888888888888888888b, ,888888888888888888888888888888888b, d8888888888888888888888888888888888888, d888888888888888888888888888888888888888b d888888P' `Y888888888888, 88888P' Ybaaaa8888888888l a8888' `Y8888P' `V888888

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Open file (759.91 KB 1114x1272 pph_gunted.png)
>>83610 >Thats why all thats left of this site is half a dozen users that all feel the same way about not being able to handle people liking things you don't like. The same thing happened to 8chan and thats why any imageboard that hopes to be successful can't be run based on your delicate sensibilities. >being against pedophilia is a delicate sensibility <oh wow you and your half a dozen people wow oh my god >cakechan isn't a ghosttown AT LEAST >WE CAN STILL BE HERE ON THE CLEARNET xander Julay was never meant to be a big place anyways, I personally welcome the exodus of users, either way >we are still doing fine. Unlike (you) faggots >we also have the benefits of not being pph addicts who think that the board is dead if it doesn't get soyspeed levels of posts per hour. >check blacked.govs post in the last hour >2 >check alogspace >3 >check pph >/cow/ is still winning by 1 HALF A DOZEN A-LOGS WIN AGAIN BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME NI/GG/ER >we win at things >we don't even care about
>>83629 I can really tell by all that cope that you totally don't care at all.

Open file (32.68 KB 300x300 up.png)
Good Job Antifa Toad 09/18/2020 (Fri) 12:19:19 No.83673 [Reply]
The fires in Oregon and California were a nice touch! A+ Keep up the great work and don't give up.

ROBOWAIFU U Robowaifu Technician 09/15/2019 (Sun) 05:52:02 No.235 [Reply] [Last]
In this thread post links to books, videos, MOOCs, tutorials, forums, and general learning resources about creating robots (particularly humanoid robots), writing AI or other robotics related software, design or art software, electronics, makerspace training stuff or just about anything that's specifically an educational resource and also useful for anons learning how to build their own robowaifus. >tl;dr ITT we mek /robowaifu/ school.
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 05/11/2020 (Mon) 21:31:04.
60 posts and 34 images omitted.
Here is a learning plan for getting into Deep Learning, which got some appreciation on Reddit: - It also includes infos about which math basics are needed first. However, I also want to point out that DL seems not to be the best option in every case. Other ML approaches like Boosting might be better for our use cases:
Open file (229.05 KB 500x572 LeonardoDrawing.jpg)
'''Can Programming Be Liberated from the von Neumann Style? A Functional Style and Its Algebra of Programs''' According to Alexander Stepanov (in the forward to The Boost Graph Library, 2001) This man John Backus and this Turing Award lecture paper were inspirational to the design of the STL for C++. The STL underpins the current state of the art in generic programming that must be both highly expressive+composable, but must also perform very fast as well. Therefore, indirectly so does John Backus’s FP system and for that we can be grateful.
Open file (24.66 KB 192x358 Backus.jpg)
>>5191 Backus also invented FORTRAN (back when that was a first of it's kind for programming portability), and is one of the smartest men ever in the entire history of computing.

Open file (86.55 KB 314x118 frank hassle.png)
Open file (5.66 KB 200x200 Myg0thats_fedora2.jpeg)
Anonymous 04/18/2020 (Sat) 00:59:48 ID: 24a67b No.44234 [Reply]
So I'm sure everyone here has probably seen this fatass lately, since there's one obsessed guy (that's probably just him) shilling his videos hard on 4chan and other altchans. Well /tv/ did some digging on Frank and it turns out he's another "shitposter with long embarrassing/incriminating internet history" cow. Frank Hassle is a friend of Sam Hyde (another eceleb/fourchan comedian that's a confirmed tranny fucker/pedophile). His most popular video is the one where him and Sam Hyde track down some pajeet on tinder that wants to have sex with an """underage girl""" in her late teens or some shit. The usual clickbait wannabe chris hansen "pedo hunt". Well, it turns out, our pal Cameron has also said some very pedophilic things in the past, like threatening to rape someone's five year old daughter (sauce: Right now, this guy is getting fucked with by various people on /tv/ and he's locking everything under a paywall. Despite his obsession with messing with people in public, he's very weak minded and lashes out at criticism. It's common trope in Sam's inner circle of buddies.
8 posts omitted.
>>44579 All bullshit. Lefties hate Sam with a passion and try to throw anything at him
>>44234 I feel kind of bad for him, imagine you meet your hero and he wants to work with you, but instead of acting in his films and becoming famous he straps a gopro to your head and uses your autism to get you into public fights for a bumfights web series.

Open file (733.54 KB 960x960 Untitled.png)
Surviving Life Ron Swanson , Cultist ,predator and Utuber Toad 09/12/2020 (Sat) 09:29:30 ID: 23bd84 No.82141 [Reply]
Anyone know this E-shilleb Ron Swanson Hes running a channel against pedophiles so he can watch cp all day and when it gets dark he starts grooming survivors of abuse to be his slave in a sex cult There is such much evidence thrown out i've been farming for 2 weeks already Pic related
I heard about this fake ass faggot. No idea what the fuck is wrong with him. Like spreading CP around jewtube and acting like a god damn white knight while doing it. Cultist you say? Doesn't fucking surprise me one bit. He looks like a crackhead in drag. I'll just leave this here. His victims are uploading on another shill lolcow Utube channel

Waifu Materials Robowaifu Technician 09/12/2019 (Thu) 03:04:33 No.154 [Reply]
I would define a robowaifu as a doll with robotic features. However there are many different types of dolls (BJD, cloth doll, sex doll, etc). A doll has a skin or surface material, sometimes a filler (cotton), and sometimes internal structure (bones and joints).

Continuing the discussion from (((>>2831 >>2836 todo:relink))) , I want to create a thread to explore the many possible surface materials for a waifu (robo or no). The most important decision is whether to use a hard or soft material.

Hard Materials
>3D Printed Hard Plastic (PLA/ABS)
>Injection Molded Hard Plastic

Soft Materials
>Natural Fabrics (Cotton, Silk, Wool)
>Synthetic Fabrics (Vinyl, Polyester, Nylon)
>Fur/Hair (presumably synthetic, inb4 yiff in hell)
>Silicone or TPE Rubber (TPE is basically a cheaper form of silicone)

I'm strongly biased against the hard materials for comfort reasons. Personally, I have a hard time seeing myself falling in love with something hard, but others on this board talk about using hard materials, so I'm trying to keep an open mind.

My preference is for silicone, but there are four big problems with it. Firstly, it's expensive. Secondly, it impedes modification after the silicone has set. Thirdly, it contributes to the uncanny valley/silicone slut issue. Fourthly, it is heavy, and this weight really constrains the skeleton, posablity, and probably robotics. Because of the weight, silicone dolls have heavy-duty skeletons.

My second choice is therefore fabric, presumably stuffed with cotton. Fabric is super comfy, and has no uncanny valley issue. A non-fuggable fabric doll or robot would have no stigma issue, and could be the start of a productive hobbyist scene with plenty of females. Fabric is extremely lightweight which could be a plus or a minus. By itself, its unsubstantial and not ideal for robotics. A fabric robot is possible, but it requires hard, heavy parts underneath to provide structure and as actuators, which would make it less comfy. The fabric could be a textile (cotton), a synthetic leather (resembles skin, makeup/dress-up potential), or synthetic fur for you furfags out there.

Another possibility is a hard vinyl BJD-like doll with a layer of something comfy on top. Alternately, you all can reject my comfort autism if the benefits of having a hard doll/robot are clear enough. I'd like to hear others make the case for a hard doll/robot, since I don't think I could do the argument justice.

Finally, this is a discussion, not a debate. There are multiple paths we could take, and I'm sure different robowaifuists will try different techniques to see what works and what doesn't. I'm more interested in seeing what options are on the table than shutting down any particular approach.
35 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>4349 >Human skin layers are quite translucent, light goes a bit into it. Quite true. It's been quite a focus of realism efforts in film & vidya. It's referred to as 'Subsurface Scattering' in the industry, and you'd be surprised I'd be the amount of attention it has been given.
PVC tubes for waterlines might be very tempting to use for prototyping of skeletons or pneumatic air cylinders. Please keep the dangers in mind, only use it when necessary, and maybe ad warning stickers to any prototype using it. Here some answer I wrote in regard of a video on building a pneumatic cylinder out of pipes: >>5103 You're welcome. Just looked into it again, to make sure I didn't remember that wrong or it has been debunked. The story I remembered was a house fire where everything was extremely toxic after PVC burning as a part of it. Upside is, it doesn't easily catch fire, the downsides are if it does burn then it's extremely toxic and also even heating it up releases carcinogenous gas. So, yeah, try to avoid it, exept maybe for waterlines under cement. What the guy in the vid does, might also be okay.
Open file (35.19 KB 500x500 F485Y9SGF070BOY.jpg)
Here's a tutorial for creating something similar to Sugru, some fast curing silicone rubber, called Ogoo: "an inexpensive silicone clay that is easily made. It can be used as an excellent substitute for Sugru. It can be hand molded or cast in forms. Or, it can be used as a casting silicone. It can be colored any color from white to black. It can also be made translucent to allow diffused light to shine through. It can even be painted on in thin layers. It has very good adhesive qualities and will stick to itself, glass, fabric, paper, wood, and some plastics and metals." The article goes into some comparisons beetween different silicone rubbers and the difficulties with them. This Ogoo is clear silicone caulk mixed with corn starch, which helps it to cure faster and also from the inside. This might be in particular interesting for bigger parts. But it's usefull for a lot of things, like paint and sheets. Please keep in mind that this is not food safe like the medical silicone used in professional dolls. Caulk like that often has anti-mold chemicals in it, to keep it from going moldy, which might be toxic. I also don't know how well it holds up over time. So it might be fine for prototyping or for use in parts which don't come into direct contact with human skin. Maybe putting a layer of other silicone rubber on top of it will be necessary or at least adviseable in other use cases. That aside, please follow the tutorial. This material can be hand-molded, colored, but also sanded and carved after curing. There's also a explanation for how to make sheetslayers and tubes out of that material. I found this tutorial by random chance while looking into airmuscles, so it can be used for that. It can also be made translucent and conductive by using graphite powder (Oggo-2: ) or still be used as a silicone rubber paint, or to make conductive cloth or artificial skin (flexible circuits or conductive rubber: ) and also conductive glue. Advantages of Oogoo over Sugru: 1- Made from inexpensive and easily obtained materials. 2- Easy to work and mold into forms. 3- Will set up quickly at any thickness. 4- Can be mixed in any color. 5- translucent structures possible for lighting aplications. 6- slightly more flexible than Sugru. Advantages of Sugru:

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>5154 Neat. I'm actually a much better sculptor than I am a 3D modeler. I'd like to first fashion a full-sized robowaifu default-posed statue, then 3D-scan her in and then use that scan data to begin fashioning foam molds, armature designs, etc., from. Thanks for the tip Anon!
>>4224 I'm very skeptical about the mycelium, it just sounds like another unproven idea that gets hyped because it seems like it would be good for the environment. I've grown oyster mushrooms before (pleurotus ostreatus) and while a sawdust block can maintain its shape when fully colonized it breaks apart very easily. I didn't try cooking it like in the video, but I can't imagine it making much of a difference. >>5154 this one is very interesting, maybe it can be used to make cheap and easy to mend skin by coating some elastic fabric like lycra with it

Open file (8.77 MB 1280x720 pedo_reveal.mp4)
Open file (367.36 KB 819x895 chef_john.png)
Open file (54.12 KB 186x246 pedobrain.png)
Open file (218.19 KB 561x649 pedojust.png)
John Barnhill/koirey Barnhill/Koisheep/kimeemaru Anonymous 08/01/2020 (Sat) 06:39:16 No.70142 [Reply] [Last]
Names: John, real first name John Barnhill, Koirey Barnhill, Van, former twitch name Koisheep, Kimeemaru, prinny, dr oktoberfest last 2 are old steam names John Barnhill, otherwise known as the long lost brother of Corey Ray Barnhill is a 22 year old or 21 fat jewish leaf pedophile NEET who lives somewhere in Ontario, leafland. most likely Hamilton He is a newfag who got into image boards in 2015 during the tale-end of #gaymergoyim, this is what in his own words truly inspired him to get involved in the community/get political. He was an underagefag or a "teenbro" (in his own words) for most of his time on image boards. Besides being the pedophile that tried to spam Julay to death with cp He is most notably a failed z-celeb streamer and speedrunner who was so desperate for fame that he went to the Гунтstream of all places to garner a larger fanbase. went from 0-2 viewers to 6 fucking amazing improvement john! THE FAMILY John also has an amazing family that does not at all explain the fact that he was allowed 24 hour access to the internet as a teenager that did not at all fry his brain with cuckime and turn him into the sad pedophile that he is today. Johns family consist of him, his father, who is also an autistic NEET who watches interracial cuckold porn, smokes weed, plays video games and bullies john all day irl and in vidya; his mother who is the only member of the family with a job and who supports the entire household by herself; his onee-san who is a fat 28 year old with one son. her husband is a chubby chaser apparently according to John John's last family member is his imouto, a 17 year old autistic girl who sucks at 2hu and apparently plays with Legos, she drives him around everywhere he goes bickers he doesn't know how to drive. TIME ON THE ГунтSTREAM John Barnhill only came on the Гунтstream for clout at the recommendation of his irl friend prmanager, a massive faggot in his own right he knew little to nothing about lolcows, the Гунт or anything else and he had little interest in it. prmanager seems to know a little but I suspect he is a foxdick John would stream himself playing video games in which he was constantly bullied by a-logs for his lack of the ability to play them. John is only good at 2hu and some quake-rip off free to play fps, he absolutely sucks at everything else. John in particular is really bad at platformers like Mario and Megaman. besides streaming "games" he would also stream his "lovequest" member chris chan for an e-girlfriend, highlights of these streams include meeting a girl that revealed herself to be 13: >uhh sorry lad I can't do anything with you >you are underage sorry >like sorry but you are underage >yeah I know but I can't date you bickers your 13 your underage Despite this he hung around her a little longer instead of instantly leaving, and sounded almost like he was lamenting the fact that he couldn't legally have e-sex with this innocent girl, this is one of the first signs of john's pedophilia but its not the last. John tried courting one girl but she turned out to be a based chink who only dated in her race and so the kike was stood up yet again. >so uhhh ya I kinda need an e-girl girlfriend >oh you do?

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>77793 >If you're genuinely concerned about pedos, dox the faggots on tor who post cp and shit There's no concern here, its a cover. This is /cow/, newfag. We post the same shit to fuck with people and then call them pedos and laugh just like we have for years.
>>80463 dilate
Ampharos > G​AMERGATEchu
Open file (22.94 KB 253x174 john_at_desk.png)
Open file (14.86 KB 117x143 john_at_nasa_crop.png)
Open file (18.15 KB 763x1043 john_angry_sad.png)
Open file (17.37 KB 763x1043 john_2d_2_updated.png.png)
new john oc and edits

Wizchan: Homosexual Takeover Anonymous 03/23/2020 (Mon) 23:17:17 ID: 12b594 No.41296 [Reply] [Last]
It's Not OK to be Gay We've all seen what happens when homosexuality is tolerated on chans. It starts with increasingly gay porn, then "ironic" jokes about "boypussies", then before you know it you have openly gay e-sex happening between users all over the website. It's a truly poetic microcosm of what happens when civilizations have historically tolerated faggotry. Faggots are a problem. There is a reason that the wise men of every culture across the globe throughout history have warned us about them in their holy texts and ancient records. But, like so much else in the ZOGscape we find ourselves in, this wisdom has been forgotten. And Wizchan, the chan where NEETs try to rise above their carnal desires, has succumbed to a homosexual takeover. The poor wizards are on the verge of open revolt, but they are too demoralized and suicidal to reach the threshold. Turns out the mods are actual homosexuals who have a "discord" messageboard that they hang out on. A huge /meta/ thread about banning homosexuality got deleted without explanation and the OP got banned. They and the other homoposters sexually harass the wizards constantly e.g. post boipussy :3 oh wizzie! i'm boi-ovulating! please stick your wand in my tight little boi-hole etc. ad infinitum Theyy also share faggot porn all day long on the hidden /b/ board. They've banned multiple people for asking why homosexuals aren't getting banned from the Chan where you're not supposed to talk about sex. Only the discussion of homosex is permitted. It's especially concerning to the wizards bickers of the logical and continual crossover between Wizchan and 4cuck/r9k/ which has acquired a humongous infestation of homosexuals known collectively as "/r9gay/". These are the literal "discord trannies" that we have been hearing about for a couple years now. The concern is that the mods of Wizchan have been "converted" into transexuals, and are allowing the pious NEET wizards to be trannified as well. >Why should I care? Wizchan should be a sacred monastery. A bastion against the endless prattle of normalG​AMERGATEs about sex and fucking. A place where people can rise above the constant worship of f*males that the ZOG bombards us with. In theory, wizards are admirable and worthy of fierce and righteous protection. >Where are the lulz? The mods are complete faggots and they are very butthurt about the anti-homo posting already. There are a large number of homosexuals on This is where the mods post all day long. At least one of them is known to spazz out and smear his own fecal matter on his face when "/pol/tards" and "christfags" point out how annoying faggots are. >How can I get lulz right now? Just post on /b/ and /meta/. The faggots will respond. The goal is to get one of the faggot mods to respond -- immediately accuse them of being homosexuals and kick back and laugh. Don't post 4cuck memes or you'll get b&. Don't imply that you are a non-virgin, you'll get b&. Don't imply that you are anything but a wizard NEET, or you'll get b&. Also you can't post from Tor, another reason why Wizchan needs some serious attention, so if that is a problem then be warned.
131 posts and 24 images omitted.
While watching various hip clips just like wizchan's retards fav Lain, Ronnie usually sits with his ass full of his bootlicker tongues. It's how they exchange opinions when admin's around. Ronnie sits in his clique, pinning some clip, being "omg i'm so drunk" while taking an upper-hand in discussion of some of the recent hip events, his body weigh and diett, social stances on some shit and other bullshit.
Prior to this, clique served as a circus to laugh at "wizards", to call them names, to gaslight together, to indoctrinate some inside jokes and scripts to make users feel worse, etc. Which comes all the way to skype, irc and mumble chats etc where wizardchanners were always doing the same since its inception
They had a lot of more typical omega-types of permavirgins going to those cliques, usually very young, but not many lasted for long. They all evolved in what they "fought" against, which was actually more like self-teaching some animal survival instincts while wasting years of time
Ronnie liked the jokes about One True Wizard. Well, now he's one true zoidberg (hehe, poltard reference here) who screams about his weight on the rock alone.
Open file (229.79 KB 1629x880 discord.png)

Open file (33.18 KB 680x435 9cirno.jpg)
Anonymous 09/13/2020 (Sun) 09:13:36 No.109 [Reply]
this board is dead and muses is a retard
>>109 I agree. Muses was a faggot but that Tengu obese fuck was even worse, he single handedly legit ruined julay/v/. I'm also upset about the demise of Zchan, it was shaping up to be a worthy replacement, though nothing could bring back the comfiness of julay/v/ before the goobers found it.
Open file (27.16 KB 250x250 check'em.jpg)
Trips for the strongest while we're at it.
>>110 >Zchan pure /v/ cancerhole
>>110 If that were the case then /v/ here should be fine now that hes gone yet its not, clearly all the people that left and see no reason to come back still have a problem with the site and I think we both know what that problem is.

Open file (488.00 KB 1632x3264 IMG_20200822_203400.jpg)
Lupo Lucio 09/17/2020 (Thu) 13:29:21 No.10871 [Reply]
"Cosa c'è dopo la morte?" Questa è una domanda che da sempre attanaglia l'uomo. Cosa ci succede quando chiudiamo gli occhi e la vita ci abbandona? Andiamo in un posto migliore o più semplicemente vi è il vuoto più totale? Credo di aver trovato la risposta. Lavoro in un piccolo ospedale del Sud Italia. Ho deciso di fare questo lavoro grazie a mio padre - mio padre era un dottore. Ho passato gran parte delle mia vita a cercare di essere come lui, ad imitarlo. Detto così potrebbe sembrare un po' deprimente; per me non lo è. La paga non è un granché, ma mi permette di pagare l'alloggio e le tasse. Non dirò la mia identità, né la mia posizione. Ho deciso di scrivere su questa bacheca per l'anonimato che "regala" all'utente, rinforzato dal browser Tor sul mio PC e da una VPN. Quello che sto per dirvi potrebbe sconvolgervi, scombussolarvi l'esistenza, ma qualcuno dovrà pur dirlo. Nel nostro ospedale ci sono molti malati. Credo sia normale, dato che questo è l'unico ospedale in tutta la provincia. Fortunatamente, per quanto si trovi in una zona semi-disabitata è un ospedale molto avanzato. A volte, però, che qualcosa va storto. Non sapete come mi senta quando succede. Per me è come uccidere qualcuno.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Open file (144.54 KB 738x741 darwin.png)
Open file (2.92 KB 452x523 49.gif)
>>10872 >loro >abito nero
Open file (313.32 KB 1163x1810 aurelio.jpg)
Approfitto del filone pajeet per consigliare questo libro a chi non l'avesse mai letto. Lungo poco più del racconto in PQ e molto più utile riguardo al "significato della vita".
Open file (103.13 KB 565x330 CuriousChild.jpg)
>>10876 >pajeet Chissà che vorrà dire questa strana parola del gergo giovanilistico? Magari usare il filone delle letture estive avrebbe valorizzato di più il tuo consiglio
>>10877 > pajeet >> Chissà che vorrà dire questa strana parola del gergo giovanilistico? Cred(ev)o che pajeet fosse un nome indiano, tipo Guido per gli italiani.

Open file (26.82 KB 257x346 hard brexxxit.jpg)
/ita/-/pol/ Filone Politico Lupo Lucio 01/28/2020 (Tue) 20:47:53 ID: 561ac6 No.2209 [Reply] [Last]
Per non inondare la sezione di "rigurgiti" per ogni cazzo che succede nel bel paese, direi che sarebbe molto più appropriato avere un unico Filone dedicato alla politica. >Come si evolverà la situazione politica Italiana dei prossimi mesi ed anni? >Come si evolveranno gli intrecci geopolitic odierni nei prossimi mesi? >Qualche pensierino su ciò che sta succedendo in giro per il mondo? Notizie ((("spigolose")))? >Di che ideologia politica siete, e perchè?
129 posts and 38 images omitted.
>>10858 Sinceramente non capisco cosa ci sia da esaltarsi: il Carofiglio non ha detto niente di particolarmente incisivo e si è attenuto - lui sì - al solito manuale passivo-aggressivo dei petalosi a corto di argomenti, tant'è vero che Salvini più che ridersela non poteva fare, Boh, twitter se potessi lo nuclearizzerei.
>>10854 gli echi di quella trasmissione sono arrivati su commentatori di destra (Porro, Capezzone e la Maglie) che hanno decantato la vittoria di Salvini che ha affrontato gli argomenti da arrimpicata sugli specchi del duo con "calma olimpica" ma non ne hanno fatta menzione i media di regime comunista. Mi sa che l'asfaltatura fatta da un magistrato cacciato e da una giornalista fallita non è riuscita molto bene.
>>10858 Gli elettori PD sono dipendenti pubblici, gli anziani della generazione del baby boom piccoli imprenditori con partita IVA col cazzo che votano PD.
Open file (59.20 KB 766x281 2018-2.png)
Open file (41.50 KB 371x300 2018-1.png)
>>10866 >baby boom Macché baby boom, parlo di quelli più anziani.
>>10868 Lega e Forza Italia insieme fanno il 36%, una volta, prima che B. subisse i ricatti dei francesi, votavano tutti Forza Italia.

Open file (323.23 KB 768x432 tomere-dogsnpcs.jpg)
/NOlS/ Notizie; Oltre lo Stivale Lupo Lucio 08/23/2020 (Sun) 11:13:58 No.10046 [Reply]
Il filone ha lo scopo di riportare notizie non specificatamente relative all'Italia che i Lupi apprendono da Città Laggiù. Punti bonus se la salsa ha origine nel Fantabosco. Prego di attenersi alla seguente prassi per affiggere: >sparaschermata dell'articolo (o di una parte di esso) >sito (rimuovete "http(s)://www.") >versione
41 posts and 15 images omitted.
>>10741 Già successo in Spagna. Una nuova legge obbligava Google News a pagare per i «riassunti» pubblicati, Google semplicemente ha chiuso Google News per la Spagna. E vissero tutti felici e pezzenti. Io ho nessuna simpatia per Google, ma negli ultimi 10 anni i giornali si sono consegnati mani e piedi a facebook/google/twitter e ora piangono perché non sanno come monetizzare. Gente che saprebbe far fallire una farmacia.
>>10749 in realtà credo che tra le altre cose non amano non avere il controllo assoluto sul dibattito che avevano prima...i commenti alle notizie su aggregatori vari, raramente sono favorevoli al regime.
>>10847 Più probabile che la questione sia proprio di soldi, molti giornali non hanno mai navigato nell'oro e ora il calo di vendite, complice la rete, dovrebbe essere pure più marcato. Poi il dover mantenere pure giornalisti venduti e in quantità ha il suo peso.
>>10850 Sì, ma >>10847 non ha torto. I giornalisti sono, ed hanno sempre voluto essere, i curatori di ciò che la "plebe" deve "consumare". L'esempio più marcato lo hai oltreoceano. I giornalisti sono sempre stati i "gatekeepers" tra il presidente e la popolazione. Tuttavia ora che il presidente comunica direttamente alle persone (Twitter), ai giornalisti brucia il culo non poter filtrare ciò che a loro piace o meno.
>>10860 Mi pare che quell'aspetto sia già coperto da altri siti, la questione economica mi pare predominante. Oltretutto il calo della pubblicità causa avanzante miseria causata dal comunismo probabilmente pesa sempre di più.

Open file (331.74 KB 1242x1554 1600319471546.jpg)
Prima guerra mondiale frocia Lupo Lucio 09/17/2020 (Thu) 07:28:15 ID: 38c6cc No.10853 [Reply]
Cominciano le reazioni.
>>10853 Ma lei come scrive? A me il fantasy non piace tantissimo quindi non ho letto nulla, ma un giallo/thriller lo leggerei volentieri. Comunque seminatrice di zizzania 10/10.
>>10853 >uomo che si (tra)veste da nonna per uccidere Ma non ho capito; dovrebbe essere "negativo" nei confronti dei trans, oppure delle donne? Nel secondo caso vedo transfobia, nel primo inibizione della libertà dell'uomo di "sperimentare". Almeno dal loro punto di vista. Sta per caso cercando di cortocircuitare i sinistroidi? Avete presente? Un po' come "la donna è oppressa dal velo islamico", però "il velo rappresenta il diverso che deve essere rispettato" e "la donna si veste come vuole".
>>10861 Pare che ci sia del razzismo da parte di chi ha il ciclo mestruale verso chi non ce l'ha perché ha il cazzo. Poi con calma facciamo pure insinuazioni sul fatto che chi sente di essere nato con il sesso sbagliato magari ha pure il cervello guasto.

Open file (7.66 MB 1280x720 janny.webm)
Open file (52.81 KB 485x411 Pringles.png)
Guntstream Anonymous 05/27/2020 (Wed) 08:05:17 ID: 1e3907 No.57589 [Reply] [Last]
You faggots keep shitting up the cyclical so contain your autism here. If it's quiet it's fine but when there's shit going on and you faggots are posting walls of text it derails the thread which aids the e-celebs that constantly try to control the narrative. The Гунтstream is the successor to the Shillstream/Гунтstream from Robi, who took over restreaming duties from goldstar continued the site on after's death. The channel began to host additional cocks, such as lets plays, streaming shows and, most notoriously, gay debates. CAST OF TRANNIES <Гунтstream Trio >Robi Pires Owner and troon in chief of the lonely hearts tranny club. Robi originally restreamed the Гунт on when the faggot would actually wake up. Being too busy running the CP repository known as Julay.World, he now plays cuckime like Made In Abyss and does let's plays of Half Life 2. He spends every waking minute on the Julay World IRC which is such a cancerous shithole that it makes Discord look clean. He barely uses the site himself and has gone on record saying he's hated the place for the past 3 months. When koi turned /v/ into a pedo paradise, his brilliant idea was to let the site be spammed with CP for a few days to settle some IRC dispute about the 'heh' pill. Certifiably retarded. >Bill, Farmfag, Pringles One of the Гунтstream trio and Julay mod. BO of /dig/, a dead board that he's proud of for some reason. He watches moeshit for countless hours while larping as some guy with a farm. He gets very angry on IRC when dilating. >HangingFlesh, Weasel, Гунтopia, Zachfag, Cassie

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Open file (168.14 KB 561x677 pedochu.png)
>pedochu is in thread 9 shitting it up with multiple ids as usual and trying to bait dolphin >everyone he doesn't like is essayfag (you) know butthurt torfag (you) always claim I am a schizo yet I always know when it is (you) yet (you) never even know when I am browsing the board. It is usually pedochu/outofplace/butthurt torfag when: >constantly defends known pedophile john barnhill the long lost brother of corey ray barnhill the pedophile >pretends to be an oldfag >claims /cow/ is dead and bitches when /cow/ doxxxes/destroys his the other boards he frequents >constantly on a crusade against the troon-stream Keep seething over the fact that those same a-logs and a dolphin destroyed /japan/ and your little crusade.
>>83435 >using third person to talk about himself
>>83435 >everyone thats shitting up my precious thread must be enemy number one >(you) know butthurt torfag (you) always claim I am a schizo yet I always know when it is (you) yet (you) never even know when I am browsing the board. take your meds
>>83471 hi koi >>/dolphin/verify/yd4w4rar You can verify 0.2921177604323061% (very based estimate) the dolphin verification key at
>>83475 sorry I scared you away from the big boy thread with my superior abilities you can come back I won't bite

Open file (126.12 KB 1280x720 1590751097745.jpg)
Lupo Lucio 05/30/2020 (Sat) 13:03:41 ID: dfefec No.6643 [Reply] [Last]
Un filone di memi ilari sulla corsaguerra?
522 posts and 310 images omitted. La colonna sonora della corsaguerra con il video della corsaguerra, ormai l'immaginario comune procede inarrestabile.
Open file (113.37 KB 960x861 Dio negro.jpeg)
Open file (381.93 KB 1678x2392 oh shiiit.jpg)
>>10810 >Quel momento in cui realizzi che il cristianesimo è la sottomarca per negri dell'ebraismo.
>>10811 ascolta...le religioni dei negri, quali che siano, si possono semplicemente riassumere in >sguzza gallina, fai quattrina il cristianesimo...a parte nelle chiese di negri, non è mai stato così...
>>10845 Certo, goy.

Open file (595.45 KB 1653x1811 EVlA24LUMAAUeHO.jpg)
Charlie Adler Thread Anonymous 05/16/2020 (Sat) 02:48:35 ID: ed5ab8 No.54774 [Reply] [Last]
Seriously! What the hell happened to this guy?!?!
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ITT: Anons derail the board into debate about Christianity :^) Robowaifu Technician 04/02/2020 (Thu) 02:24:54 No.2050 [Reply] [Last]
I found this project and it looks interesting. Robots wives appeal to me because i'm convinced human woman and humans in general have flaws that make having close relationships with them a waste of energy. I'm a pathetic freshman engineering student who knows barely anything about anything. Honestly, I think current technology isn't at a place that could produce satisfying results for me at least. I'd like something better than an actual person, not a compromise. Even then the technology is there, I have my doubts it'll be affordable to make on your own. Fingers crossed though. Anyway, what kind of behavior would you like from your robot wife? I'd like mine to be unemotional, lacking in empathy, stoic and disinterested in personal gain or other people. I think human woman would be improved if they were like that. Sorry if this thread is inappropriate.
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 04/06/2020 (Mon) 16:00:20.
127 posts and 65 images omitted.
>>5135 Obviously that will be a significant goal for the engineering of any robowaifu. The way I see it, we should figure out what would make pretty much any feminist the most angry in the creation of our robowaifu's behavior and personalities and then do exactly that.
>>5139 >we should figure out what would make pretty much any feminist the most angry in the creation of our robowaifu's behavior and personalities and then do exactly that. Precisely. But not only making them angry, but also constantly bombard people with all the information (only true information, no false speculations and such) about all the advantages of robowaifus over biological women, to the point that even the more omegas among men start moving away from women, rendering any of their rights and complaints useless, since nobody that can actually do something about it cares anymore.
>>5153 >Omegas among men The entire concept of "Alpha", "Beta" and "Omega" males/females is due to a misinterpretation."Alpha" animals are simply parents in the wild. It's only in artificial captivity (zoos) that what we regard as "Alphas" emerge. Maybe that says something about the current state of our society? But then, if people want to behave like caged animals, I say let 'em XD.
>>5176 I know. I use those terms because, unfortunately, they are the most well known among people. But my point is: even the more "woman worshiper" must presented with the better alternative of a robowaifu, so he will abandon the stupid ideas of worshiping women and sacrificing for them. >>5177 Thanks for the read, anon.

Open file (371.54 KB 626x803 Gahoole_the_Chad.png)
Open file (614.38 KB 545x667 good_looking_dude.png)
Open file (629.73 KB 844x898 pedohoole.png)
Open file (1.14 MB 873x843 god_himself.png)
Gahoole2 / Patrick Nelson Anonymous 10/20/2019 (Sun) 16:56:36 ID: 60a3a1 No.13514 [Reply] [Last]
A failed normalfag briefly known as the BO of 8/tv/ from bumfuck nowhere (Saint Cloud, Minnesota). Fancies himself a "comedian", known for shilling his unfunny garbage on ghettogaggers and imageboards.

Possibly cursed with the worst genetics on the planet, he looks like an ogre and is balding at 22.

His youtube channel:
743 posts and 219 images omitted.
Any updates on the pedophilia case? I'm excited to see the guy that chased anime off /TV/ getting locked up for the rest of his life for CP. They're going to rape and kill him in prison.
Open file (13.57 MB 700x302 ppp_weasellogging.webm)
is worth listen to his streams with Ashton? how many times Ashton seeth and cope about Wea.sel instead of having his donga talk with Toad McKinley?
Open file (64.70 KB 757x535 screenshot.png)
Kinodrome shitcord server is full of foxfickfarms actually saying that Toad McKinley is pedo. PATHETIC /pol/ is feeling sad about Mister Metokur cancer
>>25094 lmao

Open file (29.67 KB 410x551 down Christian.jpg)
Toad 09/16/2020 (Wed) 23:47:04 No.83381 [Reply]
>plenty of crossposting with /leftypol/ >full of feds >well know for having zoomer gays doing discord biblical studies and believing that they are better than other gays only bickers they read a kike fairy tales book >mods are involved with pedo allegations for years >constantly raid /pol/ and any other political boards to push their narrative and stories
why /christian/ even by cripplechan stantards can gathered so many fuck up people?

Open file (46.66 KB 347x351 Bune.png)
Toad 09/16/2020 (Wed) 23:31:20 ID: 015f00 No.83375 [Reply]
All glories to Lord Bune, the Duke! I praise his name, Bune! Wehl Melan Avage Bune Tasa

Open file (266.49 KB 474x362 oofsize.png)
Toad 09/11/2020 (Fri) 15:51:43 ID: d6d488 No.81929 [Reply]
Happy anniversary /cow/, You aren't what you used to be. Now it's just a bunch of faggots in the IBM thread waddling around like zombies. feels bad man
4 posts and 4 images omitted.
Open file (109.13 KB 465x583 smug potion seller.jpg)
Oldfag here, first time I have seen /cow/ in years due to the IBS autism and it's still just a shit. JEWS should have gotten fucking ganked for not putting a leash on that faggotry. Hell, a /cow/ ran by /int*/ would be more popular and less deadass at this point.
We'll always have the sacred day, fellow judges.
>>82075 >Oldfag
>>81929 >>81935 Cringe posts, try harder.

Open file (172.03 KB 416x441 jahans.png)
Open file (2.74 MB 3000x4966 jahans.jpg)
Jahans thread Anonymous 08/11/2019 (Sun) 10:52:16 ID: 2a28bf No.1179 [Reply]
Our boy Alex got his wisdom teeth out recently and was given some painkillers. He got high and went on a spergrant about how actually reading porn all day is very altruistic of him.
45 posts and 14 images omitted.
>>67848 he'll be back. they always come back
The channel still up, correct? Earwinson said anything about him recently about that last video? or Ashon was become his more accessible and submissive Jahans and he doesn't care anymore
Jahans is hospitalized, somehow the idiot contracted covid and bickers of his fuck up genetics this is worse than expected for someone with his age
>>80478 How did you glean this?
he died or not?

Open file (15.06 KB 696x392 Reddit-Logo-696x392.jpg)
Filone Plebbit Lupo Lucio 06/23/2020 (Tue) 10:58:23 No.7718 [Reply] [Last]
Rossopillatemi su questa latrina di sito. Sfortunatamente ho incontrato una persona nella vita reale che lo usa in Italia e... è la personificazione di ciò che pensate il sito sia. Ho anche fatto un giro in diversi sub italiani, e l'impressione è che l'utente medio sia o una versione piallata di diochan, o ingenui ragazzi delle medie/elementari.
69 posts and 23 images omitted.
Open file (90.36 KB 589x402 1w.png)
>>10820 In men che non si dica i moderatori rimuovono il tutto, chiedendo maggiori dettagli sull'argomento che volevo discutere.
Open file (106.58 KB 611x468 2.png)
>>10821 Nessun problema (immagine allegata). Eccetto che mi rimuovono completemante anche il secondo, nonostante mi sia attenuto a quanto richiesto dalla prima segnalazione.
Open file (77.39 KB 478x464 3.png)
>>10822 Ma, attenzione! Eccolo che arriva, tra "la razza é una sola, le intelligenze tante" ed "esiste solo la razza umana", il ragazzo soia tipo. Auto-proclamati campioni di argometazioni (che un catalogo di bias spostati), in ordine: >è colpa tua se ti cancellano il thread, non nostra >non vogliamo parlare di ciò che non ci piace >se parli di ciò che non ci piace automaticamente sei un antivax, terrapiatista, negazionista, ecc >qualsiasi risposta viene interpretata come una minaccia (?)
>>10818 Se davvero è Cinese, almeno ha dovuto rinunciare alla sua cittadinanza per acquisire la nostra. Non trovo molto interessante reddit e per quanto riguarda il pubblico italiano, piuttosto marginale.
Open file (211.91 KB 1024x1111 157246927511.png)
>>10823 Peccato che il concetto di più razze distinguibili sia presente nella costituzione italiana

Open file (173.41 KB 1080x1349 Alexandra Maslak.jpg)
Roastie Fear 2: Electric Boogaloo Robowaifu Technician 10/03/2019 (Thu) 07:25:28 No.1061 [Reply]
Your project is really disgusting
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 10/05/2019 (Sat) 06:35:57.
24 posts and 9 images omitted.
>>5072 >I know I am literally objectifying them here And a good thing too, since they are literally objects. >The economic infrastructure around this technology would be massive, Indeed it will be. I would go so far as to suggest that once the lucrative amounts of money to be made finally dawns on their handlers, they will drop the feminists and toss them under the bus in favor of the industry that will likely become the 2nd largest in the world behind food production before all is said and done. But, we will go through a very traumatic culture war first, and good men will literally die during that tumult. >just remind them that the lesbians get robowaifus, and the cis girls can cuddle with men who won't nag at them for being clingy with vibrating members built in who wash their dishes for them. No thanks, I'll leave that to the exploiters and the degenerates. BTW, the word is gynoid, Anon. We aren't doing the male sex here.
>>5071 I am well aware it's gynoid. But we need to talk, at least when it comes to feminists, about the practicality of all androids. Although, I am perfectly fine with every robot at every counter being female. That wouldn't bother me in the slightest.
>>5075 >I am well aware it's gynoid. But we need to talk, at least when it comes to feminists, about the practicality of all androids. Fine then, talk, but not here. There are tons and tons of female and feminist forums broadly available internet-wide where you can engage with them on this postition. But /robowaifu/ isn't going down that road. There's a reason it's named robowaifu, after all.
>>5075 Yeah, feminists are famous for valuing practicality. XD They will gladly shoot their own assets in the back of the head if it means hurting men. I really don't see the point in consideration of a party that considers itself to be at war with you.
Open file (75.51 KB 567x303 jealous shitskin 1.jpg)
Open file (57.65 KB 568x261 jealous shitskin 2.jpg)
>>1061 Not too relevant, but something that i found funny. It illustrates the growing desperation of modern women. This female shitskin exposes herself and the true feminine nature regarding jealousy. Notice how, like every negative traits, women are now trying to normalize jealousy, in a desperation attempt at diverting responsibility and guilt away from themselves. That is what simps also do: they want to blame men for the mistakes that women commit and for the negative traits in women nature.

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