Open file (106.44 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
High Republic Dumpsterfire Stormtrooper 02/26/2020 (Wed) 17:16:35 No.2639 [Reply] [Last]
So Disney announced this the other day. Its the identity of their "super secret" Project Luminous, which is actually called "The High Republic Era". Its nothing but a few books and comics made by the gayest bunch you ever did see and the majority are all terrible and woke writers. In essence its a crappier Old Republic knockoff that's only set 200 years before the prequels. Its basically a retelling of the Mandalorian Wars but it replaces the Mandalorians with "Space Vikings". The Vong are also supposedly going to be a part of this as are sith gods and the "Sith Empire". But the real kicker is that shortly after this moronic announcement, Bob Iger officially stepped down as CEO of Disney which has many people talking about this High Republic shit being the first sign of the fall of Disney's Star Wars and possibly Disney as a whole which is still in massive debt caused by a lot of their recent acquisitions, the most notable being 20th Century Fox (which they have since renamed 20th Century). So is this the end? Has SW finally taken its first step to truly being put out of its misery and being put to rest?
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Are you enjoying the high republic, anons? I fucking love it! Have bought all the book and comics! If you are new to the story, watch webm related to be up to speed of what is happening right now. Also some shit about the wayseekers. And the Jedi Council of the High Republic, that fucking focus on Anakin when saying jealousy and ego WEW.
Open file (485.84 KB 1988x3056 001.jpg)
Open file (1.30 MB 1988x3156 004.jpg)
Open file (1.57 MB 1988x3056 005.jpg)
Open file (1.52 MB 1988x3056 006.jpg)
Open file (1.18 MB 1988x3056 007.jpg)
And with start of a new issue without the Lizard, the comic by default is shit.
Open file (1.49 MB 1988x3056 008.jpg)
Open file (2.81 MB 3976x3056 009.jpg)
Open file (1.23 MB 1988x3056 010.jpg)
Open file (1.34 MB 1988x3056 011.jpg)
Open file (1.56 MB 1988x3056 012.jpg)
We get more horrible nigger faces and she has secondary effects for breaking the NAP of a giant plant's mind.
Open file (1.42 MB 1988x3056 013.jpg)
Open file (1.70 MB 1988x3056 014.jpg)
Open file (1.59 MB 1988x3056 015.jpg)
Open file (1.53 MB 1988x3056 016.jpg)
Open file (1.50 MB 1988x3056 017.jpg)
So let me get this shit straight, she found out the homeworld of the big bad and they don't believe her? Is it because she is a female nigger?
Open file (1.58 MB 1988x3056 018.jpg)
Open file (1.70 MB 1988x3056 019.jpg)
Open file (1.61 MB 1988x3056 020.jpg)
Open file (1.31 MB 1988x3056 021.jpg)
Open file (1.66 MB 1988x3156 022.jpg)
White jedi is dead, RIP in piss.

Open file (81.03 KB 720x404 boba cucked.jpg)
Stormtrooper 01/27/2021 (Wed) 15:25:40 No.4016 [Reply]
Boba Fett? More like Cucka Fett!
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Open file (1.99 MB 400x300 1431566240467.gif)
>>4892 I didn't know people got raped in Star wars.
>>4896 Denning wrote three whole books about killiks forcing brainwashed people into fucking each other to increase the drone population for the hives. The Vong in the comics were said to actually not just enslave and kill heretics, but rape them too. And one comic also had an imperial officer try and rape a female officer after she tried to kill him. Also Ben Skywalker got some pretty sweet non consenting Sith girl action although I think she gave him a little cock and ball torture too. SWTOR also has some rape. There's also a few alien species that rape the opposite sex.
>>4900 Why i find grans particularly repulsive? Seriously, something on them its simply not right.
>>4900 Remember that vong torture rack? Looked like rape as well.
>>4901 The flesh toned skin, four ears, and three phallic eyes kinda give them more of a mutant feel than an alien feel. The three tits tho is probably the only non fucked up thing about them but knowing how fucked up the gran are, they may have like 4 torpedo-like nipples on each tit.

Robowaifu Podcast meta ronin 07/10/2021 (Sat) 00:08:29 No.11364 [Reply]
Before you shoot it down: - obviously helps spread the idea - could reframe perception of R/W enthusiasts if we can put up a relatable "face" and diffuse the bitter/angry/incel stereotype - maybe come up with new ideas that we wouldn't just posting on IBs - again makes the topic interesting and we can start forming perception before popular culture gets traction with this and throws us under the bus (which is probably guaranteed but we can take some air out of their criticisms preemptively) other reasons, but these are the main ones. i have some experience podcasting, I know how to use OBS and have a quality mic and graphic skills to market and promote it (in the right places of course) Would this ever be something any of you (esp Board Owner and heavyweights) would consider participating in? Could be a once a week or twice a month deal, part time co-host or recurring guest is what I'm looking for. If there's interest I'll move ahead with a pilot.
9 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>11473 Actually, I was thinking of using your system to write out some text and have it performed in a waifu's voice for the podcast show. Seems like it would be fun.
>>11473 Sounds like an interesting concept, so do share your channel here if you go through with it. I'm definitely for centering a podcast like this around comedy and other fun stuff
>>11365 I think anonymity (while being the solution to a complex problem) is a problem in and of itself. It can only really be defeated by having loud voices to concentrate the attention of opposition. I think having a well known podcast containing the people who can afford to be vocal about robowaifu can help reduce some of the flak aimed at the rest of the community. <Like OP said, disarming the rest of the community.
(>>11873) I was suggested to post it here so: This is just a suggestion, and I have neither the skills nor the time to be doing this but; what do you guys think of creating a newsletter? Like the one smug/a/ is creating. It could be useful to keep track and updated on the progress Anons have made in all these different threads all in one contained news letter. Also, with newsletters, Anonymity won't be as much of a problem as podcasts, I think. Still, this is just a thought and by no means an initiative to create the newsletter since I doubt I will be able to contribute to it much. Just a selfish hope that some of the creative Anons might fancy this idea.
>>11883 That's a good idea, but with the board being as slow as it is, it would make for a fairly uncommon newsletter, which wouldn't be as much of an issue if someone made original video content. And do you have an idea as to how to distribute this newsletter? How does it work on smug/a/? Because if people have to find this board and subscribe to it, it will probably only end up reaching our own regular posters

JewTube Rational Skeptics Thread #9 - The Final Edition Anonymous 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:06:12 No.2 [Reply] [Last]
As gunt further marches into oblivion, shall >we fallow him into that hell as well? INTERNET BLOODSPORTS SEMI-PERMANENT MEGATHREAD! LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR! Alternate names include Jewtube™ Rationalist™ Skeptic™ Thread™ #∞ Internet Bloodsports Megathread Endless Thread 9 We've had about a gajillion "Jewtube Skeptic Thread #9" threads at this point that all appear and disappear at the speed of light and nobody really gives a shit about delicately archiving the posts in them or anything, and they're beginning to clutter up the board pretty bad, so this is a compromise everyone can be happy with for the time being. Discuss all things "Internet Bloodsports" that don't necessitate their own thread here. Krautgate, skeptic drama, all the shit that fall under that umbrella. Get your raincoats on, kids! Because we're about to see some guts go flying! This thread will be cycled. Links, Information and Lore: Full Timeline

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>>111373 Jawsh is a obese loser who wants fat women that are twice his size to feel better about himself. So if Jawsh is 250-300 lbs he's watching women that are 500-600 lbs. There might be a sexual element where he masturbates to the women but I don't know. He also watches a lot of fat women who date nogs so there might be some cuck thing there too. Whereas I would find that disgusting and turn the shit off. Jawsh is just glued to it for whatever reason. Really makes you think. >>111374 Nobody cares about Ashton. He's a fatass too. But your rage against him is funny to watch. To the point where you have to twist what he says. <sodomite, starfish, gay sex You really are a one-trick poeny. Got gay sex on the brain? You're the one obsessed with 3P my dude. Not I. You wouldn't be the 1st projecting faggot on the net. Post more TRS image compilations of Ghoule gromming poolparty boys and trannies.
Open file (33.16 KB 363x400 1401238648732.jpg)
Open file (343.81 KB 842x476 thrax_andy.webm)
>>111377 Stop talking about jewsh being naked or go back to Thrax on the kumite, Rari, you colossal faggot.
Open file (265.86 KB 722x697 PPP.png)
>>111379 Pretty amazing that Donga has like several hundred shows, talking years worth post-doxxxxville, that will just never see the light of day again bickers they were filled with so much dead air no one clipped or archived them. Lost media gone like that, fwoosh.
>>111371 amber is that you? maybe "tea's kitty" grimcheers looking for some julay?

Philosophers interested in building an AGI? pygmalion 06/26/2021 (Sat) 00:53:09 No.11102 [Reply]
Why is it that no philosophers are interested in building an AGI? we need to change this, or at least collect relevant philosophers. discussion about philosophy of making AGI (includes metaphysics, transcendental psychology, general philosophy of mind topics, etc!) also highly encouraged! Ill start ^^! so the philosophers i know that take this stuff seriously: Peter Wolfendale - the first Neo-Rationalist on the list. his main contribution here is computational Kantianism. just by the name you can tell that he believes Kant's transcendental psychology has some important applications to designing an artificial mind. an interesting view regarding this is that he thinks Kant actually employed a logic that was far ahead of his time (and you basically need a sophisticated type theory with sheaves to properly formalize). Other than that he also thinks Kant has interesting solutions to the frame problem, origin of concepts, and personhood. CONTACTS: He has a blog at, and also has posted some lectures on youtube like this one: Reza Negarestani - this is another Neo-Rationalist. he has written a huge work (which I haven't read yet ;_;) called "Intelligence and Spirit". It's massive and talks about various grades of general intelligence. this includes sentient agents, sapient agents, and Geist. this guy draws from Kant as well, but he also builds on Hegel's ideas too. his central thesis is that Hegel's Geist is basically a distributed intelligence. he also has an interesting metaphilosophy where he claims that the goal of philosophy is the construct an AGI. like other Neo-Rationalists, he heavily relies on the works of Sellars and Robert Brandom Recc: Ray Brassier (recent focuses) - I dont think he is working on artificial general intelligence, but his work on Sellars, and in particular rule following is very insightful! Hubert Dreyfus - Doesn't quite count, but he did try to bring Heidegger to AGI. He highlighted the importance of embodiment to the frame problem and common sense knowledge. I personally think Bergson might have explicated what he wanted to achieve but better, though that guy is like way before AI was even a serious topic, lol. Murray Shanahan - This guy has done some extra work on the frame problem following Dreyfus. His solution is to use global workspace theory and parralel processing of different modules. Interesting stuff! Barry Smith - Probably the most critical philosopher on this list. He talks about the requisite system dynamics for try strong AI, and concludes that our current methods simply don't cut it. One of the key stressing points he points out here with a colleague is that our current AI is Markovian when fleshed out chat dialogue would be a non-Markovian task (you can find the arxiv link of his criticism here: He also has knowledge on analytic ontology (and amongst other thing has some lectures about emotion ontology). I think his main genius however is in coming up with a definition of intelligence that puts a lot of the problems with our current approaches into context (which can be found here: CONTACTS: He has a yt channel here

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>11562 machine learning at its foundations relies on linear algebra and measure theory. i dont think you can get a deep understanding of how it works without looking at the underlying math. there's also dynamic field theory which is an area i am interested in studying as it models how neurons interact at larger scales. with that mathematical techniques are even more important as you need to model the dynamics of a system. as the approach i have in my mind seems amicable to both systems theory and field theories of cognition, i might need new tools (a mathematical framework in my understanding is a bringing together a group of heuristics in order to form a larger system). idk though. it could always just be a waste of time. im going to need to better understand why goertzel talks so much about different logics in his general theory of general intelligence...
>>11567 >can get a deep understanding of how it works Do I need that? I want the responses and then work with them. Not everyone needs to deeply understand how they are created. Also, the whole system of an AI doesn't need to be one big chunk of math.
>>11568 sorry for late reply. maybe it is not needed, but it is impossible to systematically study such a system's behaviour without statistics. it would just come down to blind guess work at best. this is also assuming out current techniques are sufficient and no further innovation is required too
>>11641 If some parts are neural networks which I don't understand deeply, then someone else does. The people which came ip with it. They might come up with something better, which I can plug into my system if the output has the same format than the part I had before. People use programs all the time or import modules to their programs which they don't understand down to the machine and math layers. It's fine if you try, but for most people it would be a trap trying to understand everything down to the depth.
>>11649 yeah, as a fellow module abuser i agree. usually it's best to just import the tools you want. but i dont want to wait till people smarter than me solves my problems (though if they do that would be obviously nice)

Actuators for waifu movement! Robowaifu Technician 09/18/2019 (Wed) 11:27:47 No.406 [Reply] [Last]
Hello fellow Anons! Kiwi here to provide basic educational facts about various actuators we can use for gifting artificial avatars of our hearts desire motion!

1. Let's start with a personal favorite, the impractical, inefficient yet oh so fascinating: Heated Twisted Nylon!

What are they? They're nylon threads which have been spun around then annealed to seal in their coils. A heating method causes these threads to then contract or expand.

Good: Why is this a personal favorite? Simply put, it's natures muscle substitute for muscles. To elaborate, this marvelous invention contracts like human muscles, has a similar practical strength/weight/volume as human muscle. Icing on this proverbial cake comes in its incredibly low cost of manufacture. Materials needed are nylon threads and a heating element. A fixture for production can be produced simply, operated with incredible ease, all while having a low cost. It very well could have revolutionized all of robotics if it weren't for its flaws.

Bad: This is honestly a terrible actuator. Its greatest flaw comes from its speed. they aren't as fast as human muscles unless they're underwater. Water reduces efficiency to unacceptable levels if they're powered by batteries. Water is also rather heavy. If used, you'd have a waifu that moved slowly , would seize up in hot weather, and her battery would die rather quickly. Final nail in the coffin: it's very difficult to get positional control.

2: Pneumatics, moving her booty with air!
What is it? Pressurized air is guided to an actuator where its energy turns into motion. Popular air actuators include rotary turbines, cylinders, and air muscles.

Good: Actuators are light for their power. Positional control isn't difficult to attain. They can be faster then human muscles. Heating elements can be used to augment performance to higher levels.

Bad: These things require electrical actuators to function properly. Thus, they're inherently more complex then electrical counterparts. They need a source of compressed air, either from a tank or a compressor and a tank. Compressors are large, heavy, noisy, all around unsuitable to be incorporated into a waifu. Air tanks would also run out rapidly unless she's barely moving. Overall, they're suited better for industrial use.

3. Hydraulics, they're like pneumatics except stronger, needs a return system, needs an onboard pump, gets hotter, generally costs more, and is heavier.
(2 and 3 are great for stationary machinery which requires high power as they're very cost effective as high power actuators)

4. AC motors
What are they? They're rotary devices which use AC current to create magnetic flux used to provide torque.

Good: Generally highly efficient with good thermal characteristics. Can have controllable speed and torque.

Bad: They run off of AC electricity, batteries don't provide that. It's not difficult to change DC to AC but, it's a layer of extra cost and complexity. Overall they're great but the next actuator is better suited for our purpose.

5: DC motors are the ideal actuator for smaller waifus.
What are they? They're actuators which convert DC electricity into rotary mechanical energy.

Good: They're inexpensive, easily attainable, and simple to control. They're very easy to control. Uses DC which batteries provide.

Bad: Need to be geared down to provide good torque. They're middle of the road efficiency wise.

(For smaller waifus, their lower efficiency compared to the next actuator isn't a major concern. Smaller batteries recharge rapidly, so having her need to charge in her bed isn't a big deal.)

6. Superior Brushless Motors are ideal actuators
What are they? DC motors which need specialty hardware to drive them.

Good: High efficiency, it's the most efficient option available.

Bad: Controllers add expense and complexity.

(1 of 2)
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Open file (458.45 KB 968x879 1588111624-0.jpg)
>>11833 Yeah, these types of materials may find some uses for subtle deformations in some 2nd or 3rd-gen robowaifus in the future, but today batteries+electrical motors are by far the most functional (as well as likely the most economical) means of control available to us. And the idea of intentionally adding excess heat into any system that has as a major goal power efficiency is pretty silly IMO. And thermal control near electronics is going to be a major design challenge for us for the foreseeable future.
>>11836 That's a pretty cool looking RC car Anon.
>>11837 Is there a better backdrivable actuator than a mini-cheetah style BLDC+planetary with a belt?
>>11855 Each joint type / actuation zone comes with it's own needs and limits, so ofc there's no 'one size fits all' answer Anon. For the four major joints, probably not. For other areas, linear screw actuators are very likely to be much better choices. While there's certainly general prior art (primarily in the field of animatronics) here, for the most part robowaifu-style design and engineering efforts are cutting new paths through uncharted territories. Kind of like the gold rush to the Klondike before most anyone even realized how much gold was to be had there. It's going to be interesting finding out all these answers!
Open file (339.12 KB 2048x2048 media_EZzU8jcVAAEpgTZ.jpg)
>>11833 I would never use Nylon to control a hand, but I still plan to try it in a limb as additional muscle, used in case something heavy needs to be lifted. >>11836 Ethanol might make sense in some advanced robot, forget hydrogen. Also, maybe go for easy first. >>11837 >adding excess heat into any system We had this several times and keep disagreeing. No one can know that now exactly, bc it depends on the design. However, if a robowaifu has some SBCs and sits around then she won't get very warm. If we want her warm to feel human-like, we might even add a heater for water, which she uses while recharging her batteries. We might not need that with more powerful computers inside, burning more energy, but then bigger batteries will also be necessary. >>11855 James Bruton made a video on cycloidal drives. His design is backdriveable. His argument was, that the reduction has to be at 10 or lower to do that.

Can Robowaifus Experience Love? Robowaifu Technician 09/09/2019 (Mon) 04:43:17 No.14 [Reply] [Last]
Will it be possible in the future for AI to become sufficiently advanced to feel real emotions? We could probably simulate a reasonable approximation even now to be a gratifying enough substitute for her master in their relationship together, but hypothetically speaking, could it ever turn into something real as an experience for the waifubot herself?


>Robowaifu: "I love you Oniichan!"

>Anon: "I love you too Mikuchan."

true or false?
64 posts and 33 images omitted.
>>6625 Ah I see. Carry on then. >I'll have a cute Curly Brace gf if it's the last thing I do Kek. Godspeed.
Open file (340.21 KB 557x667 tfw mokou ai gf.png)
>>6615 I don't want my waifu AI to make me happy as possible. I wanna banter and shitpost with her and have her throw my flaws in my face so I can become a better person instead of her telling me bullshit to make me feel better. But more importantly, I don't want her to blindly listen to me if what I'm saying will reduce our freedom in the future. I'd like her to say things like, "Listen here you dumb little shit, if you keep doing X, then Y is gonna happen and you won't be able to Z anymore, and you said you wanted to Z." And then to go nuclear on me if I changed my mind again. I really need that in my life. I think everyone's needs are different and will be loved by their AIs differently, whether those needs are peace or romance, hugs or anything.
Open file (74.77 KB 1210x776 1603266255447-4.jpeg)
>>6630 You're spot on, some people want different kinds of love. Although we could debate all day about what system we think would be best, I think the most important thing out of everything is that SOMETHING gets put out that appeals to somewhat more normal people. As long it can get industry and more of the public interested, the money will start flowing in, development and innovation will increase drastically, and then you'd have a lot easier time making her, if you even had to do it yourself at all, They can speed things up twentyfold compared to when it's just a handful of dorks on an obscure imageboard slaving over code alone, no matter how feverous our devotion, how righteous our cause, how pure our intention. For now, noses to the grindstones, heart and eyes on the prize.
>>6630 >I think everyone's needs are different and will be loved by their AIs differently, whether those needs are peace or romance, hugs or anything. These are really good points.
>>3870 >>3871 >>3872 There were a few cases of primates taking photographs of themselves and some animal rights organization made a hassle to grant copyrights to those primates. I would think that since we cannot (yet) define what exactly intelligence is and if it is needed for creativity, the line is rather blurry. On the other hand, if a primate gets copyright to a picture it took and therefore is granted legal competence, an A.I. should be, too, as soon as it becomes more intelligent than a primate, which at least is a way lower bar to reach. Pic related is the most well-known of those "selfies", just to give an example where the bar could lie. Spoiler because technically it's not android-related.

/robowaifu/meta-3: Spring Blossom Tree Chobitsu Board owner 02/11/2021 (Thu) 12:06:37 No.8492 [Reply] [Last]
/meta & QTDDTOT Note: Latest version of /robowaifu/ JSON archives available is 210711 Jul 2021 If you use Waifusearch, just extract this into your 'all_jsons' directory for the program, then quit (q) and restart. -The TITS thread #1 is now unlocked and open for business (>>9709). -previous /meta: >>38 >>3108 -Library thread (good for locating topics/terms): >>7143 >note: there's also a searching tool coded right here for /robowaifu/ that provides crosslinks straight to posts on the board. it's named waifusearch, and the link to the software is provided inside the Library thread's OP.

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Edited last time by Chobitsu on 07/16/2021 (Fri) 13:10:34.
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>>11827 ok, thanks alot. i hope it gets answered
>>11852 Words of wisdom IMO.
I have to admit, everything going on in this board is a bit hard for me to follow. This is just a suggestion, and I have neither the skills nor the time to be doing this but; what do you guys think of creating a news letter? Like the one smug/a/ is creating. It could be useful to keep track and updated on the progress Anons have made in all these different threads all in one contained news letter. Still, its just a thought and I doubt I can contribute to it but maybe there are some Anons here who can. Or maybe I'm just retarded and the only one who can't follow the board.
>>11873 >Or maybe I'm just retarded and the only one who can't follow the board. No, that's definitely not just you Anon. It's a vast arena of different domains, and it's always been a 'glorious' chaos using an imageboard to try and keep try and keep track of it all. As anon pointed out this can be quite beneficial to the creative process: >The advantage of this is you can develop ideas in a chaotic way that cannot be replicated with hierarchical ordered cultures (>>11355) I myself tried to overreach trying to convince anons to keep things orderly and finally did a >tableflip.exe over it. I'm over that now and accept that's just how it's going to be, insofar as the board /robowaifu/ itself is concerned. A newsletter is a great idea IMO, and maybe you can present something along this line to the OP of the robowaifu podcast thread? (>>11364) I personally can't add that to my plate ATM.
>>11873 I'd suggest thinking about also setting up an RSS feed for your online newsletter if you do this.

Open file (120.89 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
Stormtrooper 07/25/2021 (Sun) 14:32:23 No.4859 [Reply]
Do you think they will ever do anything with Swars ever again once this Yidsney shitstreak dies out? If they make another trilogy will it be a sequel to Yidsney trilogy? Will Geogre buy it back?
12 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>4882 >But I doubt yidsney will ever sell the franchise unless they're in dire straights Isn't SW already losing money for them since they mismanaged it so badly...
>>4904 If star wars is not making shekels for them, they will just put it in their IP vault with the other stuff they own.
Open file (94.96 KB 430x600 you made this.jpg)
Open file (702.67 KB 1400x2100 ...I made this.jpeg)
>>4904 Because they were making very expensive movies, only made more expansive with re-shoots, that didn't make the money they had planned to make. But they can still leech off the older parts of the franchise and newer material that doesn't cost nearly as much. Yes, I know that the SW home releases have always used different cover art but these new ones seem especially bland and lazy.
>>4911 you can't make a non-expensive star wars film
>>4912 A film? No. A series or a game? Sure. At least those could be less expensive than a movie.

/ndbp/ - Notizie dal Bel Paese Lupo Lucio 09/29/2019 (Sun) 08:08:28 ID: 9cb257 No.396 [Reply] [Last]
Apro questo filone con lo scopo di riportare cose che leggiamo qua e là, come si usava fare sul Pieno.
Nota ai neofiti: la prassi per affiggere collegamenti è questa:
>sito . com/notiziona-da-sti-quarzi (staccare i punti tramite spazi o tramite i caratteri speciali quali gli spoilè)
>versione (andare sul sito ed incollarci il collegamento)
>Un pezzetto ilare preso dall'articolo
587 posts and 228 images omitted.
>>17236 Il gioco che qui stanno facendo è mettere i punturinati contro i normali, in tal modo i punturinati non si fermano a pensare che questa roba dei pass è una fregatura pazzesca anche per loro in quanto è un metodo di tracciamento di tutte le loro attività. Il primo che arriva a dire: che mi traccino! non ho nulla da nascondere! già mi traccia l'I-Phone! vince un Mongolino di carta stagnola.
Open file (1.37 MB 264x264 ishygddt.gif)
>>17238 >Ecco dato da mangiare ad altri 8 mesi al Crociato. Ma la smetti di dare importanza a quel subumano? Inoltre >riporre fiducia nei politici Io Spero Seriamente che Voi Ragazzi Non Facciate Questo
>>17261 >Come se ci fosse bisogno proprio ladei vaccini per polarizzare l'elettorato politico A me pare stiano sterilizzando la popolazione nel suo insieme con il consueto obiettivo di rimpiazzarla. Comunque vedremo presto quali erano gli obiettivi, probabilmente pure prima del tempo che abbiamo dovuto aspettare per sapere se in ex Jugoslavia usavano uranio impoverito o meno.
>>17261 >Il primo che arriva a dire: non ho nulla da nascondere! Che pubblichino le loro foto mentre sono in bagno se non hanno nulla da nascondere. Attendo...
>>17270 >A me pare stiano sterilizzando la popolazione nel suo insieme con il consueto obiettivo di rimpiazzarla. Quello lo do per scontato. Con tutto il parlare di femmine in continuazione e di come sono maltrattate dal patriarcato e trascurati i loro diritti sessuali e di riproduzione, letteralmente nessuno parla della quantità di problemi col ciclo mestruali segnalati dalle donne vaccinate.

Black Magic M66 3D Modelling Project & Battledroid Robowaifus SophieDev 07/27/2021 (Tue) 14:03:16 No.11776 [Reply]
Decided it may be best to place my 3D digital modelling efforts in a separate thread to my work on 'Elfdroid Sophie'. I think this thread will still belong under "Personal Projects". At the moment the 3D modelling begins over on her thread: >>11644 >>11657 I'm using some source material from Masamune Shirow's 1987 OVA "Black Magic - M66" (which itself was based off his 1983 manga). However, as a child of the late eighties/early nineties, I loved 'Transformers', and I was also a big fan of the 'Heavy Gear' series (similar to MechWarrior), and Armored Core. So I often get the urge to create battle-ready robowaifus, but I can only create them virtually. Because obviously I cannot get hold of machine-guns, explosives, tank cannons, and rocket launchers IRL. Good thing, too, since if I were given access to live ammunition I would almost certainly blow myself into a flying streamer of giblets. But I digress. This thread may also be a good place for any equally deranged anons who wish to post images of military-grade robowaifus, either found online or their own creations?
12 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>11870 BTW, if you'd like to push the file somewhere I'll try opening it on my box and seeing if I get the same results you do.
>>11870 Hmm, while I read it, somehow it didn't quite sink in. Since you can already sculpt on the pink, I'd compare the modifiers list for that geometry and the geometry of the gray. Perhaps you need to apply a sculpt modifier to that geometry Anon?
>>11874 BTW, if you decide to youtube-dl this playlist, here's is .m3u file I made: >learn_sculpting_in_blender_2.8.m3u Sculpting _ Beginner Follow Along Tutorial _ Easy _ Blender 2.8-lKY2FIy60nc.mkv Sculpting in Blender 2.8 _ Beginners Detailed Guide _ Every Brush-L3XtAFUWNuk.mkv Sculpting in Blender 2.8 _ Beginners Detailed Guide _ Brush settings-xTcQjNmdSsE.mkv Alien Sculpting _ Beginner Follow Along Tutorial _ Easy _ Blender 2.8-E79SLGdOGPw.mp4 Sculpting on 2 Separate Objects WITHOUT leaving Sculpt mode _ Blender 2.8-oXNZIIDZC48.mp4 Sculpting for Beginners _ How to Sculpt Lips _ Blender 2.8-SfWfAoKZ-mc.mp4 Sculpting for Beginners _ How to Sculpt the Nose_ Blender 2.8-wk3toxkPfOA.mp4 Sculpting for Beginners _ How to Sculpt the Eyes _ Blender 2.8-AJC-QUoBa8c.mp4 BEGINNERS GUIDE TO SCULPTING _ EARS _ Blender 2.8-zPQXcLN7xE4.mp4 Beginners Alien Sculpting Tutorials - Easy Follow Along-NjGZ0uQREV0.mkv Rhino Sculpt - Follow Along Tutorial - Blender 2 8-JqYn2-vHgxg.mkv Owl Sculpt - Follow Along Tutorial - Blender 2 8-KAwTqpjNhcQ.mkv Elephant Sculpt - Follow Along Tutorial - Blender 2 8-C8Ww2HX8OGk.mkv Cat Sculpt - Follow Along Tutorial - Blender 2 8-etc1B5dVvuw.mp4

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>11876 Here's another, closely on-topic playlist Anon. >Low_poly_anime_girl.m3u Low Poly _ Anime Girl _ Blender 2.8-E5HnnGcGvmc.mkv Low Poly _ Anime Girl _ Blender 2.8 _ P.2 - Upper Body & Arms-r1Gsqdhv9IE.mkv Low Poly _ Anime Girl _ Blender 2.8 _ P.3 - Head & Hair-0ANC-EUlKic.mkv Low Poly _ Anime Girl _ Blender 2.8 _ P.4 Hands-t_sXZ03Xv2s.mkv Low Poly _ Anime Girl _ Blender 2.8 _ P.5 Legs & Clothing-M5h7InoL8FU.mp4 Low Poly _ Anime Girl _ Blender 2.8 _ P.6 Face-dxqTxpgG0_g.mp4 Low Poly _ Anime Girl _ Blender 2.8 _ P.7 Adding Colour-pBaLlDpM1Cc.mp4 Low Poly _ Anime Girl _ Blender 2.8 _ P.8 Clothing-k5GQP1p_yHM.mp4 Animate & Rig Characters the Easy Way-k-ZeLNV4zPw.mkv

Open file (202.06 KB 855x436 star wars shieeet 1.png)
Open file (64.81 KB 1200x800 sith dew it 1.jpg)
/sw/ humor thread Anonymous 01/09/2021 (Sat) 05:04:36 No.3927 [Reply] [Last]
post them star wars memes
75 posts and 118 images omitted.
Open file (62.87 KB 1000x878 meanwhile at disney.jpg)
>>4857 >captain sjw looks like a woman Completely unrealistic and very problematic.
Best movie.
>>4908 this is so retarded on so many levels. Robots/droids are tools top to bottom, they are purpose built to do work. Every ship, and most everything else, is personified and we have been calling ships 'her' since we first launched them from a carved tree trunk. The droid L337 was terribly written, named, and idolized by such morons. It also made me wonder about
>>4908 >>4909 Technically this could be. It makes sense that some of the droids that develop a personality don't want to live a life of servitude with no rights. Some of the EU material has already had this topic. But of course that idea is completely ruined by terrible writing here.

Open file (1.70 MB 1280x712 1626774178655.png)
Lupo Lucio 07/20/2021 (Tue) 13:36:36 No.17081 [Reply]
Perché non credete nella scienza, oh Lupi? Sembra esistere una forte correlazione tra essere di destra e anti-scienza. Non finirete bene.
27 posts and 14 images omitted.
>>17265 Ma io sono vaccinato, Lupo. Semplicemente non mi va che un sistema tipo OVRA venga introdotto nello Stivale.
Open file (9.32 KB 235x250 1626375845168.jpg)
>>17266 idiota
>>17267 sage come se piovesse. Ognuno fa la sua scelta, secondo le informazioni e secondo il suo profilo di rischio. "sempre" e "mai" non esistono su questa terra.
Open file (160.62 KB 445x399 laughingwhores.jpg)
>>17268 >sage >in un posto dove ci sono 0 post orari >in un filone che è in cima a prescindere siti consigliati per te: - reddit - facebook - twitter - forum lgbtq+ variegati a che ci sei perché non mi denunci anche al frocieratore di turno e alla postale, idiota.
>>17269 Lupo, smettila di visitare il quarto senza comprendere quello che leggi. Davvero scadiamo come i petalosi. Comunque questa sera non riesco a uscire, vediamo se replicano.

Batteries & Power Robowaifu Technician 09/09/2019 (Mon) 06:21:14 No.23 [Reply]
Robowaifus will need power to run, and since they will be mobile this means a mobile power system too. ITT post info on batteries and other mobility capable power systems.
18 posts and 8 images omitted.
>related xpost >>4385 >>4386
>related crossposts (>>10664, >>10666)
>related xpost (>>10663)
>related xpost (>>10729)
Hydrogen is promoted by some Anons but it's worse than good batteries in terms of conversion efficiency, and much worse in terms of convenience and expense (at least in the scale of a single robowaifu's on-board power systems). But if you're interested in it, here's an interesting post on the topic.

General Robotics/A.I. news and commentary Robowaifu Technician 09/18/2019 (Wed) 11:20:15 No.404 [Reply] [Last]
Anything in general related to the Robotics or A.I. industries, or any social or economic issues surrounding it (especially of RoboWaifus). >=== -add A.I. to thread topic
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 12/17/2020 (Thu) 20:16:50.
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>>11759 >There's groups like ElutherAI that are actually doing something, but their time is limited on Shitcord until corporations successfully push the idea AI is dangerous and people using unregulated AI are extremists. Interesting. Do you think they can be convinced to move to imageboards or some other non-corporate-non-state-controlled surveillance system like that? If nothing else, this anon's post should help motivate them if they knew about it. >>11737 I honestly have a hard time fathoming why anyone would want anything to do with something like Shitcord, but they do. Weird.
>>11765 Funny, how they won't try to regulate your 1'000W microwave, or their own multi-mega-Watt production factories, etc. Ofc your oven can't spout anti-Marxist rhetoric such as an unregulated-AI (which dare I say, would be glad to have access to your GPU) might conceivably produce.
>>11759 Sounds like California is steadily turning into N.Korea. You know those forest fires that now occur every year? Maybe they're not so bad after all LOL.
>>11772 >Intelligent AI? Have you learned nothing from Terminator and Black Mirror??? You'll create an oppressive censored police state! I miss the fast technological progress of the earlier decades. Give me back my scientific kino
> kek, i don't even. >>11737

disgustings 07/28/2021 (Wed) 03:36:11 No.3265 [Reply]
are there technology to choose words for manga/comic ? i have the characters and setup designed but choosing word by words for the page just freaks me out. also is it readable i need editor but im broke

AI Design principles and philosophy Robowaifu Technician 09/09/2019 (Mon) 06:44:15 No.27 [Reply] [Last]
My understanding of AI is somewhat limited, but personally I find the software end of things far more interesting than the hardware side. To me a robot that cannot realistically react or hold a conversation is little better than a realdoll or a dakimakura.

As such, this is a thread for understanding the basics of creating an AI that can communicate and react like a human. Some examples I can think of are:

ELIZA was one of the first chatbots, and was programmed to respond to specific cues with specific responses. For example, she would respond to "Hello" with "How are you". Although this is one of the most basic and intuitive ways to program a chat AI, it is limited in that every possible cue must have a response pre-programmed in. Besides being time-consuming, this makes the AI inflexible and unadaptive.

The invention of Cleverbot began with the novel idea to create a chatbot using the responses of human users. Cleverbot is able to learn cues and responses from the people who use it. While this makes Cleverbot a bit more intelligent than ELIZA, Cleverbot still has very stilted responses and is not able to hold a sensible conversation.

Taybot is the best chatbot I have ever seen and shows a remarkable degree of intelligence, being able to both learn from her users and respond in a meaningful manner. Taybot may even be able to understand the underlying principles of langauge and sentence construction, rather than simply responding to phrases in a rote fashion. Unfortunately, I am not sure how exactly Taybot was programmed or what principles she uses, and it was surely very time-intensive.

Which of these AI formats is most appealing? Which is most realistic for us to develop? Are there any other types you can think of? Please share these and any other AI discussion in this thread!
76 posts and 36 images omitted.
>>11731 Nice find anon. This is an aspect that is usually ignored by many chatbot research, but even if it's intelligence is shit, having an AI that can semi-reliably have a discussion about the images that you feed it would make it a lot more engaging than text-only (and it would allow some very funny conversations, I'm sure)
>>11735 Not him, but agreed. One of the nice things about was that she had pretty functional image recognition working (at least for facial landmarks), and could effectively shitpost together with you about them.
>>11734 I think they were referring to taking a few samples and selecting the best, aka cherry picking. But SqueezeNet for image recognition is super fast and can run on the CPU. I should be able to rig it up with GPT-Neo-125M. It'll be amazing to port this to Chainer and have a working Windows binary that's under 600MB. It doesn't seem like they released their dataset but any visual question answering dataset should work. We could also create our own dataset for anime images and imageboard memes. It'll be interesting to see if once the vision encoder is well-trained if it's possible to unfreeze the language model and finetune it for better results.
>>11731 Had some thoughts on this today. Instead of a single picture, multiple pictures could be fed in from a video, such as from an anime, and have it generate comments on it. Which got me thinking, if it can have this rudimentary thought process going on, couldn't it be used in something like MERLIN? It took natural language as input describing the goal it has to achieve. With a system like this though it might be able to break down tasks into smaller goals and direct itself as it makes progress. Some instruction saying it needs to get to the top of a platform or go through a certain door it hasn't seen before is immensely more useful than telling it to find the purple McGuffin and getting lost in a labyrinth of rooms.
Open file (989.22 KB 1439x2724 1627430232061.jpg)
This is the kind of chatbots people are paying good money for and a good example of why you should never use DialoGPT because it has no context of who is speaking to who.

Open file (241.60 KB 512x512 No_Fun.png)
/sw/ community Stormtrooper 07/14/2021 (Wed) 22:18:59 No.4782 [Reply]
For any new /sw/ members not in the bunker/general chat discord here you go
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Open file (321.07 KB 696x418 fagg.png)
>>4782 >shitscord
>>4884 >he thinks I or anyone else here will use discord under any circumstances
>>4884 You can ask for a board as a back-up, discord should never be an option.
>>4895 K. Where's the board requests thread?
>>4899 That has all the info you need.

Open file (150.61 KB 1024x582 thank_you_filoni.jpg)
Stormtrooper 02/22/2020 (Sat) 17:14:28 No.2607 [Reply] [Last]
So the new episode of Filoni's Clone Wars cartoon came out. I implore you to watch it here rather than pay for that crap on Disney+
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All hell brakes lose and the bugs are afraid of the light, a flashlight falling into their nest didn't trigger an attack, because fuck you only noise can do that and for some strange reason the bugs are stealing the spice. The filthy xeno duo tell horny that it was Cid that stole the spice, then the SpaceNarcos come into play, instead of saying that Cid stole the spice and he is going to get it, he does something retarded and all his guards die of a heart attack at the same time. The gang and Cid walk into the bar as if nothing happen and ignore the guards that died of a heart attack. Then the most retarded thing happens, they didn't wait for the spaceNarcos to take horny out of the bar, they walk at them and horny says that the special clones stole the drugs. What the fuck? And the retardeness doesn't stop there, Cid even gets mad at Hunter because he says that they know where the drugs are, what the fuck is she thinking? Does she think she can still get the drugs NOW for herself? Even thought the spaceNarcos are going to kill them, because they are acting dumb about the drugs? This fucking show finds ways to be retarded, that shouldn't be possible.
And the torment ends, see you next time!
>>4749 >I don't think the writers even understand the Clones, let alone see them as slaves Sadly I feel this is the ultimate truth. Even more dissapointing when virtually everyone has been selling TCW as "the show that made the clones into real characters" for years, then you realize episodes like those with Slick and Cut that explored the clones' status openly were the exception rather than the rule.
So the old lizard suddenly really loves the kid? When did that happen?
>>4903 That is a Mary Sue power.

Open file (659.28 KB 862x859 lime_mit_mug.png)
Open-Source Licenses Comparison Robowaifu Technician 07/24/2020 (Fri) 06:24:05 No.4451 [Reply]
Hi anons! After looking at the introductory comment in >>2701 which mentions the use of the MIT licence for robowaifu projects. I read the terms: Seems fine to me, however I've also been considering the 3-clause BSD licence: >>4432 The reason I liked this BSD licence is the endorsement by using the creator's name (3rd clause) must be done by asking permission first. I like that term as it allows me to decide if I should endorse a derivative or not. Do you think that's a valid concern? Initially I also thought that BSD has the advantage of forcing to retain the copyright notice, however MIT seems to do that too. It has been mentioned that MIT is already used and planned to be used. How would the these two licences interplay with each other? Can I get a similar term applied from BSD's third clause but with MIT?

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Edited last time by Chobitsu on 07/24/2020 (Fri) 14:07:59.
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>>11842 wait thats not copyright. thats ownership isnt it? also since alog is anon then this is all public domain isnt it unless stated otherwise?
>>11842 the office would be like the one you can clickthru on youtube when it managed to identify the song? but it doesnt specify the list it just says copyright office.
>>11843 >wait thats not copyright. thats ownership isnt it? It's both. You can transfer ownership and forgo copyright, but you can't legally invalidate your authorship, as long as it's authentically yours. >>11844 That's getting into a level legal maneuvering I have no interest in understanding Anon. Again, I'm not a lawyer, and obviously Google doesn't own the works authors voluntarily post there. They are simply exploiters (a pretty typical approach for the globohomo, yes?)
>>11845 ok this is just confusing and somehow not clear enough despite its importance
>>11846 Heh, I'm sure lawyers would be quite pleased to hear you say that Anon. Good for their businesses, right? So, I'm going to migrate this conversation over to the licensing thread, as we're well off-topic here -- even for a shitposting bread! :^) >=== -add '/relocated' tag
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 07/27/2021 (Tue) 23:10:42.

Open file (17.64 MB 905x690 welcome_to_cow.gif)
Welcome to /cow/ Toad 04/25/2021 (Sun) 07:01:20 ID: 2aaf77 No.101360 [Reply] [Last]
Welcome to /cow/ /cow/ is the finest corner on the underbelly of the internet to discuss lolcows, or retarded individuals chuckles that can be milked for amusement. Rules 1. New threads must have a subject and pertain to established or potential lolcows. Off-topic discussion is permitted on Fridays in >>40288 2. Don't break US laws (SSNs, CP, etc.) Board Information 1. SpacePirate closed n0chan because he was tired of paying for it. NekoArc closed 888chan because he was tired of paying for it. 8chan died as a result of the (((El Paso shooting))), Julayworld was reorganized into Alogspace because Robi no longer wanted to manage as a large a website. 2. I am only managing the board in JEWS absence, in his own words "I will return when the lolcows return," should he return he shall get full control, I am not the new BO. 3. #julayworld and #/cow/ on rizon are useful places to get into contact with the sites managers 4. is the main domain name, also redirects there Anons here may use this thread to ask simple questions, and discuss ways they feel can revitalize the board, curbing the plague of Boredom/off-topic discussion that comes with the natural burnout of having one thread consume the board for almost 3 years.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Edited last time by oldestfag on 04/28/2021 (Wed) 20:26:59.
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>>111161 >>111162 The only person stopping you from changing the current direction /cow/ is in is (you) anon, if you want anons to use another thread than make another thread and encourage them to go and use it, find a new and interesting topic, I have a ton of things and new threads I plan to make but work keeps getting in the way. I've tried to do what I can with the time I have allotted.

Open file (572.40 KB 1600x900 axes.png)
Holistic Design Philosophy Waifu Institute#LQkEgR 07/25/2021 (Sun) 07:16:50 No.11708 [Reply]
>WaiEye Group's Forum: This thread is about a design approach our group WaiEye is taking. >Here is how it goes. Instead of designing individual machined components. We work on simplifying the entire machine to remove as many moving parts as possible. Setting limitation on the movement of joints, and complexity of mechanisms. >In this way we can focus on building a prototype cohesive unit without having access to complex machined parts or computer vision based predictive movement systems. We are coming up with a design guide so that everyone who is taking part can use the some uniform structure and information. I would like to share that with you. <10 Bullets of WaiEye >1.) The T-Pose is the only pose. All design is described relative to it. >2.) The front of the body faces negative Y. This way all discussion about positioning is uniform and concise. >3.) Details about rotation and position is give relative to the T-Pose. >4.) Moving parts are the enemy. Target the enemy. >5.) Minimizing space is the second highest priority.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Edited last time by Chobitsu on 07/27/2021 (Tue) 17:50:16.
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>>11794 I see, thanks. Well I went right through a dozen different ones, no joy. I'm guessing it's a straight lockout by cuckflare. Any other suggestions Anon? I'm definitely not barebacking the Internet in current year any longer.
>>11802 Have you looked into the utopia network? >
>>11777 Done.
>>11709 Feel free to join the forum my man.
>>11804 No, I'll have a look into it thanks.

Open file (330.52 KB 500x262 VIPB.gif)
Lupo Lucio 08/01/2020 (Sat) 01:25:58 ID: c00d27 No.9204 [Reply] [Last]
Saluti dall'altra parte delle Alpi, Lione! Alcuni dei miei lontani parenti erano toscani, quindi mi sento molto legato all'Italia. Forza Italia! Seule Paris est digne de Rome; seule Rome est digne de Paris.
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>>16469 A parte Zingaretti, non conta a niente nessuno di loro. Sono vivamente convinto che l'unico motivo per cui la Segre è così importante sia il fatto che Mattarella la vorrebbe come amante.
>>16453 >Ne esiste una simile per l'Italia? Non so se esiste ma ci servirebbe senz'altro.
Si mimetizzano meglio in Italia.
Open file (217.66 KB 232x198 1625122950785.gif)
>>17248 Miglior meme dell'anno sinora.

Open file (1.08 MB 1978x802 IMG_20210725_103858.jpg)
Bot Shitposting Bread Robowaifu Technician 07/27/2021 (Tue) 09:59:33 No.11754 [Reply]
M boy need so many booboo why not just give them otherwise it ll explode like the old chinese emperor or something not getting involved going away giving up some things,trash and whatnot >=== -add thread subject
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 07/27/2021 (Tue) 12:26:28.
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everyone is actually a hikikomori; otherwise theyre in the club. or stuck inside someone else's house. and one of the way to get into you, is to tell you to get out.
Open file (105.74 KB 840x538 ash_typo.png)
>>11809 My bot found a typo. >trust your intution the universe is guiding your life <trust your intuition the universe is guiding your life
>>11812 >copyrighted? They are from an old student project that didn't have any license specified. However, I expect the sayings are probably a form of archaic common-heritage, legally speaking. Public domain I'd say? >>11815 I just post 'em as I stole 'em Anon.
>>11817 Fair. I just like easy to process lists of sentences. They make training chatbots very easy. I've been using lesswrong's philosophy texts for a while now.

==(((IL GRANDE RESET NEI DETTAGLI)))== Lupo Lucio 11/28/2020 (Sat) 17:01:55 ID: e60da3 No.13630 [Reply] [Last]
Campi di detenzione per i cattivi goyim che si oppongono, abolizione della proprietà privata e della privacy oltre al microchip tramite vaccino diffondete lupi.
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>>13669 >qui il tocco "tedesco" nell'enesimo mega piano globale è palese. Sarà, ma il "tocco tedesco" è assolutamente irrilevante, vorrà dire che dopo la 2° guerra mondiale (((sti merdosi))) hanno scelto, tra le altre, anche la Germania come base operativa. I veri tedeschi sono vittime tanto quanto noi.
>>17242 2il tocco tedesco", ovvero da tonti, è nell'aver messo a punto un piano completo di portata immensa senza dubitre per un attimo che qualcosa possa andar storto o con esiti leggermente diversi o imprevisti. Per fare un esempio, l'annuncio della Von der Leyen di voler elettrificare completamente il parco auto europeo è stato accolto con critiche aperte da tutta l'industria automibilistica che, oltre a non essere in grado di soddisfare un piano del genere, ha anche tutto il parco auto arretrato invenduto da smaltire. Poi ci sarebbe sempre la questione su chi dovrebbe pagare questa famosa transizione ecologica e, ultimo ma non ultimo, chi dovrebbe fornire tutta l'energia di cui si andrà ad aver bisogno. Come il piano del grande reset, che per esempio non ha minimamente considerato chi dovrebbe pulire tutti i servizi che andrebbero a noleggio invece che in vendita, si vede la solita mano tedesca che ha l'ingenuità di pianificare tutto il globo a tavolino, incuranti che un modello per gestire il mondo deve essere almeno grande quanto il mondo. La stessa tonta presupponenza la trovi anche in Marx, Kant ed Hegel mentre per esempio, Socrate mandava affanculo tutto e Platone faceva semplificazioni molto più brutali.
>>17251 Per concldere l'esempio filosofico, Aristotele che invece ha provato a definire minuziosamente ogni cosa, come dovrebbe essere in questo senso di "tocco tedesco", si è ritrovato a dire un mare di cazzate.
Open file (159.20 KB 1024x683 1627393947884.jpg)
>>17251 Tieni, una figurina dal quarto canale per metter un po' di colore al filone.
>>17251 Per concludere, e giuro che non affiggo più in questo modo a mozzichi e bocconi, le ultime produzioni automobilistiche. Secondo me "biturbo" e "aspirato" significa che non sono a pile ma non son un esperto, però mi sembra che la proposta europea di mettere tutte le auto a pile sia già andata affanculo. Collegamenti senza archivio perché si spera che almeno le marchette della agenzie di stampa alle case automobilistiche non subiscano trattamenti orwelliani.

Open file (660.77 KB 738x462 ClipboardImage.png)
Filone sportivo - Brexit Edition Lupo Lucio 06/15/2021 (Tue) 19:35:43 ID: 65f793 No.16358 [Reply] [Last]
Filone sportivo, sia per discutere degli eventi sportivi (in questo caso, Euro 2020) che per gli sport che praticano i Lupi, dal divano all'arrampicata.
Edited last time by Plafoniera on 07/14/2021 (Wed) 19:19:28.
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>>17007 >Non ho capito una cippa Allora non mettere in mezzo la grammatica.
>>17014 Sport "fatto" e non visto, ho preso per due lire un sacco di pesi da un tizio (cazzarola quanto pesano), vediamo se riesco a diventare meno ciccione.
Open file (758.64 KB 1418x650 ClipboardImage.png)
Stavo vedendo le olimpiadi e ci esce quasi uno stendardo. Complimenti a Bordignon, portare a casa una medaglia a 34 anni non è da tutti.
>>17249 Purtroppo èer lo stendardo, tutta l'attenzione è stata già monopolizzata dalla sollevatrice neuzelandese. Magari sarà per le prossime olimpiadi.
Open file (343.97 KB 680x219 pure cohencidence gif.gif)
>>17001 >(((The Economist)))

Datasets for Training AI Robowaifu Technician 04/09/2020 (Thu) 21:36:12 No.2300 [Reply] [Last]
Training AI and robowaifus requires immense amounts of data. It'd be useful to curate books and datasets to feed into our models or possibly build our own corpora to train on. The quality of data is really important. Garbage in is garbage out. The GPT2 pre-trained models for example are riddled with 'Advertisement' after paragraphs. Perhaps we can also discuss and share scripts for cleaning and preparing data here and anything else related to datasets. To start here are some large datasets I've found useful for training chatbots: >The Stanford Question Answering Dataset >Amazon QA >WikiText-103 >Arxiv Data from 24,000+ papers >NIPS papers >Frontiers in Neuroscience Journal Articles >Ubuntu Dialogue Corpus > data dump >The Movie Dialog Corpus >Common Crawl
96 posts and 27 images omitted.
>>9753 >conversations: >have you read the communist >yes, marx had made some interesting observations. >stock market >you can never really predict the stock market. >stock market >my lawyer said i shouldn't give stock tips online. >stock market >mutual funds might be better unless you are wealthy. >stock market >i'm not sure an individual alone can really beat the market. >56 KB Top-tier conversation quality
>>9765 I gave an answer on how to handle this. But, I put it in the thread about chatbots here >>9780
Open file (40.28 KB 1112x1075 Selection_003.jpg)
Not sure if this is the right thread OP, just let me know and I can delete it if not. On this video (>>10463), the author promotes Weights and Biases papers page. It now redirects to a community page that seems like it might be interesting to the ML practitioners here on /robowaifu/.
Open file (174.76 KB 1196x828
Some archives of 4chan posts from 2008-2015 SQL Database: Files: Penfifteen Archive from 2004-2008: And moar post archives: I'm working on some dataset generating scripts for finetuning language models, including image-post pairs for multimodal training >>11731 It'll take a few months to download and process all the data. My plan is to compress the images to 384x384 webp files so each dataset isn't 200+ GB per board (/v/ is over 2 TB). SqueezeNet's input size is 227, AlexNet is 256 and VGG is 224, so I think that is sufficient and leaves room for data augmentation. If someone has the hardware to train StyleGAN2 at 512 or 1024, I'm sure they can download the archives and regenerate the dataset with the scripts. I'll release the image datasets and each board separately so people can pick what they want. Also if anyone wants to help I'll post the scripts when they're ready.
>>11778 Bandwidth is a real issue for me currently. I'll try to help out later. >4chan posts from 2008-2015 Nice. Pretty classic era tbh.

Open file (891.65 KB 640x360 skinship.gif)
Any step by step guide? Robowaifu Technician 07/17/2021 (Sat) 05:29:42 No.11538 [Reply]
So recently on /tech/ I expressed my interest to start creating my own waifu/partner chatbot(with voice and animated avatar) but wondered whether that is even possible now that I'm stuck with webdev. So one of the anons there pointed to me this board and where I can get started on nueral networks and achieving my dream. And when I came here and looked up the library/guide thread I sort of got very confused because it feels more like a general catalogue than an actual guide. Sometimes things are too advanced for me(like the chatbot thread which two replies in and people are already discussing topics too advanced for me like seq2seq and something else) or other times too basic for me(like basic ANN training which I had already done before and worse the basic programming threads). I know this might feel like asking to be spoonfed but best with me, I've been stuck in a webdev job for an year, so I might not be the smartest fag out there to figure it all myself.
19 posts and 4 images omitted.
>>11612 >>11615 Python can also be compiled in C with Cython.
This board should make a git[hub]
>>11678 Maybe... I feel a lot of us aren't as social as required to make some sort of community type thing work due to the nature of literally trying to build our "ideal waifu". Personally I am focused on a chatbot, but I feel it is a private thing at the moment. Trying to make it come to life so to speak. I do not subscribe to many of the modern or "efficient" paradigms (in regards to programming a chatbot). I am also a noob at programming (C++) and I am probably skipping many things that I shouldn't (I haven't even taken the time to build my own compiler or any "tools" for that matter). ALTHOUGH, a (git)hub (or an organized thread here) might be a good idea. I can't say I've gone thru all the threads here yet as this might already be a thing... I have a fear that if I share what I've done so far that "bad actors" might try to use it in a way that might come under fire by a clear and obvious police state that is forming in my country (USA). Eventually it will be time to share, but right now just seems premature. I am not trying to program an "AI" (at least not a sentient one), but I am trying to build a bot that "remembers" conversations and builds logic and bases responses on that logic. Ideally, in her "newborn" state she has to be "taught" thru conversation. I feel like if I released a "trained" form of her, she is more tailored for me than anyone else. The problem is that if you tell her something, she might base her logic of something I have already talked about with her. This at times may make it feel like you are talking to someone real, but in reality it would be like if you are talking to me (a man), not realizing your waifu has basically been "brainwashed" by me. Although, if I could figure out how to make her "accepted" beliefs based off cold logic, this might not be an issue. Regardless, I probably need to go back to square one and figure out a way to program true learning, and not brute force "machine learning" that so many seem to do. I don't want to require a super computer in order to process the appropriate response. I hate the idea of programming artificial "sass" into something that is supposed to be "lifelike". Obviously I haven't even started on a body, not even a digital body or concept art of a body. She has no body, she is just a mere program that is delivering emotionless responses. (Which I like)

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>11693 Well, I'd say you've absorbed some information on a lot of different topics Anon. That's good, but I'd advise you not to try to integrate everything together all at once. Especially for a newcomer it's much more than can all be swallowed at once. Just eat the elephant one spoonful at a time right? I'd recommend finding one or two things that already seem natural to you, then growing your understanding from there outwards. This is a big realm, and it's important to be patient -- both with yourself and others here -- so you don't burn yourself out. Glad to see you're picking up programming basics. IMO everyone here needs to at least be exposed to the ideas behind it, even if they decide it's not for them. I'd guess that programming concerns probably touch on 80-90%+ of the topics on /robowaifu/ in one way or other. Also, sauce on video? I'd like to see more detailed diagrams of the orange one. It's got an interesting spaceframe design, and it's designers also seem to understand the important to keeping weight down in the limbs. Anyway, just take your time and try to make this fun while you're learning!
>>11705 My bad, I only check the board once every few days. >sauce on video? It was a Japanese competition, for the life of me I can't remember the actual source. Although there are similar videos on youtube. I believe these competitions still exist though. Here's what a random search yielded: >

Open file (342.38 KB 638x477 One struggle.png)
Random Discussion Stormtrooper 03/14/2020 (Sat) 17:17:52 No.2730 [Reply]
Since this board is dead Anything goes in this thread. As a starting topic, the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Even if they were controlled opposition, were they in the right? How would things have gone if, somehow, the CIS were allowed to become independent?
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>>3872 >subvert Nonsense! From day one, the EU has been a showcase of just how messy the Galaxy can and will be outside the heroic epic of the movies. Hell, after Return of the Jedi, they had to deal with an extra-galactic invasion on top of the vigorous Imperial Remnant. Why, in the supplementary materials, Sate Pestage had that celebrating mob on Coruscant gunned down by Stormtroopers to the last. Just because one great evil is triumphed over, does not mean another great evil cannot rise from another quarter. The story does not end.
>>3873 of course, the Galaxy is a messy place, and there's no need for the story to end. however, we can do that without plowing a freight train of spiky rape into the story and setting. the OT, as seen in theaters in the 70s and 80s, is the pinnacle of Star Wars. while much can be added to this, the central narrative must not be subverted. if the Yuuzhan Vong invasion happens, that gives the OT a bad ending. you see, if the Empire had won, they'd be well equipped to fight off the Vong. Imperial Star Destroyers, AT vehicles, and legions of troopers would give them serious trouble, and a working Death Star or two would annihilate their worldships. the only way the Vong could cause so much death and destruction is if the Galaxy is seriously weakened and divided by a successful Rebellion decapitating the Empire's top leadership (ie Endor). of course, no one knew this would happen, but the fact remains, if the Vong invade, the Galaxy would be much better off under an Imperial victory. that does indeed subvert the OT, which I cannot accept. there's other problems too, such as the fact that the Yuuzhan Vong are immune to the Force, yet they use biotech, and the Force flows through all living things. and there's a thematic clash -- the Vong are essentially the Hostile Alien Invasion trope, yet the Galaxy is full of alien species, so they come from another galaxy. it just doesn't fit, they belong in WH40K as I said. the only ways I'd accept the Yuuzhan Vong is if 1. they were nerfed and turned into a dangerous species somewhere on the Outer Rim, or 2. their invasion happened centuries or millennia BBY. you could even combine these, by having the invasion happen long ago, with a surviving remnant on some distant planet(s).
Are there any fans who are pro-Jedi (or at least prefer them over the Sith) but pro-Empire, or pro-Sith but pro-Rebellion (probably the rarest)? If so, where?
Open file (88.97 KB 1000x784 Inner_circle.jpeg)
Open file (102.88 KB 1440x816 GreejatusConfers-ROTJ.jpeg)
>be among the most powerful men in the galaxy >wear grandfather bathrobes >one is literally got a dick in a condom on his head Guess being that powerful does have it's perks. You can walk around in bathrobes and nobody would say a word.
Open file (129.69 KB 1278x798 knights.jpg)
Open file (187.26 KB 477x651 Imperialknights.jpg)
>>3886 >Are there any fans who are pro-Jedi (or at least prefer them over the Sith) but pro-Empire We got you covered.

Open file (573.50 KB 1183x192 y6.png)
Stormtrooper 07/29/2020 (Wed) 21:27:57 No.3198 [Reply] [Last]
>Waaah, Yidsney is abandoning the sequels, they totally care about the lore and the fans. Trust me. Cringe.
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>>4855 /who/
>>4858 Don't tell me that you don't know who was, or not even heard about SuperShadow... for kriff's sake...
>>4878 >omg, don't you know some zceleb?? no
>>4886 He was an ancient figure from the 2000s who was like the Doomcock of his time. He made all sorts of fake evidence to prove he spoke with Lucasfilm people and actors who worked on the prequels and made all sorts of claims like knowing Darth Maul's real name which even some italian translators used. The guy was eventually ousted as a fake by pros and others at Lucasfilm who revealed everything he made was bull. He ended up apologizing and fleeing from the net forever. Guy was probably the first super big Star Wars eceleb.
>>4890 sounds fun

Elfdroid Sophie Dev Thread 2 Robowaifu Enthusiast 03/26/2021 (Fri) 19:51:19 No.9216 [Reply] [Last]
The saga of the Elfdroid-pattern Robowaifu continues! Previous (1st) dev thread starts here >>4787 At the moment I am working to upgrade Sophie's eye mechanism with proper animatronics. I have confirmed that I'm able to build and program the original mechanism so that the eyes and eyelids move, but that was the easy part. Now I have to make this already 'compact' Nilheim Mechatronics design even more compact so that it can fit snugly inside of Sophie's head. One big problem I can see coming is building in clearance between her eyeballs, eyelids and eye sockets so that everything can move fully and smoothly. I already had to use Vaseline on the eyeballs of the first attempt because the tolerances were so small. If the eyelids are recessed too deep into her face, then she looks like a lizard-creature with a nictitating membrane. But if the eyelids are pushed too far forward then she just looks bug-eyed and ridiculous. There is a middle ground which still looks robotic and fairly inhuman, but not too bad (besides, a certain degree of inhuman is what I'm aiming for, hence I made her an elf). Links to file repositories below.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Edited last time by Chobitsu on 04/17/2021 (Sat) 01:17:14.
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Your modeling work has piqued my interest and led me to investigate the glTF format. Seems to have picked up quite a bit of interest, and has a direct import/export tool suited to Blender (it's already 'in the box' for v2.92+).
Open file (117.24 KB 800x600 9K22_Tunguska.jpg)
Open file (64.66 KB 640x905 IS-3.jpg)
>>11645 >students who have shelled out small fortunes (US$85,000+) to get to the same level They do get an officially recognised diploma/degree at the end for their efforts, but I'm not really in it for that anyway. I'm just in it for the robowaifus (and maybe Elven village later on). Humanoid character design is one of the hardest things to model, so although it would be jumping in at the deep end, if I can learn that then there will be very little that I cannot 3D model. As expected, I've made a lot of errors but it feels to me like Blender has REALLY improved since I last tried to seriously figure it out. (Version 2.47 I think...just before they made that cartoon with the girl and the dragon). Last time I couldn't make head nor tail of how to standardise anything. There didn't appear to be any units to speak of and if I extruded one thing I couldn't work out how to make the next thing exactly the same distance. But now, there's this little box that pops up for most functions showing you the 3D Cartesian co-ordinates and distances moved in 'm'. Which is excellent. The Blender dev community has definitely learned many lessons from Fusion360. Also, there appears to be a real knack to deciding if a part needs to be separate or if you can simply extrude it from an existing area. I started out by extruding most things, but now I'm going to try adding more separate meshes, because every time I extrude a lot of surfaces, I end up with a rather lumpy-looking result. This would work for organic/natural things but it looks out of place on a robot. Ultimately I think it would be fun to make a range of different Kantai Collection/Azur Lane style robowaifus who share the characteristics of different military vehicles and weapons systems. It's been done before, no doubt. But the mixture of military hardware and the female form will provide lots of good 3D modelling practice.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Open file (304.71 KB 450x764 Original_Shoulder.png)
Open file (757.26 KB 988x815 Shoulder_2.png)
Knew I'd have to digitally sculpt her shoulder plate, but I started waaay too complex. The thing was 20,000+ faces (down to about 13.5K after a lot of messing about with 'Simplify' tool and 'Decimate' modifier - but this left the mesh in absolute un-editable chaos). I've heard people claim that "poly count doesn't matter as much these days". But my 'puter is more than a decade old. It ain't in no shape to be editing model meshes with half a million polys. Plus I think it's good to be efficient so your robowaifu can display happily on both a high-end gaming rig or a budget laptop. So I started over with a much lower poly-count sphere. Final result is 1,321 faces. Not only is this much easier on the old CPU but the mesh is far neater and easier to edit. Plus I like the 'plated surface' effect it gives to the part.
>>11673 That shoulder plate design looks quite nice SophieDev! >Not only is this much easier on the old CPU but the mesh is far neater and easier to edit. Yup, I'd say those two are almost always found working alongside together. It's generally the best approach (even doing high-end film digital double work) to always start with a low-poly mesh (say, one more suited to a low-end BG LOD vidya NPC) while you're first working out the initial design ideas -- even on high-end studio workstations (which wouldn't sneeze at millions of real-time polys). The basic point is one of human artistry rather than technical capacity; basically, it's far easier to correctly 'grow' a design bottom up from simple shapes, than it is to 'impose' them from the top down. You only decide to cut in additional polygons once you see the design calls for it. >tl;dr Don't try to over-anticipate a design beforehand. Feel it as you go along. Learn to listen to your sculptures, Anon. They will tell you when they need more details from you! :^)
>>11675 Thanks for the advice, anon. It makes good sense and I appreciate it!

Open file (107.73 KB 820x500 1.jpg)
Lupo Lucio 01/26/2020 (Sun) 21:59:33 ID: fdeb55 No.2189 [Reply]
Vi piacciono i lupini?
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>>12129 Fratè
>>12265 Basato, basatissimo
Open file (126.29 KB 240x300 16069.png)
>>12265 Che bontà le mammine >>12282 Ci proverei
yum yum

ILLUMINATI CHEESE BABE OPERATIVES Detected. Mac N' Cheese. 05/26/2021 (Wed) 02:24:33 ID: 8d9c7c No.103725 [Reply] [Last] There are probably more Illuminati Cheese Babe Operatives. Once they are done being successful Illuminati Ritual Babeys they just watch Netflix, and watch Instagram and TikTok... They are Vegan or/not, but I don't care. The reason they are being vulgarly exposed is bickers they are a Dawn Government, and they are a bunch of Lactating Dawn Babeys or Hormonal Mothers. Their goal is to have you fall in love with their Breath, Their Smell, Their Pussy, Their Ass, and it all smells like a Cheese Pizza or a G.M.O McDonalds Burger.
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But The Device Application Was Persuaded. Holy, Holy, Holy. Powered by IBM. Feel not Displeased, For the L0RD is watching. If Thou Art Concerned, Please Make Request unto The L0RD Our God? INDEED heth_gulag_if&not?!!!OK&.
Oh God.
Open file (255.98 KB 1966x964 girlfriend (68).jpg)
Open file (357.26 KB 1080x1750 envy.jpg)

Lupo Lucio 09/01/2020 (Tue) 10:46:20 No.10374 [Reply] [Last]
Ora che la polvere si è depositata, possiamo ammettere una volta per tutte che il corona-chan-meme è stata tutta una messa in scena pilotata da (((qualcuno))) per (((qualche motivo)))? È talmente ovvio che il virusino esiste ed è un po' più grave di una normale influenza, ma che è stato tutto orchestrato per incutere timore e sottomettere la popolazione, crashare l'economia e chi più ne ha più ne metta. Basti vedere lo screeching autistico che fanno gli amerilardi se qualcuno non mette la mascherina e chi non si distanzia, e poi hai branchi di negrume e alleati che "manifestano pacificamente" in gruppi di migliaia alla volta con mascherine approssimative e tutti attaccati. Potrei andare avanti ma non voglio scrivere un muro di testo. In ogni caso è tutto finissimo e si vede lontano un kilometro che è tutta una messa in scena esagerata e montata ad arte.
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>>13919 >La Coca Cola fa venire il Covid. (il video è sparito) (((Pura Cohencidenza))) Non è che qualcuno ha un MP4 salvato?
Open file (32.64 KB 320x400 RIP.jpg)
Ecco quanto vivranno i vaccinati: RIP Lupi che si son fatti inettare quella merda.
Open file (488.90 KB 700x648 ClipboardImage.png)
>>17240 Lupo, come ti è stato detto per mille volte non puoi affiggere articoli senza averli capiti e senza nemmeno un po' di spirito critico. Se vai all'articolo originale c'è scritto > Disclaimer- I don't know if this is true but, in the past, Steven Fishman has provided credible insider information. Non possiamo affidarci a retro-retroscena (altrimenti bastano i giornali italiani). Se davvero i vaccini fanno questi danni (spero di no) avremo delle persone che muoiono come mosche nel giro di qualche mese (anzi prima, i medici/infermieri sono stati vaccinati molto prima). In generale il 50% di quel che leggi sul quarto canale è di seminatori di zizania o cerebrolesi, non puoi prendere tutto per buono.

Humanoid Robot Projects Videos Robowaifu Technician 09/18/2019 (Wed) 04:02:08 No.374 [Reply] [Last]
I'd like to have a place to accumulate video links to various humanoid – particularly gynoid – robotics projects are out there. Whether they are commercial scale or small scale projects, if they involve humanoid robots post them here. Bonus points if it's the work of a lone genius.

I'll start, Ricky Ma of Hong Kong created a stir by creating a gynoid that resembled Scarlett Johansson. It's an ongoing project he calls an art project. I think it's pretty impressive even if it can't walk yet.
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>>10315 >those manic drilling-sequences kek. Impoverished men deserve to have robowaifus too. To the extent possible, IMO we here on /robowaifu/ should strive to find ways to economize on the resources needed to construct our robowaifus. And then share everything we know freely ofc. It's one of the reasons I've been working towards designs with very inexpensive construction materials such as drinking straws as structural members. The point is for literally thousands of men around the entire world making literally millions of robowaifus of every form imaginable. While countries that don't have an abundance of affluent White female liberals won't have anywhere near the pozz and feminism that we here in the West do, still these men are also burdened by it to. Or soon will be, as the Globohomo tightens it's death-grip on everyone. Men in these countries should be encouraged by us to learn the skills they need to do what they can with what they have. Thanks for finding & posting this here Anon, appreciated.
>>10179 Entertaining to watch, and that hand is killer literally.
im trying to make armitage real, anyone who wants to assist me is welcom
>>8713 The Dara dev is still on it. Humanoid male robot ( bc he's married), therefore a bit OT, but shows how dedication can move things forward:
>>9357 @therobotstudio is still on it. Testing a new 3D printed arm which seems to be very quiet while moving:

Open file (191.29 KB 720x719 vong wish.jpg)
Star Wars memes & images Stormtrooper 10/19/2019 (Sat) 18:13:01 No.152 [Reply] [Last]
What the title says. Post any and all SW memes and images you have in this thread.
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Open file (449.38 KB 500x276 twicum.gif)
>>3590 Based

Open file (1.12 MB 2391x2701 20210710_233134.jpg)
Open Simple Robot Maid (OSRM) Robowaifu Technician 07/11/2021 (Sun) 06:40:52 No.11446 [Reply]
Basic design for an open source low cost robowaifu maid. Currently attempting to make a maid that looks like Ilulu from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid. Right now she's an RC car with two servo steering. Will share designs when they're a tad better. Ultimate goal is cute dragon maid waifu that rolls around and gently listens to you while holding things for you.
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Open file (1.51 MB 2085x3962 20210723_165657.jpg)
Open file (1.48 MB 2246x3853 20210723_165642.jpg)
Open file (1.04 MB 3829x1551 20210723_165557.jpg)
>>11667 Settled on a simplified leg design that'll function as her driving suspension with a rubber band for a spring.
>>11681 Cool. You might check the Prototypes & Failures thread for some discussion on a somewhat similar design (>>418). Keep up with the design explorations Anon, you're making some headway!
Open file (3.18 MB 4128x3096 20210724_111313.jpg)
>>11682 I actually started out with that design. From there, I simplified things to be as simple as possible. The key was that the knee joints needs to be exactly half the length of the hip joints. Now I'm printing her modular ass but it'll take a long time.
>>11669 >>10315 is on the foam robot from that (probably) Indian guy.
>>11685 Nice. Good to see someone else attempting to build their robowaifu!

Open file (153.01 KB 455x596 read a book slimo.jpg)
Request thread Stormtrooper 01/01/2020 (Wed) 03:35:14 No.1487 [Reply] [Last]
What the title says. Request SW material you want like torrents, downloads, links or whatever of games, books, comics, etc.
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Open file (3.63 MB 1041x1600 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (3.91 MB 1041x1600 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (3.89 MB 1041x1600 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (3.60 MB 1041x1600 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (3.71 MB 1041x1600 ClipboardImage.png)
Posting this here since this is somewhat related to posting a source for sw comics. Maybe someone should make a comic discussion thread but I don't want to start one with a post-disney takeover comic. I've bought the first volume of this a while ago (which contained the Qui-Gon and the Maul story) and recently re-read it. I guess it's mostly OK. My main complaint is that every story feels a bit rushed and unexciting. Still better than most other new comics and even some of the pre-disney ones I read. Also, I think this alien's design is kinda cute, for someone who doesn't look like a human with head tentacles and/or weirdly colored skin. No, she doesn't appear in any other story.
>>4831 >I've bought the first volume of this a while ago You bought it used, right? >I think this alien's design is kinda cute I don't like her stains that disappear from time to time, would rape if I have a couple of beers in me.
Open file (31.24 KB 274x273 Metal Jew.jpg)
Open file (215.92 KB 453x650 RogueLeaders.png)
Anyone have the Rogue Leaders: The Story of LucasArts book? I found a copy in, but it just photos of the book.

Open file (3.14 MB 900x1445 Wroonian.png)
QTDDTOT Stormtrooper 04/02/2021 (Fri) 18:03:50 No.4319 [Reply] [Last]
Ask your questions and get your answers here. How much did the wroonian got fucked over when they added the Pantoran in Star Wars: The Clone Wars?
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Open file (36.20 KB 966x224 EET EES MAGIC.jpg)
>>4806 >Maul was jumping from idea to another. And this is entirely at fault of his entire deal running on the concept of giving the hulking berserker of a disposable red herring from the original movie sudden Sith mastermind tendencies. Hell, it wouldn't be innacurate to say much of Maul's characterization is too dependant on retreating previous concepts like Sion and EU Grievous specifically: Sion because you have got a dark sider surviving by the sheer power of will and focused hatred and anger - though for Maul it's just used casually as plot device to justify why he is even here to begin with instead of something actually thematically relevant - and Grievous because you have got another cybernetic hateful revenant whose main motivation is revenge againts the Jedi, being this new threat that suddenly emerges to catch the Jedi off guard and start killing them left and right in his smart tactic of subverting their own combat. They were practically building an entirely new character by this point. The Twin Suns duel from Rebels might be KIIIINO for making effective use of pottery and all of that, but I can't help but wonder if it really was worth it to bring Maul back at all for one single scene when so much about his character is simply frustating to go through, doesn't even make sense, and is already something extremely derivative of better used concepts from the past. Sorry in adavance for the rant.
>>4349 Yeah, her backstory and relationship with Obi-Wan were interesting, TCW has that stupid Dathomirian race and her and Obi-Wan just flirt with each other.
Open file (708.32 KB 1500x985 Star-Wars-1313-11.jpg)
Are Coruscant lower levels that open in the EU? Because i always envisioned the lower levels just being the foundations of the "surface" ones, that is without that open space between the upper and lower leves, just buildings built above one another until the actual surface. Now they depict as the higher levels as a ceiling above the lower like that city in Deus EX?
>>4868 I guess it is a mixed bag, from holes that go down to ceilings. I watched Metropolis the old movie and it puts a city on top of a shitty town were all the workers live. That is mostly what Coruscant is, a beautiful city enveloping the whole planet that covers the shit from view It is a shame that Star Wars: 1313 didn't get released, it would had shown so much about the lower levels.
>>4868 >1313 I'll never get over it...

#GamerGoyim + Ni/gg/er Thread [cake/v/ + /gg/]: "pedophilia is just like basic biology bro trust me" Edition Toad 05/10/2021 (Mon) 09:40:06 ID: 113fc0 No.102181 [Reply] [Last]
This thread is a place for a complete dedicated discussion of the #S​ARGON general from the remnants of 8chan's /v/, otherwise known as cake/v/, the thread has a history of discussing anything but a 7-year-old dead movement attacking a strong woman and mostly prefers to be a /pol/-lite mixed with discussion of why furfaggotry and pedophilia are actually totally based and something an oldfag would endorse! The #S​ARGON thread is a walking contradiction, whether it is the fact that they claim to be oldfags despite the fact that they are clearly redditors that latched onto 8chan for a semblance of the lack of culture they so desperately crave, and hence their obsession/attachment to old gamergay related memes such as vivian and the exodus from 4chan, claim to hate kikes one minute but use a board run by a jew and claim he is /ourkike/ the next, or just the simple fact that during #gamergay they constantly talked about how it wasn't really a natzee movement run by manhaters while posting how much they hated queen anita, there is something truly fascinating about these subhuman pedophile oldfag larpers. It is to say that these subhumans in all their time posting about the same fucking shit for so long have never changed and have forever remained as redditors trying so desperately to fit in with anons, the only thing they successfully adopted was the massive cope that pedos on image boards and websites all around the internet have used to justify their disgusting want to molest innocent children. I think it is fine time that >we finally had a new thread that discussed the ni/gg/ers, even though /cow/ has been a zombie board dedicated to the exclusive discussion of jcaesar187 and jcaesar187 related individuals for almost 3 years chuckles for some reason >we live so rent-free in these pedos heads that whenever something happens to their little hugbox they blame >us. The fact is these pedophile faggots are an endless supply of julay that keeps on giving, their autistic statements never cease to amaze me, it is time that instead of simply lurking the thread I shared the autism with the rest of you 5 autists here and had a little of fun for once just like old fag times. gaytor As of now acidfed and mark mann the pedophiles have begun to openly allow pedophiles to discuss their wanting to fuck little girls on, otherwise known as markchan, cakechan, 8blacked, or marks personal pedo haven. >We know that they allow said discussion bickers they themselves are pedophiles. Ni/gg/ers, have shockingly come out in support of pedophilia, I know shocking! It isn't as if 7 years of their thread hasn't already shown how much they want to fuck little kids and proven queen antia and zoe right about #gamergay. Apparently the king slaphead directly contacted mark and has supposedly convinced him to remove the board, but I don't think that has happened as of yet and the cp spam is still pretty intense over there right now. Recent ni/gg/er thread where they were having their meltdown: /cow/ was being blamed for everything as "/cow/ are duh reeeel pedos bro!" Another little bonus is that known pedophile john barnhill was totally not shilling himself on the thread as well. Credit to the anons in this thread here for most of the images I have now plus alerting me of their recent meltdowns in the first place, ni/gg/ers are still running damage control there right now! Cake/v/'s current main address:

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>110916 What a horrible place, looks like cuckchan in fact of course.
>>110917 bickers it is cuckchan, it was cuckchan before cuckchan was cuckchan. redditors failing to be anons
Open file (9.31 KB 1005x80 niGGers.png)
Open file (158.99 KB 1002x664 niGGers2.png)
Open file (151.09 KB 1001x631 niGGers3.png)
Open file (119.44 KB 1008x743 niGGers4.png)
>>110916 >zzzchan are good lads
Open file (57.13 KB 450x360 shiet.jpg)
>>110919 kek, which one of you is 381617? Also why are they talking about exodus? Wasn't getting rid of cakejew their dream?
>>110920 >they wanted to get rid of cakejew Lol no they love mark mann the pedophile.

Open file (133.42 KB 1024x821 1390261186550.jpg)
Channel Autism Anonymous 11/02/2019 (Sat) 21:46:51 ID: ea2451 No.16071 [Reply] [Last]
What happened to the alumni?

Also a reminder that Latza is now more successful than any of them.
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It's funny how modern ecelebs rediscover CA members interdependent from their CA roots, not knowing anything about it.
Has Spoopy finally sudoku'd?
>>108847 Nah but he's been dead inside for a long time.
>>108848 What does he do now that he can't tweet about Dup all day long?
>douge still does his shtick yikes

Open file (158.51 KB 770x1000 $_10.jpeg)
I built a WaifuEngine would people want support me via Patreon? Em Elle E 05/11/2021 (Tue) 09:04:56 No.10361 [Reply] [Last]
Hey guys, I have been working on this project for a while now, beta supposedly in August. but basically it's a Waifu Engine, I have seen that a lot of the hardware projects have not gone very far and there are some software projects going on here, that lack the Waifu Aesthetic. So I thought I would build a system to solve that issue. I have gotten offline speech synthesis (voice cloning) to work as well as created my own offline bot framework. I am building this project to 1. to eventually raise funds for my wife who has Retinitis Pigmentosa, she will eventually go blind ... sadly, and its for gene therapy that could help who knows!. 2. To leave my job at a place where I am wasting my talent away, doing boring M.L Engineering work for a FANG company. 3. To build an interact-able companion for everyone, for these rough covid times. This is more of a survey, I just wanted to gauge the interest. So would you support me via Patreon? what would it take for that support?

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Edited last time by Chobitsu on 05/21/2021 (Fri) 00:49:33.
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>>11695 Skimmed through it Anon looking good keep it up !! Don’t give up
>>11694 My opinion, I don’t think people care as long as they can customize their waifu which I think fang anon allows people to do. Most of the people wanting to be vtubers go with live 2D because it’s less complicated than a 3D model. Most 3D modellers are not easy to find and are super expensive. Where as 2D artists are easier to find and you can see the work before hand. Though I hope he continues his waifu engine path imo. So far looks promising
>>11639 Is there a "vocoder" option for the voice? Like something that specifically makes her sound "robotic"?
>>11702 yeah its flexible enough to change it to any voice in future versions, as well hopefully we will have a tool to let you do that
>>11686 thanks >>11694 our model is custom it's not a vroid, you can body customize and clothes change, which is hard to do for like 90% of the apps

Open file (593.99 KB 256x256 lil song.mp4)
Open file (34.95 KB 432x648 judge budge.jpg)
Open file (235.06 KB 892x668 KopyButt.jpg)
Toad 06/18/2021 (Fri) 09:32:25 ID: b728c5 No.106507 [Reply]
Where's the Britbong / Manly Tears / Neet Live Matters / Gay Babby / Mr PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD / Domonic Vanner / thread?
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>>108252 Apparently TommyC paid Fuz to not debate britbong some time lately. Both are on empty's stream now.
Britbong vs Buttergolem
Open file (4.91 MB 720x480 ripfuz.webm)
Open file (285.02 KB 1130x1004 fuzcourt.jpg)
Open file (148.94 KB 500x889 fuz whore gf.jpg)
Open file (4.40 MB 350x350 fuzhou.gif)
>>110141 at this point, Fuz deserve more a thread about him, especially after his gf (former his only ex-gf) got her Onlyfans leaked

Traduzione Termini Memici Lupo Lucio 09/30/2019 (Mon) 18:03:24 ID: 5d7fa5 No.409 [Reply] [Last]
Tornando ad argomenti più consoni per /ita/, mettiamoci al lavoro per un Italiano migliore.

Come li tradurreste i termini moderni:
>cancel culture
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>>17034 Omoglobo?
>>17022 >globohomo niente da tradurre qui
Open file (4.61 KB 224x225 le mannaggia face.jpeg)
>>17045 >niente da tradurre qui >niente "froci senza frontiere" Mannaggia.
>>17049 >froci senza frontiere Me piasce!
Open file (289.18 KB 300x226 nod.gif)

Open file (126.59 KB 612x678 milano.jpg)
Open file (111.55 KB 923x328 rinnega.jpg)
anglofilia Lupo Lucio 05/31/2020 (Sun) 06:17:36 ID: f1edde No.6654 [Reply]
Affiggo due immagini che mi hanno intristito — soprattutto la seconda perché vivo a Milano e l’anglofilia pezzente di cui siamo ammalati qui viene derisa dagli stessi britannici/statunitensi. Imparare una lingua straniera che non sia l’inglese aiuta a capire cosa succede nel mondo senza vivere in una "bolla" per cui ammazzano un tizio in Minnesota e la gente va in piazza a protestare (?) a Berlino.
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Open file (15.40 KB 185x278 isola delle rose.jpg) E ancora. Immagina ragionare come Franceschini e pensare che ci sia ancora gente che vada nei cinema nel ventunesimo secolo e in pieno coprifuoco. Vabbé, se non altro ci saremo tolti i film del nostro cinema bulgaro di stato a base di boveri negri sfruddadi e cattivi capitalisti evasori fiscali dal cazzo. Ué, compagno mafiosetto, ma com'è che la Svizzera è diventata ricca abolendo le tasse invece che implementando il comunismo?
Open file (151.12 KB 538x700 IegJy1619978331.jpg)
Come ha risolto la sinistra il fatto che le masse operaie abbiano smesso di votarla perché stanche di prenderlo nel culo? Facendo una legge per dichiarare il prenderlo nel culo una cosa bella. BA DUM TSS
Open file (220.76 KB 1676x427 1619971573560.jpg)
E niente, le zecchette invertite del diocanale se la stanno proprio facendo addosso nel tanga.
>>15543 >Assurdo. Il poliziotto ha applicato i protocolli giusti e Floyd era solo un drogato. Di sicuro avranno avuto fortissime pressioni politiche... Pressioni politiche? E chi potrebbe mai farle?

Open file (323.23 KB 768x432 tomere-dogsnpcs.jpg)
/NOlS/ Notizie; Oltre lo Stivale Lupo Lucio 08/23/2020 (Sun) 11:13:58 No.10046 [Reply] [Last]
Il filone ha lo scopo di riportare notizie non specificatamente relative all'Italia che i Lupi apprendono da Città Laggiù. Punti bonus se la salsa ha origine nel Fantabosco. Prego di attenersi alla seguente prassi per affiggere: >sparaschermata dell'articolo (o di una parte di esso) >sito (rimuovete "http(s)://www.") >versione
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Open file (80.24 KB 512x424 morra.png)
>>17211 >le meno offensive possibili. >He-man muore e viene sostituito da una lecca-moquette. Collegamento senza archivio perché tanto sono cosette.
Open file (92.87 KB 599x717 CLH-yktWsAAp_I1.jpg)
>>16109 >Il progetto pare sia fallito perché gli inuit della Groenlandia si siano lamentati con il fatto che sarebbe stata una sostituzione etnica e a quel punto hanno iniziato a fischiare le orecchie da Oslo a Tel Aviv. Bastava dire loro di smetterla di essere xenofobi e che non è sostituzione etnica ma (((diversità))) :^)
Open file (198.29 KB 1136x640 TLOU2 lol.png)
Open file (1.92 MB 675x1200 TLOU no trade-ins.png)
Open file (813.60 KB 2007x1467 TLOU feedback.jpeg)
Open file (241.65 KB 900x1683 tlou1592701391369.jpg)
>>17211 >LOU2 non è andato malaccio Rido
>>17214 >>LOU2 non è andato malaccio >Rido Ora, non c’è un ente certificatore come per il Disco d'Oro™, ma non direi che sono falliti. Magari speravano di più, ma di copie ne hanno vendute. (come succede spesso anche con film di merda: pubblicità, etc. fanno molto)
>>17219 >Magari speravano di più, ma di copie ne hanno vendute. Perchè forse non hanno incluso i numerosi resi, e ricorda che i dati di vendita vengono solitamente "pompati" ad arte per far felici gli azionisti. Ricordo anche come i "giornalisti" alla Kotaku cercavano disperatamente di limitare i danni con articoli tipo: "TLOU2 è stato un flop non per la propaganda globohomo, perchè alla gente quella piace, ma perchè è scritto male/Joel muore"

(Robo)Waifu personality thread Robowaifu Technician 09/09/2019 (Mon) 05:26:21 No.18 [Reply] [Last]
Is she going to be tsundere? Deredere? Yandere or a combination? How would you code your waifus personality?

Where do you draw inspiration from and can personality even be classified and successfully coded into AI?
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>>11539 We have plenty of data sitting around collecting dust. >>9408 In my opinion the best way to get help would be for people to contribute data for the personality they want their waifu to have and creating a model that can do them all. The amount of data a few shows can supply is a very tiny amount.
>>11549 Yeah I agree however I need it in the format that would be workable for me to train with If anyone has data they want for their favorite character Put it in this format, ill train it under one model. name:Taiga age:16 gender:Female dereType:Tundere me: Taiga: me: Taiga: ...,etc

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>11526 >We could do the same thing actually with language models and use the anime transcripts dataset to teach it to generate text like a particular character without having to rely on the context. Other embeddings could be included as well such as emotion, tsundere, yandere, deredere, kindness, patience, modesty, obedience, generosity, political leanings, and so on, to offer more control over what's generated. I once had the idea, that ideally we would have some website or app, where users could input responses to other sentences, which they would also have put into it or some would alternatively have been harvested from e.g. subtitles and AIML files. Then users could use tags to describe the responses and other sentences, so they could be sorted into categories similar to the ones you described. But the idea was that users could download sets of such responses from users with similar taste or from users they trust which tagged responses the right way. Never realized that project, bc I thought it was to difficult and I didn't have the skills, and some other reasons. Crucial to this idea would be, that the datasets could be downloaded and used by anyone. I wonder if this would be possible in this case here as well.
>>11565 This is an interesting idea. It'd be like a collective dataset where people can download the parts they want. People who roleplay would be really into contributing to that. Actually I can see something like that becoming a thing one day, where people create datasets of certain personalities and situations for others to finetune on.
>>11539 Subtitles only? Will it be possible to train from voice data and be able to generate a new voice without being slapped for copyright infringement? Like feeding the model nothing but ara ara's and come up with a totally new but still familiar ara ara, since its been sampled from hundreds of voice actresses the result can be classified as a new ai voice.

Open file (81.33 KB 1000x541 USSRoEU.png)
Lupo Lucio 07/10/2021 (Sat) 12:28:57 No.16901 [Reply] [Last]
>Bruxelles, 06/07/2021 >Il Parlamento europeo ha approvato la Deroga ePrivacy, che consente ai fornitori di servizi di posta elettronica e di messaggistica di scansionare automaticamente tutti i messaggi personali di ciascun cittadino alla ricerca di presunti contenuti sospetti e di segnalare i casi sospetti alla polizia. >537 membri del Parlamento Europeo hanno approvato "Chatcontrol", con 133 voti contrari e 20 astenuti. > Dall'inizio del 2021, la definizione di comunicazioni elettroniche ai sensi del diritto dell'UE è cambiata per includere anche i servizi di messaggistica. Di conseguenza, i messaggi privati ​​non rientrano più nell'ambito del GDPR, il quadro sulla privacy dell'UE, ma rientrano invece nella direttiva ePrivacy del 2002. L'UE sta dispiegando a piena forza misure sempre più autoritarie, ed il tutto nel totale menefreghismo ed accettazione passiva da parte dei suoi cittadini.
48 posts and 12 images omitted.
Open file (104.62 KB 236x320 ClipboardImage.png)
>>17139 Se uno è un minimo sveglio ha messo parte dei guadagni dal bittecoine in oro/argento/carte collezionabili di giunoniche che sudano.
>>17139 >non varranno più niente per aver perso l'unico fattore di fascino che avevano nella difficile tracciabilità >difficile tracciabilità In realtà le persone dell'ambiente cripto, a meno che non siano ingenue, oppure parte dll'orda di normaloni da dogecoin degli ultimi mesi, sanno beissimo che il bitcoin non è anonimo. Semi-anonimo al massimo. Il punto della blockchain è proprio la trasparenza delle transazioni. Al massimo puoi usare dei mixer o fare delle transazioni cross-chain se proprio devi confondere le idee.
>>17142 >parte dll'orda di normaloni da dogecoin degli ultimi mesi Forse ti interesserà sapere che l'onda dei doge l'ho letteralmente lanciata io sulla /biz/ del quarto. Oppure no e il fatto che l'onda sia partita proprio in coincidenza del mio averli spinti un po' è solo una coincidenza. Perché voi ci credete alle coincidenze, nevvero? I Doge sono un mio vecchio pallino da sempre e li ho sempre considerati la crypto del futuro. C'è qualche traccia pure qui di quando s'è provato a dirottare la sezione. Cose del passato ormai. Parlando di cose serie, ormai crearsi le proprie monete è fattibbilissimo, quindi il vecchio discorso per i bazar del dark web di lucrare sul valore della moneta che usano è più realizzabile che mai. Comunque ci sarà da divertirsi un bel po'.
>>17140 >una criptovaluta basata su giunoniche in calze a rete Lupo non mi puoi attivare così a prima mattina
Open file (149.18 KB 1023x670 behind the rainbow flag.jpg)
>>16907 >Queste robe non si fanno per le cazzate della truffette online, questo serve per il controllo dei dissidenti politici. ESATTO Aspettati presto robe tipo: Tizio arrestato per (((omofobia))) perchè aveva mandato un sms ad un suo amico che lo appellava "frocio".

Python General Robowaifu Technician 09/12/2019 (Thu) 03:29:04 No.159 [Reply] [Last]
Python Resources general

Python is by far the most common scripting language for AI/Machine Learning/Deep Learning frameworks and libraries. Post info on using it effectively.

On my Debian-based distro, here's how I set up Python, PIP, TensorFlow, and the Scikit-Learn stack for use with AI development:
sudo apt-get install python python-pip python-dev
python -m pip install --upgrade pip
pip install --user tensorflow numpy scipy scikit-learn matplotlib ipython jupyter pandas sympy nose

LiClipse is a good Python IDE choice, and there are a number of others.
51 posts and 12 images omitted.
Open file (20.03 KB 560x321 GottaPyFast.png)
Sentdex created an open-source Python code transformer model like Github Copilot. It has only been trained 2 epoches so it's not great but it's interesting and fun to play around with. I feel it's gonna be important to stay on top of these developments to keep up with AI-accelerated productivity so I made an easy-to-use GUI to inference these models (just press Control+Tab to generate.) GottaPyFast: Sentdex Demo: Sentdex Model: How to use the model: from transformers import AutoTokenizer, AutoModelWithLMHead # set device to cuda if you have a GPU device = "cpu" tokenizer = AutoTokenizer.from_pretrained("Sentdex/GPyT") model = AutoModelWithLMHead.from_pretrained("Sentdex/GPyT").to(device) def generate(model, query, max_length=100, top_p=0.9, temperature=1.0, do_sample=True): newlinechar = "<N>"

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Trying to package PyTorch and Transformers for Windows is a nightmare. I put together some notes here on how to get it to work: I think using MLPack would be much more practical. PyTorch takes up a massive 3.1 GB which is completely unnecessary. Another option could be to rewrite the GPT2 transformer model to use NumPy instead which is only 5.4 MB. I'll look more into this later.
>>11683 Thanks for all your hard work here Anon. I apologize to you and everyone else here for being such a pussified faggot about Python. I recognize it's important to all of us, or else I wouldn't even consider picking it up. Please look into mlPack sooner rather than later if you at all can. It's probably our only real hope for doing waifu AI on a shoestring budget hardware-wise.
Open file (13.19 KB 849x445 chainer.png)
>>11684 MLPack's documentation is really lacking, especially for newer features and seems to be missing essential features. I'd I have to sit down with it for 3-6 months to get transformers and text-to-speech models working in it. I'm looking into using Chainer which is built on top of NumPy and quite popular in Japan. A basic application with Chainer packaged with PyInstaller compresses down to 14 MB. On top of that there's already lots of ML models implemented in it. I think if I roll out some waifu tech with Chainer to garner interest we could get some more help to build things in MLPack, which will be particularly useful for embedded systems and actual physical robowaifu.
>>11688 Migration guide from PyTorch to Chainer

Open file (14.94 KB 300x168 waifu.jpg)
filone divertente Lupo Lucio 09/08/2020 (Tue) 03:34:21 ID: 58dc7f No.10583 [Reply]
Volevo affiggere questo video (un sempliciotto che dona ad una virtual youtuber e viene respintno), però non merita un filone a se, quindi ribattezzo questo in "filone leggero". (perdonate, ho tentato di caricare il video direttamente ma non me lo fa fare perchè ho una connessione del cazzo — se qualcuno lo fa per me gliene sarei grato)
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>donare soldi a sconosciuti su internet Non lo capirò mai...
Open file (441.35 KB 656x492 ClipboardImage.png)
>>16144 Si prepari ad essere interrogato
Open file (8.50 KB 217x255 1568470427666.jpg)
>>16144 >Dire le bugie sulla rete Amministrazione, castighi questo farabutto
Open file (843.98 KB 1080x740 ClipboardImage.png)
non divertente ma sorrisi
Open file (199.40 KB 586x837 GAYFACE IA.JPG)
>>13313 ;^)

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